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The coolness of my eye is Salah Part 1

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1 The coolness of my eye is Salah Part 1
To develop the understanding that praying to Allah is a tool for a Muslim to improving his faith in Allah almighty and intentions are of real importance to him not actions

2 Action are but by Attention
According to hadith “ Action are but by attention and every man shall have but that be attended” What is attention? “To attend or decide to do some work” “Right attention turn our work into Ibaadah” “Right attention seeks Allah happiness”

3 Pillars Of Islam Faith Salah Namaz Hajj Zakat Fasting

4 Salah (Namaz) Salah is a heart of faith
Salah needs to be offered properly and perfectly Gift from Allah First and foremost duty Forgiveness from Allah

5 Salah according to Quran
“I have only created the jinn and the man that they may serve me”(51:56) “And established regular prayer and do not be of those who associated partner to Allah “ What has brought you into the Hell-fire? They will answer: ‘we were not of those who offered Salah’”

6 Salah according to Hadith
“Between the disbelief and Iman is omission of Salah” “ Tell me if a stream at the door of anyone of you he bath in it five time in a day, will any dirt be left on his body? The complain said “No Dirt will be left”. So is the case with the five prayers. Allah removes and washes away sins on their account “The coolness of my eyes lies in Salah”

7 Importance of Salah Strong rope between Allah and believer
Bring comfort to the hearts and soul Sins fall off as the leaves of tree fall in Autumn

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