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1 Are your Prayers Working? Vicki Claussen/Terry Fairholm August 7, 2014

2 2wealthengine.comObjectives Wealth Screening Basics, Evaluate/update your information Journalism class Selecting records for screening Finding your Mr. Bogardus and his friends

3 Pre Campaign Activities WYN Update your demographic information Email, NCOA, Phone, lost Alumni Contact History Engagement ratings Gift history Enthusiasm Wealth Ratings and Scores Assets discovered Quality of match on all the records Value of the assets Connections

4 Wealth Screening WWN Necessary for a batch screening Full name Complete address, home is better than company but company is better than nothing. Suggested Business information Spouse information Second addresses Gift History Inner Circle designation Optional-any information you might want to include to help segment the file when the results are ready. Activities at School Class Representative

5 Wealth Screening- who and when Everyone Current Students Parents Grandparents of current students Past Parents Alumni 15 or 20 years post graduations and at reunion time All alumni now and at reunion time Friends Smaller targeted lists New families Special events Class reunions One at a time Serendipitous Connections/Gifts

6 Leveraging Big Data for Maximum Results WealthEngine leverages data from 60+ sources for insight on business ownership, lifestyle and overall affluence Age Birth Month/Year Nationality Marital Status Presence of Children Education and Graduation Dates Credit Card User Ethnicity Religious Affiliation Demographics & Contact Info Occupation and Bio Company Name Start Date Employees Public/Private Company Sales Volume Physician, Specialty and Hospital Information Professional Awards Certifications Civic Information Memberships Business & Organizations Net Worth Estimate Cash on Hand Total Assets Household Income Pension Real Estate Value Stock Transactions and Holdings 144 Stock Sale Intentions Options Charitable Contributions Investment Interests Wealth & Assets Travel Sports (i.e. golf, ski) Spectator Sport Interests Arts & Culture Hobbies Leisure Activities Political Affiliations Private Foundations Aircraft Ownership Boat Ownership Clubs Automobiles owned Lifestyle & Interests

7 Real Estate Holdings Insider Stock Holdings Assets: Aircrafts and Yachts Compensation Public Company & Comparative Salary Information Published Indicators of Wealth Relationship Information WealthEngine Data What You Can Find Cash or Bank Balances Most salaries Stock holdings, except insiders Anything the individual wants to keep hidden What You Cannot Find

8 Examples of Wealth Scores

9 Evaluating Your Results

10 Set the Selection Criteria Ability to give a gift of $X amount. Across all nonprofits the average major gift is $8,354 Engaged with your school History of Philanthropy to you or to others However everyone has to make his or her first gift It’s possible to change ones propensity to give but not their wealth*

11 Research and Analytics Can Help Your Existing Donors Hold the Key to Fundraising Success How can I find new prospects just like them? Who are my best existing donors and prospects? What are their key attributes? 75% prefer that marketers use personal information to improve their experience 96% Report being mis-targeted by marketing. “Outreach clearly shows the org does not know who I am” They Want You to be Informed

12 Wealth Screening- Results NW You Have Options Canned Model Custom Model You Can Dooo it Who are my best existing donor & prospects? What are their key attributes?

13 Semi Custom Model What You Can Expect From You 60 Day Process Deliverables PowerPoint with project results Detailed illustration of the solution Recommendations for action Excel work with project data Screening results with wealth scores Smart Donor List Smart Prospect List 1 Smart Prospect List 2

14 Semi Custom Model SmartFundraising Act on Information, Not Intuition Optimize Get more from your best donors and find more like them Action Delivers a plan for action Alignment Empowers your team with clarity Personalize Donor & prospect profiles for personal engagement Consult Strategic recommendations for campaign execution Analytics Driven by data not instincts

15 What is a Statistical Model? A statistical model is a formalization of relationships between variables in the form of mathematical equations. A statistical model describes how one or more random variables are related to one or more other variables. Said differently….

16 Predictive Model Development Process A Truly Custom Modeling Process Model Design Data Preparation Model Building Performance Analysis Model Delivery Understand Client Goals Define Dependent Variable(s) Determine Analytic Approach Aggregate Data Sources Frequency Analysis Create Build & Validation Samples Correlation Analysis & Variable Selection Develop the Algorithm Residuals & Variable Reduction Segmentation Fit Assessment & Lift Charts Model Validation Scoring Algorithm(s) Implementation Recommendations Ongoing Support

17 Look at your Existing Donors Create a Picture: Extract Clarity from Complexity 1.Align your Gift History and Engagement Information 2.With their P2G scores and Giving Capacity 3.Rank ordered and placed into tiers

18 Model Results: Actionable Donor Segments Top donor group with high probability to give: make significant philanthropic investments in your organization True believers are individuals who could be converted to leadership level giving over the next several years. Donors with absolute belief in the cause and mission of your organization. Very supported with estimated gifts in the mid-range Donors that contribute year after year, providing long-time steady financial support. These are the donors that may surprise you with a planned gift! Higher estimated donation but not yet fully engaged with your organization’s mission. You currently aren’t their foremost charity of choice The foundation of any fundraising effort: believe in your organization and give multiple mid-size/mid-to-high donations Lowest estimated gift amount and lowest probability to give. Little affiliation or giving to your organization. Angels True Believers High Touch Loyalists Wish List Foundational Givers Pyramid Base

19 Eventually Look at Your Existing Prospects Look at their Estimated Giving Capacity and signs of affinity as well as signs they look like your donors Divide into two or three targeted segments Building Blocks: This segment with moderate affinity and lower capacity are the pipeline of future annual fund donors Low Estimated Giving Capacity Future Leaders: This segment is the pipeline for leadership gifts Medium Estimated Giving Capacity Forerunners: These are your future angels! Those prospects that have the largest capacity and affinity to make donations to your organization High Estimated Giving Capacity

20 Results from a Screening

21 You do want some Mr. B’s Donor’s who can give more Donors who will consistently give Non donors who have capacity to give…Prayer works if your prayers are specific, the right person for the right amount, at the right time, for the right purpose

22 Educational opportunities dWorkbook.html GivingWorkbookDownload.html tml /community/educational-webinars

23 23wealthengine.comQuestions Terry Fairholm Partner Advancement Partners (614) 761-2363 Vicki Claussen Vice President of Consultant Partners 240-722-4372

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