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APICS Board of Directors April 2014 April Meeting Update.

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1 APICS Board of Directors April 2014 April Meeting Update

2 2 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary APICS Mission APICS builds and validates knowledge in supply chain and operations management. We enable our community of members, affiliates, and customers to lead in the global marketplace.

3 3 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary Agenda The 2014 April Board of Directors Meeting  Finance Report  Bylaws Update  Supply Chain Council Merger  Strategic Plan Update


5 5 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary First Quarter Financial Reporting APICS continues to achieve positive financial results. $000s Omitted YTD Mar-14YTD Mar-14BVariance Favorable/ (Unfavorable) Change % Revenue5,5155,585(71)(1%) Operating Expenses 5,6486,1715238% Net Operating Income (133)(586)45377%


7 7 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary Rationale for Proposed Change in APICS Bylaws  Current Bylaws  Antiquated  Ambiguous  Compliance Concerns  Fragmented  Proposed Bylaws’ Goals  21 st Century Bylaws  Clear  Concise  Flexible  Conform to Applicable Law  Comprehensive After a thorough examination of changes, the governance committee recommended adoption of the proposed bylaws. The proposed bylaws were approved by the Board. Copies of the bylaws are available on C-Box.


9 9 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary Supply Chain Council Merger On April 30, 2014, APICS announced that the boards of directors of both APICS and Supply Chain Council have approved an agreement under which Supply Chain Council (SCC) will merge with APICS upon ratification by SCC member vote. The APICS Board voted on April 25. The transaction is expected to be complete in mid-July. The merger unites two industry leaders with complementary offerings to create the premier global provider of supply chain research, education and certification programs. Together, SCC and APICS offer a single-source solution for individuals and corporations looking to evaluate and improve supply chain performance.


11 11 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary District Business Development Program  New Channel Services staff to develop new business on behalf of North American Chapters  5 District Business Development Managers (DBDMs) currently budgeted  Pilot initiated in SE District with first DBDM on-board  Mid-Atlantic District is second participating District  Program goals: – Increase access to APICS products/services – Strengthen/grow North American Chapters – Respond to chapter’s need for additional sales support – Collaborate closely and build trust – Capitalize on Channel Services infrastructure – Deliver excellent service to the professional and the corporate sponsor – Significantly reduce channel conflict

12 12 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary Millennial Strategy Intent  To create an organization-wide millennial strategy that demonstrates – A thorough examination and understanding of the general millennial population; and – An analysis of the current APICS millennial population and how this group aligns with or is different than our other generational populations.  Our millennial strategy is designed to – Fulfill Board’s request for additional study and insight – Serve as guideposts for decision making – Evolve as we learn more about this generation  Successfully executed, our millennial strategy will – Enable differentiation of our products and services – Ensure the relevancy of our marketing – Fuel growth and continued organization success

13 13 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary Millennial Strategy - Five Guiding Tenets 1.Educated and advancing. Differentiating themselves through education is a way to hit the next career level, earn more, pay off their loans and support the lifestyle they want. 2.Value and values-driven. They are cautious consumers seeking deals, but also like to show their commitment to the issues that speak to their heart. 3.Technologically astute. This is the online generation. They expect state-of-the-art interaction. If it takes too long to load, they “x” out. If it looks ugly, it’s over. 4.Image conscious, socially networked. Continuously curating their personal brand, sharing their thoughts, influenced by and influencing others, with the expectation they will be heard and receive a rapid response. 5.Diverse and different. More women and more minorities with more education entering the supply chain and operations management workforce. This is not a one-size-fits-all generation and it’s not a global phenomenon. These tenets serve as guideposts to help us understand our 34 & under market segment Note: Based on an amalgam of secondary and primary research.

