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An Ancestral Perspective. Our Creator tells us that we must talk softy to one another, to use words that result in harmony and good relations. The Ongwehoweh.

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1 An Ancestral Perspective

2 Our Creator tells us that we must talk softy to one another, to use words that result in harmony and good relations. The Ongwehoweh (Real People) say the first duty of the people is to show an appreciation and high regard for one another. When we greet each other we are offering a wish of good health. It is also the duty of each and every one of us to care for one another. And that has been the way of the Ongwehoweh for most of the time we have existed on this earth. The Creation nurtured the People providing them with beautiful things & good medicines. The People gave a greeting and Thanksgiving to the things that produced their lives and they gave a greeting to one another for the same reasons. The People who live this way celebrated life because they were happy and the People who live in this way celebrate because they are happy. Our language is onöhgwa’ tsi:yoh (good medicine)

3 The People Mother Earth Waters, Fish, Grasses Medicines, Strawberries, all other Berries The Four legged & Winged ones Trees, Forests & the Maple Life Sustainers (Corns, Beans, Squash) Wind & Thunders Sun, Moon, & Stars Handsome Lake Sky People Our Creator

4 Our lives as Native People are influenced by continuous cycles. When at her fullest the night time sun, Grandmother Moon is round; our Grandfather Sun is also round; Sky Woman walked in a counter clockwise circle as she gave life to Mother Earth; water drums are round; our annual cultural celebrations acknowledge nature’s life giving cycles & we honor those gifts by dancing in a circle …


6 The Eagle The Spreading Branches The Needle Clusters The Pinecone The Evergreen The Trunk The Four White Roots The Weapons of War

7 Sgënö (Peace): Lack of aggression Holistic health Ga’hasdehshä (Power): Authority applied equitably Everyone treated fairly Hodiwanoöhgöh (Righteousness): Ethics Acting on ‘what is right’

8 First - it is a way of thinking modeled after our ancestral life ways. Pathways is influenced by the Great Law’s inherent common sense & practicality. Ga:yënëshë’gowah focuses on human conduct, behavior & relations with others. Secondly - it is about leadership & governance Decision-making, accessibility, inclusion, accountability, organizational design, responsible participation, fairness, & more Thirdly – it is about applying this ancient, ‘time-tested’ knowledge into our daily interactions

9 Our Hodinöhsöni team members carry the responsibility to model this thinking & conduct for it to take hold & have influence on others We must teach those who are unfamiliar with our life ways Time & patience are required to achieve long-term success

10 Ability to recreate & sustain our communities on our terms Ability to care for oneself, family & contribute to our respective Nation Clear thinking & Good decision making ‘Being a good human being’ In our language …

11 Cultural ConceptsContemporary Application Burying of WeaponsConflict Resolution where both sides can potentially win, create ‘win-wins’ Seventh GenerationStrategic planning; reinforces ideas of consequences & accountability Use of mind to resolve conflict‘Thinking out of the box’; creative and innovative thinking

12 Cultural ConceptsContemporary Application Consensus Inclusion, team member involvement; this method provides an opportunity for team members to contribute and make a difference ‘Talking it out’ Listening to and including team members input; they have their say, increases understanding and potential buy-in Horizontal Hierarchy Equality straight across the board; minimal class structure, leadership more accessible

13 Cultural ConceptsContemporary Application Great Law’s Principle Similar to Heart Centered Leadership management training; humanistic; respectful appreciation ‘Putting the people first’ Team member’s level of success is a direct reflection of leadership style and focus Hoyaneh must consider impact of decisions on peace, the environment and the future Thoughtful decision making that considers the condition of the team members, the dynamics of the workplace and the collective future of all team members

14 The People Way of Life The Law Healthy People = Strong Communities

15 Team Member Workplace Culture Policy & Procedure Motivated Team Member = Higher Performance, able to contribute to workplace

16 Personal Commitment & Holistic Condition Experiential Learning & Observation Education, Technical Training, Experience Potential Life/Work Balance Retention

17 Will have successfully advanced our concept of ‘onemindedness’ to strengthen understanding, fairness and partnership internally and externally Personal commitment and empowerment will be the foundation to Seneca achievement Our efforts will have created a ‘path’ to guide those coming after us Our way of thinking will be utilized to contribute to the future growth of self, Nation & corporation We will have carried out our responsibility to the ancestors and the Seventh Generation

18 Organizations that effectively create an inclusive environment experience a: 39% increase in guest satisfaction 22% increase in productivity 27% increase in profitability 22% DECREASE IN TURNOVER

19 In regard to Career Development: A balance is necessary in order for clients to make good career decisions that enable them to enhance their training and experiences, increase job satisfaction, satisfy career growth while maintaining their home and place in the community. Holistic condition/Good decisions/Proper balance are precursors to job satisfaction, development and retention

20 In regard to our culture We must take advantage of every opportunity to share our cultural perspectives to educate our internal and external guests Increased knowledge and understanding will enhance morale, pride and team building We have a responsibility to our ancestors and the children

21 Student, Parent, Teachers Learning Environment BOE, Curriculum, Methodology, Effective Learning Standards, Student Achievement

22 The Hoyaneh serve as mentors of the people. Their skin is seven spans thick serving as protection against anger, offensive actions & criticism. Their hearts are full of peace & goodwill. The condition of the people is first & foremost. With tremendous patience they carry out their duty. Firmness is tempered with a tenderness for the people. Anger does not enter their mind & all words & actions are characterized by calm deliberation.

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