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2010 Trends Webcast Jan. 20, 2010 Presented by Maria Bailey & BSM Media For video replays, visit or

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1 2010 Trends Webcast Jan. 20, 2010 Presented by Maria Bailey & BSM Media For video replays, visit or For questions and information, contact: Maria Bailey, CEO of BSM Media, speaks to over 8 million moms a month in print,online and on radio. She is the author of “Marketing to Moms: Getting Your Share of the Trillion Dollar Market”, “Trillion Dollar Moms: Marketing to a New Generation of Mothers” and “Mom 3.0: Marketing with Today’s Mothers By Leveraging New Media and Technology”. Bailey also writes for several parenting publications such as OC Parent and Pregnancy Magazine. She has been featured in Business Week, Parenting, Child and O magazines as well on CNN, CNBC and World News Tonight.

2 BSM Media- Leader in the Mom Market BSM Media is the foremost authority on connecting companies with Moms; BSM Media CEO, Maria Bailey, literally “wrote the book” on Marketing to Moms with 4 published titles; Delivers research, strategy and award winning marketing programs; In addition to creating award-winning Mom marketing programs, BSM Media owns and operates 5 media properties:, Mom Talk Radio, Moms Mind Pool, Mom Select and which we leverage on behalf of our clients;BlueSuitMom.comMom Talk Radio Moms Mind PoolMom Popular with Moms worldwide, these outlets allow us to give our clients maximum exposure; In total BSM Media engages with 11 million moms a month; We have access to the pulse of the mom market, every minute of every day and we translate this knowledge into marketing programs and strategies that produce results for our clients.

3 2009 Highlights Swag Hell at BlogHer; Emerging feeling of entitlement among bloggers; FTC, growth in viral outreach and the reaction of moms to the economy.

4 Welcome…to the first of a series of webinars brought to you on MomTV. This webinar focuses on trends for 2010, important points and reminders about marketing with Moms. Also included is valuable and interesting research that we recently conducted with more than 1,000 moms across the US. There are 8 key points covered here: Market with Moms rather than “to” moms; Move beyond bloggers to turbo Tweeters and fanatical facebookers Video is king Birth of the mom broadcaster Online influence meeting offline influence More experiential events and mixers MomFrugalista Emergence of a store within a store Welcome & Overview

5 1. Market with Moms rather than “to” moms. Marketing is about engaging moms, not activating them with your marketing messages Consider Moms your marketing partner. Today, moms are empowered and no longer take your marketing messages and repeat them verbatim to their peers They take your brand message and ask, “how does it apply to me, my family, my life? “ and then decides the message to share to peers.

6 2. Move beyond bloggers to turbo Tweeters and fanatical Facebookers. This is not to mean that I don’t like bloggers (I am one), or that I think they will go away. However, I see a shift both on the side of moms who blog and marketers trying to gain word of mouth. Only 1/3 of the moms are in the blogosphere, while 70% of moms are on Facebook and according to our research, visit Facebook multiple times during the day. ◦ 65% of these moms say they have bought a product or visited a store because of a Facebook mention. Also, bloggers are becoming overwhelmed. A new wave of moms are coming on board with smaller initial followers. And for readers, product placements are overdone. This is why you have to look now to Social Media Moms in a holistic way…a digital, social Mom. Do they tweet, facebook, blog, vlog and podcast?

7 3. Video is king. So how to do you use video as a marketer? You can engage moms for product reviews, submit product usages videos, create a channel on Youtube, upload your videos to, MomTV and other mom video portables. Engage with bloggers who are also vlogging. ◦ Over 80% of moms watch video weekly. That’s a lot of moms. Why? Because it is easy, informative and a great way to share. ◦ 60% of moms have uploaded video. They use video to share events and information. ◦ 30% enter contests; marketers should capitalize on this. Keep videos to 3-5 minutes; Create “How-to” and solution-based videos; Put a face to your brand.

