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BCUMC Public Meeting May 15, 2014. Master Plan Committee  Richard Jenson  Mike Wauer  Dan Schmidt  Elizabeth Williams  JL Stevens  Laura Heikes.

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1 BCUMC Public Meeting May 15, 2014

2 Master Plan Committee  Richard Jenson  Mike Wauer  Dan Schmidt  Elizabeth Williams  JL Stevens  Laura Heikes  Gregg Andrews  Mac Spellmann, consultant

3 Agenda Opening prayer Master plan Committee Update Questions & Comments Discussion Closing prayer

4 Mission  Bee Creek UMC is a community where imperfect people experience the perfect love of God, are transformed, and change the world together.

5 We Believe




9 We Believe


11 Bee Creek journey of faith Bee Creek Journey Of Faith

12 Bee Creek Journey of Faith


14  Today: donation of up to $1 million  For a youth-friendly gym/multi-use facility  3:1 matching basis (we come up with $333k)

15 Fit with Master Plan  Existing master plan has next phase as multi-use facility  Existing master plan assumed full ownership of all properties  There are still some lots that are not owned by BCUMC


17  Dan’s slide here Growth of Area

18 Growth of BCUMC

19 Ministry Needs  General Church  Outreach  Children’s Ministry  Preschool  Youth  Stephen Ministry  Wesley Nurse

20 Ministry Needs  General Church  Office Space in One Area  Larger Worship  Storage  Parking

21 Ministry Needs  Outreach  Helping Hand  2 nd Vista House  Option for Space in Future Construction  Storage  Showers  Large Space for Community  Classrooms for Special Groups

22 Ministry Needs  Children’s Ministry  10-12 Classrooms in One Location  Large Space for Spectrum, Recreation, Summer Activities  Central Check-In Space  Storage

23 Ministry Needs  Preschool  Classroom In One Large Building  Better Storage  Central Check In Space  Work Area  Kitchen Area  Extra Sinks for Handwashing  Large Room for Recreation and Fun Days

24 Ministry Needs  Youth  Indoor and Outdoor Recreation Areas  Gym  Small and Large Classrooms

25 Ministry Needs  Stephen Ministers  Large Meeting Space with AV  Break-out Classrooms  Private Meeting Space for Care Receivers

26 Ministry Needs  Wesley Nurse  Private office for visits  Storage  Room for future growth of program

27 Plan for the future: a building that meets the ministry needs for years to come Gym/Fellowship Hall With attached offices, classrooms, & kitchen Would be a place for worship as attendance grows, until ready for bigger sanctuary In the $3.5 - $4.0 Million Range

28 Range of Options Do Nothing Spend just the $1.333 Million Plan for the future: a building that meets the ministry needs for years to come


30 Planning & Funding 3-9 months Pre- Construction (arch, eng, permitting) 9-24 months Construction & Inspection 24-36 months Tentative Timeline


32 Open Discussion  Questions  Comments

33 How To Give Feedback  By email, to the following address  By May 31, 2013 

34 QUESTIONS Questions, Suggestions, Commentsfrom May 15 th All Church Meeting MemberQuestionResponse Meg ButlerQ: When I had surgery in a wheel chair couldn’t teach class to get to classroom, wants to make sure we talk to disabled folks, get input from all types of folks so everyone can use it. A: absolutely not going to build something not ADA. Trustees already thinking through this, want to integrate getting cabins accessible, every one of them. Meg ButlerQ: Talking about a gym, kids also need arts, not just physical. Consider thinking about a classroom, plumb for art room, where kids could come and do art projects. Walls to put up where you can pin stuff to it and not mess up paint on walls with art projects. Consider music as well A: Good suggestion, not somehing we’ve looked at, was in Brandi/Martha’s list Ron Spitzak Q: Donation with conditions. Has it been accepted? A: Not yet Ron Spitzak Q: How spiritual leadership process fits into this? How does church in spiritual manner discern God’s plan? A: prayer, connect to spirituality. We start every meeting asking what inspiration we have had from prayer. Ron Spitzak Q: Is there timeline associated with donation. A: Not specific, moving with purpose and yet not dragging our feet. Stacy Spencer Q: Sounds like talking about possibly doing gym, building for classrooms. Will architectural committee plan for where new sanctuary will be? A: Yes, still topic of discussion, in mind constantly. This facility is recreational facility for youth, but will also serve worship at some point. None of us consider that the end game, but will help give us space we need in interim before making next step.

35 MemberQuestionResponse Mia Smith Q: What would the gym look like? A: Don’t know yet, will be a gym, looking at seating, stage, to be multi used as auditorium. Looking at adjacent kitchen to be used for large functions. Can be camouflaged. Had a suggestion that gym floor be carpeted. Campus has set a high standard, goal is to meet or exceed established standard we have. Mia Smith Q: How large is the gym going to be? A: Donor wanted some size to it, where comfortable, equivalent to HS gym with area around it. Again, no decisions made. Thinking about worship space and stage, too. Looking at 120’*100’ for just gym. Additional spaces are footprint outside of that. Possibly two story classrooms. May even do just a shell and finish out later some rooms. Would house classrooms, may free up current area for those cabins to be repurposed. Creating new uses. Mia Smith Q: will there be storage to put up chairs to use for gym? A: we are looking into it. Carl Simmons Q: Like to hear about water system and how it connects? We are looking at community and church growth and will make growth planning a key factor. Jim Butler Q: Identify critical question answering? Who best served by facility and how we do that? Like that answered as part of the process. A: Church will be served. Will meet needs of as many as possible while still fitting with intent.

36 MemberQuestionResponse Jim Butler Q: Parking? A: We are looking at it. We know we need it. Jim Butler Q: Liability for community coming in A: always an issue, trustees are reviewing, will work within a usage guideline. Liability policies. Jim Butler Q: Aligning size of gym to growth given attendance A: Growth of community and Church are both being studied and we will work to plan for that growth. Linda Sorrells Q: Will gym flex space be used weekly for worship for one service? A: likely will. Sangrid Pancoast Q: Same process at LT Methodist, hurting financially from doing what we’re talking about doing. Wants us to do due diligence. We built it, can’t pay for it. A: Laura answered. We want to continue what we’ve done and not completely repackage. Laura has talked to that pastor. Making sure we right size any debt is a major concern. Jared Jackovich Q: Interested in knowing current debt structure of church, what policy is and what level of debt we want to assume? A: Debt managed conservatively – 15% of budget current. Max target 25%, if positive capital campaign, and growth assumptions met and such, it seems conservative. Most local churches have 25% or more debt.

37 MemberQuestionResponse Bertina Q: Since we have construction mission team for after disaster relief, and they have mostly had places for us to stay, shower, and great kitchens, and all our needs met, are we going to try to do something in a reciprocity scenario for other groups to come here from a missional/outreach/recovery perspective? A: We are looking to make that work. Charles Patterson Q: Will MP committee, when get all input, will this committee come with complete package, project type of structure, cost, capital campaign, will this committee be doing that? A: Yes, will bring forward details. Questions sent by email and in personQuestionResponse Whitey Whitehurst Comment: Make plans for growth by providing 10-12 classrooms around gym Response: That is definitely one oprion we are considering Jeanie WhitehurstComment; As a pastor I know first-hand how important it is for classrooms to have a central communication system Response: The childrens and Bee Loved ministries have also expressed concern that security be foremost in our planning Richard Wendrock Comment: As much as I want to our primary focus to be a new chapel, I think this recreational project is a blessing from God. To help make our numbers, we should use money from the building fund to make up the difference in what we do not raise. Response: We are looking into that great suggestion.




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