14 14 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary For Example… TenetWhat it means Educated and advancing  Career advancement messages will continue to resonate Value and values-driven  Need to demonstrate value; may not need to be entirely financial Technologically astute  Website must work: visually appealing, easy to navigate  More online, more apps Image conscious, socially networked  Make them look good; help them share their success  2-way social channels Diverse and different  Help them see themselves  Mass customization  1:1 marketing enabled by technology

15 15 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary Strategy Activation  Actively marketing to millennials now – with the expectation that they will become a greater portion of our members and customers – Increasing emphasis on channels that are important to millennials – Implementing more tactics and messages to align with millennial personas  Examined the market and are instituting our strategy – Used by marketing team – Reviewed our learnings with all APICS directors – Incorporating “Millennial mindset” into product development As you’ll see, the newly developed membership strategy includes a strong millennial component. It’s an example of our millennial strategy in action.

16 Membership Strategy April 2014 Board Update

17 17 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary Statement of Intent  To build a customer-centric membership strategy that demonstrates We understand what our individual and corporate members are seeking to accomplish; and The way in which APICS can be their partner in success.  Specifically, we are seeking to deliver a membership benefits package that can Be customized to meet specific individual and corporate member needs; and Evolve as the member advances in his or her career.

18 18 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary Key Strategy Attributes  Utilizes the concept of mass customization  Gathers from and provides insight to the customer  Is applicable across generations, career stages, and cultures  Allows Millennials to lead the way  Leverages current APICS content and services  Creates a forum for determining new content and services (crowd sourcing)  Actively includes and encourages engagement at the local level via partners.  Provides access based on personal preferences.

19 19 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary Current Value Proposition  APICS offers a comprehensive professional membership program entitling the individual to member benefits, member discounts, and exclusive member content.  Each APICS membership addresses a full range of member needs so supply chain and operations management professionals are able to achieve their career goals through certification, career advancement, continued education and networking among industry peers.  APICS members gain the professional connections, education, and certifications only available from the foremost supply chain and operations management association.

20 20 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary Current Approach: We-Centric  We are deciding for our members what they want.  We are designing benefits based primarily on SME input.  We are developing products to meet common needs.  We are pushing the product to them.  We mostly receive meaningful individual feedback when the member leaves us.

21 21 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary Our Value Proposition Needs to Change  Increasingly, consumers expect to interact with companies that can not only meet, but anticipate their specific needs.  The current membership model is based on a “one size fits all” approach. We continue to generate new benefits hoping that everyone will find something of value. However, inundating our members may be causing them to “tune out.”  APICS needs to recognize that our members are in different stages of their careers with different affiliation needs. We need to adopt a consultative approach to selling membership, developing core packages that form the basis for a mass customized approach to providing membership benefit.

22 22 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary New Approach: Me-Centric  Each member determines what they want.  Each member has input into the development of products and services on an ongoing basis.  Each member will have a portfolio of benefits they can access throughout the year.  Each member will be encouraged to provide feedback regularly and make changes when they choices they made initially are not working for them currently.

23 23 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary New Value Proposition  APICS offers a customized membership experience based on the career goals of our individual customers.  Through certification, continuing education, career development tools, and networking among industry peers, APICS provides the supply chain and operations professional with the specific tools he or she needs to succeed at every stage of their career.  APICS members gain the professional connections, education, and certifications only available from the foremost supply chain and operations management association.

24 24 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary Emerging Membership Strategy  Develop base membership packages centered on the primary motivation of the customer and allow members to add-on benefits that best meet their needs. Individual member motivations – Advance career – Acquire knowledge – Lead Corporate customer motivation – Improve efficiency – Develop workforce – Encourage innovation

25 25 © APICS Confidential and Proprietary Implementation Timeline  May 2014: continue to articulate the strategy Fully articulate and test benefits Engage partners to determine what can be reliably delivered locally Determine whether we will start with a “simulated” or “functional” mass customization approach based on technology, costs, resources, etc.  July 2014: determine project phases/plan  January 1, 2015: goal to launch at least initial phases

26 Upcoming-- APICS and SCC Board of Directors Meeting July 26, 2014 Chicago, Illinois

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