8 4. Birth of the mom broadcaster. Moms are taking to the airwaves in record numbers; Over 100 MomTV Hosts.; Moms uploading self produced segments to, Youtube,; Podcasts and BlogTalk Radio are growing; From our research: When mom bloggers were asked what technology they would like to explore: ◦ 40% said podcasting; ◦ 42% said video. Lesson for Marketers- there is space for sponsorship of shows on MomTV, podcasts, radio shows, product placement, content for your site and company promotion.

9 The most influential moms have both. Marketers: When engaging with moms you need to look to those moms who are as equally involved in the physical world as the online world if you want to maximize your investment. It may not be as fun because you can’t SEE the “word of mouth” offline, but believe me it’s happening, and here’s why: ◦ 65% of moms believe they have as much influence offline as they do online, 88% of moms belong to at least one mom’s group with 63% belonging to 4 or more, 99% tell moms about products offline. ◦ 49% of moms view their online friends equally important as their offline friends, and 75% say they are equally influenced on brands and products by their online and offline friends. 64% desire to meet an online friend in person. I’ve coached moms here for months to rewrite their blog bios to include the offline involvements they have. Because marketers will come back around for whatever reason to want moms offline and online. 5. Online influence meeting offline influence.

10 More experiential events and mixers ; examples at; ZhuZhu Pets launched in Phoenix with in-home MommyParties; National Mom’s Nite Out a great example of Mom Mixer; ◦ 94% of the moms we surveyed enjoy inviting moms into their home to share ◦ 49% are extremely likely to attend an event with like minded moms: 46% somewhat likely Create a platform that merges the online and offline world; Create a platform that allows them to intermingle; Make it solutions-based. 6. More experiential events and mixers

11 7. Frugalista Mom…she’s here to stay! Couponing is cool…a badge of honor. While many Moms started using coupons during tough economy, they won’t give it up now. Go back to coupon distribution, look for unique ways to distribute them. ◦ Coupon activity continues to increase, with recent research citing 272 billion free standing insert (FSI) coupons dropped during 2009, the highest in a decade*. ◦ Offer coupons that Moms will use, and make sure they notice them. *Marx Promotion Intelligence, a division of TNS.

12 8. Emergence of a store within a store. The typical store within a store: Sephora in JCPenney, Land’s End in Sears. Now, think of an online store within the physical store. The shopping experience of a mom: she’s physically in your store but she’s shopping via her wireless device.

13 BSM Media 2010 Marketing Programs

14 Smart Mom Solutions Roadshow BSM Media is bringing influential online moms offline to interact with brands and product in 10 markets across American in 2010. Five markets will host a “baby oriented” show targeting new and expectant moms and five markets will focus on general moms with kids of all ages. BSM Media will showcase up to 10 sponsors/clients in each market. Opportunities: Product sampling, demonstrations, Maria Bailey introduction and endorsement of the product solutions to moms, coupon distribution, pre and post event promotion via Twitter, Facebook, MomTalk Radio, email and blog promotion. Anticipated Exposure: Tweets from events, blog posts, product reviews, simulcast exposure on MomTV, product video by Maria Bailey for distribution on, Youtube and MomTV and radio mention on MomTalkRadio Target Cities: Raleigh/Durham, NC, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Ft. Lauderdale, San Diego, Chicago, Long Island, Philadelphia, Dallas and Atlanta. Estimated attendance: 100 + mom mavens at each event Fee per market: $2,500 plus samples, coupons, product

15 National Mom’s Nite Out Event May 6 th 2010 National Mom’s Nite Out™ is the first nationally organized celebration of motherhood. The inaugural celebration brought 8 million mothers with over 1000 organized events simulcasted over and Twitter. National Mom’s Nite Out is a collaboration of hundreds of major mom organizations, websites, social media outlets,networks, thousands of influential moms across the United States and businesses who want to celebrate motherhood. The event is organized in a manner that allows moms to participate no matter where they live or how they enjoy celebrating. Moms can join in the fun via live web streaming, downloadable party kits, local events in their community or via Twitter and other social media outlets. In its first year, National Mom’s Nite Out generated over 10 million impressions online via blog posts, twitter, events and online simulcasts.

