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The Council for Opportunity in Education SO CAL PDS SEPTEMBER 30, 2014.

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1 The Council for Opportunity in Education SO CAL PDS SEPTEMBER 30, 2014

2 Happy “Almost” NEW YEAR FY 2015 Year BEGINS tomorrow- October 1 st !


4 The 1965 Higher Education Act Current Status – Senate “Discussion Draft” by the Senate LHHS Committee Chairman Tom Harkin (IA) – House Piecemeal Bipartisan Bills – Advancing Competency Based Education Demonstration Project Act – Strengthening Transparency in Higher Education Act – Empowering Students Through Enhanced Financial Counseling Act

5 COE Response to HEA COE Actions – Supporting Rep. Guthrie’s (R-KY) “ Empowering Students Through Enhanced Financial Counseling Act” – Working with Congress to shape legislation on serving Homeless and Foster Youth in TRIO

6 Higher Education Act’s 50 th Anniversary 2015 will mark 50 years since the Higher Education Act has been enacted Although, final legislative action on HEA will not happen this year there is a strong possibility that next year HEA will pass Congress. Politically, It’s the perfect time to do so. We must remain vigilant

7 Celebrating the Higher Education Act COE will commemorate the anniversary of the Higher Education Act and Talent Search Programs in Atlanta, Georgia on September 2015. The 2015 Conference theme will be: – Renewing the 1965 American Promise

8 Our Outlook for HEA 50 Our goal for the HEA Reauthorization and 2015 celebration will be to demonstrate innovation and creativity while proving the enduring relevance of TRIO- Not just our legacy How do we do this? – Working on Appropriations – Creating and Expanding the Conversation to include TRIO

9 Appropriations- TRIO FY 15 Request – FY15 Appropriations Request 10% increase in Student Support Services which will serve 20,000 more students 3% increase for all other programs projected to serve 23,000 more students for a total appropriation request of $52 million dollars (890 million ) in FY15 projected to serve 43,000 more students

10 How is it Going? Well…. February 2014- President Requested more than 20 million in new funding for the DOE BUT NO INCREASE FOR TRIO. Yes…we were level funded by him again. This year however: (HANDS) – TRIO Programs have received a 100% restoration of sequestration cuts for the 2014-2015 program year – Received a projected $8.4 Million increase from the Senate LHHS Committee and House Democrats Appropriations Proposals

11 BUT…(Two Words) - Continuing Resolution- Before leaving on Recess Congress passed a temporary Continuing Resolution set to expire on December 11, 2014.

12 So…FY15 Appropriations is Uncertain Congress will return for a brief lame duck period post elections on November 4 th to attempt passing a long term appropriations bill. There are 4 scenarios that can happen:

13 FY15 Possibilities – Enact an omnibus appropriations bill that contains all 12 of the appropriations bills (this what CEF prefers since it provides the opportunity for at least some modest increase in funding for some programs) – Enact an omnibus that contains some, but not all 12 bills, and extends the CR for the remaining bills (which under this scenario would likely include Labor-HHS-ED in the CR). – Extend the CR for the remainder of the year for all 12 bills. – Extend the CR until early next year. This is could occur if the Republicans capture the Senate majority in the election. This is TRIO’s least preferred option. It would extend the uncertainty over final funding levels until March or so, and more importantly, creates the distinct possibility that additional spending cuts could be contained in a final FY 15 package next year.

14 FY15 Appropriations Dependent on 2014 Election Outcomes We will be moving quickly post-election season. Regardless of who wins the Senate TRIO programs must begin and continue to build relationships with Members from both sides of the aisle. – So CAL-odd balls but highly democratic. Make sure those democrats know who you are. Measures of support: TRIO Caucus, FY15 Appropriations Request

15 The Stakes are High Reality Check: Sequestration is not Over – Budget Control act of 2011 – Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013 TRIO programs have seen a 14% erosion of funding due to inflation and sequestration since FY10 A version of sequestration could be used to reduce federal spending – Rep. Rogers- “Sequestration is unintelligent and uneducated”

16 Doing More with Less While Serving More Students Rep. John Kline, Chair of the House Ed and Workforce Committee, wants to expand Special Ed Education Rep. Paul Ryan- Consolidate everything Senate Republicans want to do more with less Will be interesting to see the outcome of the elections and if Republicans win how they deal with this complex

17 Nothing is set in stone… There are many scenarios that can happen in FY15 and future fiscal years We must push the envelope, pressure Republicans to figure themselves out and create a situation that benefits TRIO – How? By putting your program out there, continuing to find innovative and creative ways to reach out to members, utilizing our services, changing and adapting to how we communicate today to communicate what you and your programs and your students are doing for tomorrow

18 Department of Education Update SSS Grant Competition – SSS Proposal Writing Workshops Three PRW were conducted in Chicago, San Diego and DC At the final DC workshop Maureen and Jeli stated noted: – COE is trying to get ED to address the disparity of cost per student within SSS – Maureen and Jeli addressed a draft of the SSS proposal since the draft was not available by the September 10 th date – Jeli recommended that you only read the Draft Application part 1 and part 2 and skip the Ed powerpoint.

19 About “THE” Draft – The SSS draft for comment was released yesterday in the Federal Register. Draft and supporting materials can be found at: Comments are due on October 29 – There was discussion about when the proposal would be due. Considering the draft has just been released COE projects that the due date will be early-mid December and NOT early January. – Ed will conduct 9 more work technical workshops –. Technical workshop dates have not been announced but due to the release of the final SSS proposal draft dates will be coming soon. – COE will host 4 additional workshops for institutional members on: Competitive and Invitational Priorities, Evaluation and Objectives

20 APRs – The SSS APR will be due by the end of the year- most likely November – APRs for specific programs should be on time this year. More information on APR deadlines should be available in the coming weeks

21 REC 1: GEAR UP-National Trends – Last week, the DOE announced $82 Million in Awards to 41 new GEAR Up Grants. This is a great opportunity to take a look at what the administration approved for GEAR UP using code words that the administration wants to hear – Investing, innovation outcome, increase postsecondary success, creating a culture to help people achieve You are not writing solely for the DOE. You are writing to the Obama Administration – Important to maintain keep in touch with the national conversation on college access and success

22 Priorities and Technical Errors – Invitational Priorities are optional but often times they are what makes the difference- they show considerable effort on your part, you are showing them you want to go the extra mile for your program – Have time to check for technical errors Follow the instructions for margins, cover letters, page limits to the tea – Please remember to submit your proposal…

23 TS/EOC Grant Competition Be Proactive, aware of National Trends Both programs can ride the HEA wave

24 Moral of the Story…

25 Hustling 101 Advocacy= Grants We remain relevant by capitalizing on current events( elections, My Brothers Keeper, Reach Higher ect..) trending topics of interest – Become part of the conversation – Join local, state, regional and national chapters to establish yourself as college and success professionals

26 COE is Here to Work for YOU Use us and Abuse Us We are good at: – Appropriations – Communications Campaign – And foremost representing you and your students! (NM Story) (RI Story) – LETS TALK POLITICS!!

27 Luck is When Opportunity Meets Preparation

28 TRIO Nation We are not only a SOCAL Community, CA State, WESTOP Region – we are TRIO Nation!!!

29 QUESTIONS???? CONTACT ME!!! Twitter: @seleneceja1 Instagram: dclaselene I am also on FB and Linked In!!!

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