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Event Management.

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1 Event Management

2 Course Objectives Explain What is an Event List the Types of Events
Describe the Importance of Events Explain the Steps to Create and Theme an Event Explain the ‘5Ws’ of Event Creation Explain the Steps of the Event Planning Process Describe the Methods for Evaluation of Events Explain Use of Gantt Charts in Event Management Explain How to Choose an Ideal Venue Explain the Key Steps in Event Marketing Explain Elements of Event Promotion & Marketing Explain the Steps of Event Budgeting Process Explain the Role of HRM in Event Management Explain Components of Safety in Event Management Explain How to Organize Great Events

3 Introduction Ross Sullivan worked as a Project Manager in the Software Testing department at Galaxy Software Inc. for about 5 years. During his tenure at Galaxy, Ross had been asked to organize many small to medium sized events.

4 Introduction Ross received a lot of praises for his well-organized events such as seminars, workshops, trainings, team outings etc. Ross took up these event organizing tasks that were delegated to him by his boss with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal.

5 Introduction Ross had always wanted to start a business of his own.
However, while working in the field of Software Testing, he had always felt that he was caught in the wrong job. He found that his job was monotonous, lacked creativity, was not challenging enough and did not give him the liberty to try new things.

6 Introduction After a lot of thought and contemplation, Ross decides that he would start a small start-up business of ‘Event Management’ rather than anything to do with Software Testing. Ross felt that an ‘Event Management’ company would best satisfy his need for creativity, challenges, novelty and diversity in his job responsibilities.

7 Introduction So, Ross founded his start-up event management company named Togetherness Events Pvt. Ltd. The first project of Ross’ company was to organize a fundraiser event for an NGO working for the underprivileged children. The NGO expected about 500 people to attend the event.

8 Introduction Ross started preparing with great zeal and enthusiasm for the first event being organized by his company. However, as the preparations began to progress further, Ross realized that he was not really ready to organize events on such a grand and massive scale.

9 Introduction Finally, when the day of the event arrived, Ross faced his first failure as an event organizer and also learned his first lesson. The event was a failure on several aspects. Ross who did not have much experience in organizing such large scale events was not able to estimate the amount of food and drinks that would suffice a crowd of 500 people.

10 Introduction What do you think Ross failed to understand?
Can Ross become a good event organizer?

11 Introduction Yes, Ross failed to understand that ‘Event Management’ is definitely not a simple task. It is a highly complex process that involves creative skills, project management skills, leadership skills, skills related to logistics management and skills related to management of technical stage equipment.

12 Introduction Also, Ross or anyone can definitely become a good event organizer if he understands the small intricate details involved in organizing any type of event such as corporate hospitality, charity gala dinners, award functions, seminars, workshops, training events, conferences, product launches and exhibitions etc. Let us learn about ‘Event Management’ in detail.

13 What is an Event? An event is ‘A consciously planned and conducted or organized presentation or activity aimed at achieving specific objectives’. For example: A promotional event organized to promote a new offer on a product is an example of an event.

14 Why are Events Organized?
The following are a few of the major reasons for which events are organized: Different charitable institutions or Charitable Trusts may organize events to spread awareness about their work amongst patrons, raise funds and build their social profile. The Government of a country may organize events to promote special occasions such as Senior Citizens Day, Women’s Day, Patriots Day, Heritage Week, Independence Celebrations Week etc. Various community groups may organize events to promote their interests in community welfare. For example: an art society may put up a painting exhibition etc. Various tourism organizations may organize events to attract tourists, generate more tourism and increase the revenue earning of their country.

15 Historical Commemorations
Types of Events There are a wide variety of events which follow different formats and ideas and vary greatly in their size, content, impacts and resources that you can choose from and organize such as follows: Concerts Fairs Fetes Carnivals Charity Gala Dinners Theatre Performances Seminars Re-enactments Kids Activities Historical Commemorations

16 Importance of Events There are various reasons for which events are organized. Moreover, events are an important and significant part of our personal as well as professional life. Events are important because: Events provide an opportunity for flow of goods, services and money in the society. Events create a positive atmosphere in the society which contributes to goodwill and positive feelings amongst the participants.

17 What is meant by ‘Event Theme’?
The first and foremost step when an organizer plans to conduct an event is ‘event creation’. In order to ‘create an event’ or for ‘event creation’, every planner must make sure that he first of all decides on the ‘event theme’.

18 Steps to Create and Theme an Event
The following are the steps to be followed to create and theme an event: 1 2 3 4 Step 4: Identify and determine the best possible venue or place or location to stage the event 5 6 7 8 9 10

19 The ‘5Ws’ of Event Creation
It is very important that in order to create an event, you should carefully consider a few important questions that need to be answered. Hence, instead of just coming up with an idea for an event out of the blue or from thin air, when you create an event based on the 5Ws questions, you are more likely to come up or create an event that is purposeful, has a theme, has clear defined objectives, mass appeal and a general direction to be successful.

20 Why? - Why are you organizing the event?
This is the first and the most crucial question that you should answer to yourself even before you start to create an event. This question will help you identify your primary goal or main purpose of staging the event.

21 How to Use Gantt Charts for Managing Task Schedules?
‘Gantt Charts’ is a very helpful tool that can help you to organize, manage and communicate the tasks and their schedules to the committee, staff, volunteers and suppliers. The first thing to prepare is the schedule. In the schedule, all the tasks for a particular activity are listed in chronological order in order of their occurrence. This will prove to be an extremely helpful planning tool that will help to establish a series of deadlines by which the tasks need to be completed.

22 Key Steps in Event Marketing
It is important that in order to successfully market an event and carry out the matching process of event marketing successfully, you have to follows a series of sequential steps, as follows: Clarify the necessary event ‘components’ that are required to meet the needs of the target groups In case of priced tickets, determine an appropriate pricing structure for tickets and services Determine the various ways to convey the details and message about the event out to target audiences keeping the budget in mind

23 Lighting and Electrical Components
You should carefully consider the following with respect to the lighting and electrical components of the event: Keep an emergency power & lighting system ready Keep details of the emergency power and lighting system handy with the on-site personnel responsible Keep an electrician available during the event in case of emergencies Have a proper electrical protection system installed such as MCBs, MCCBs etc. Have extinguishers handy at the event which are suitable to handle electrical fire hazards

24 Carry out Extensive Campaign Management
Another great way to organize great events is through effective and extensive campaign management. While you are in the planning stage, you should project the status of your event campaign launch and its success by carefully monitoring and tracking the number and status of the invitations.

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