16 National Mom’s Nite Out Event May 6 th 2010 BSM Media can customize a way for your brand or company to participate in National Mom’s Nite Out. For a complete sponsorship pack, including pricing information, email Opportunities: Sampling, event sponsorships, pre-event programs, online events, coupon distribution, blogger outreach, local parties sponsorships, retail events Anticipated Exposure: Reach and exposure is based on level of engagement and program however sponsors can gain blogger impressions, local media, national media, online impressions on Twitter, Facebook pages, online video, live event streaming and email blasts. Event locations: 33 Simon Malls, 1000 mom organized events, Twitter event, MomTV simulcast, online websites Fee: $2,500-$25,000

17 Mom Talk Radio The First Nationally Syndicated Radio Show for Moms in over 50 Stations across America Mom Talk Radio The First Nationally Syndicated Radio Show for Moms in over 50 Stations across America Mom Talk Radio – Hosted by Maria Bailey weekly Most downloaded parenting podcast on iTunes Opportunities: Brand integration and sponsorship opportunities on site and on air Guest appearances to promote company product, services or website Creation of (:60) second “Mom Talk Minutes” Exposure on Mom Talk Radio Facebook and Twitter pages Anticipated Exposure: 500,000 listeners a month in 50 markets with an additional 800,000 downloads from iTunes, 15K Twitter Followers, brand button on Facebook Fan page (2000K fans) Sample Cities: LA, Washington DC, St. Louis, Tulsa, Memphis Fee: $3,000-$12,000

18 In-Home MommyParties Creating Experiential Engagement with Mom Mavens BSM Media’s MommyParties provide brands with the unique opportunity to bring your product to life insider your home and leverage Mom’s love of socializing and sharing. MommyParties are the perfection combination of viral marketing and mom influencers and can be conducted in 1 to over 100 markets. BSM Media recruits, screens and engages Mom Mavens to host MommyParties in their home or community. Each hostess invites at least 10 of her peers to enjoy an in-home themed party designed around your product or brand messaging. Follow up surveys and party tracking allows us to report estimated Word of Mouth reach, intention to purchase and other benchmarks. BSM Media has conducted over 100,000 MommyParties for companies such as Disney, Fisher Price, Nestle, Near East and Zhu Zhu Pets. For more information and case studies, Please visit :

19 In-Home MommyParties Opportunities: Product samples, tweets, blog posts, database registrations, coupon distribution, online party website, content for client Anticipated Exposure: 2.5 million impressions online and offline with extensive word of mouth.(based on 250 parties) Fee: Starts at $100/per party with $3000 set up fee. Does not include product samples, shipping or fulfillment costs. 100 party minimum..

20 Twitter Parties An hour of influential social media moms engaging with your brand on Twitter. BSM Media will host a themed virtual event, designed to drive traffic to your Website, spread your message and gain awareness of your brand benefits. Twitter parties are promoted via emails to 4000+ mom bloggers, Tweets to 100,000 followers BSM Media’s last 3 Twitter Parties trended at Top 10 Twitter Topics Opportunities: Promotional giveaways, coupon code distribution, distribute the brand message, build subscribers Anticipated Reach: 500,000 online impressions, 300-400 active Social Media moms attend virtual Twitter party, 2000+ tweets with branded #hashtag Fee: $4,500

21 Smart Mom Frugalista Pack Smart Mom Frugalista Pack A Great New Way to Put Your Brand’s Coupons in the Hands of Influential Bloggers! BSM provides brands with the opportunity to distribute product coupons and special offers to 2,000 social media moms including bloggers in the Smart Mom Fugalista Pack. Each quarter moms will receive a pack of coupons to use themselves and distribute to friends. Brands can supply 1-3 coupons per pack. Opportunities: Promotional giveaways and coupon code distribution Anticipated Reach: 2,000-6,000 moms per quarter Fee: $750 for 2,000 coupons, $1,000 for 4,000 coupons, $1,500 for 6,000 coupons per quarterly

22 BSM Media For more information about these or any BSM Media programs, contact: ◦

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