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1. 2 Taiwan’s Economy The Taiwan Advantage TAITRA Our Services OUTLINE.

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2 2 Taiwan’s Economy The Taiwan Advantage TAITRA Our Services OUTLINE

3 3 Population: 23 Million; roughly 4 million more residents than Florida Size: 36,190 Sq. Km Foreign Trade: Total: US$571.8 Billion (2012) 17th largest trade economy worldwide Export: US$301.1 Billion (2012) Import: US$270.7 Billion (2012) Foreign Exchange Reserves: US$408.5 Billion (2012) 6 th in the World Main exports: electronics; flat panels; metals; textiles, plastics, chemicals; optical, photographic, measuring, and medical instruments Main imports: electronics, machinery, crude petroleum, precision instruments, organic chemicals, and metals Taiwan at a Glance

4 4 Taiwan - Your Ideal Partner

5 5 World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Competitiveness Report 2012~2013 (among 144 economies) 1 st in “Inflation, annual % change ” under Macroeconomic environment 1 st in “State of cluster development ” under Business sophistication 1 st in “Fixed Telephone Lines” under Infrastructure Category The TECH 100, 2011 8 Taiwanese Companies Listed (US 43; Japan 11; China 8; Brazil 6; India 6) 3 rd in the world; 2 nd in Asia Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERI) Investment Environment Risk Assessment Report 2012 4 th in Profit Opportunity Recommendation (among 50 countries); 2 nd in Asia International Institute for Management (IMD) The World Competitiveness Scoreboard 2012 4 TH in Business Efficiency (among 59 countries) Taiwan’s Global Competitiveness The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) 2009-2013 Innovation Ranking 6 th in the world (among 82 countries); 2 nd in Asia

6 6 6 Taiwan’s Top Global Brands Total value for Top 20 brands amounted to US$12.41 billion in 2012. 2012 Log on:

7 7 Six Emerging Industries High-end Agriculture Culture & Creation Healthcare Green Energy Tourism Biotech Healthcare Ten Key Service Industries Int’l Cuisine Urban Renewal Education Chinese E-commerce WiMax Finance Int’l Medical Care Music & Digital Content Conventions & Exhibitions International Logistics Four Emerging Intelligent Industrie s Cloud Computing Patent Industrializa- tion Intelligent Green Building Intelligent Electric Vehicle Taiwan’s Government Industry Focus

8 STRATEGIC LOCATION 8 Taiwan: The Gateway China TAIWAN

9 9 Taiwan as the Ideal Air & Sea Transit Hub Beijing Seoul Tokyo Hong Kong 3:30 1:40 3:00 2:20 1:40 Shanghai Taiwan offers the shortest average flying time to major Western Pacific cities: 2 hours and 42 minutes Direct air and sea links with China: ■ Direct flying destinations: 41 ■ Direct flights: 558/week ■ Cargo charter flights: 48/week ■ Sea transport: 12 harbors in Taiwan, 70 harbors in China Direct air links with: ■ 12 cities in Europe ■ 32 cities in Asia ■ 13 cities in North America

10 10 Advantages Gained under ECFA  Import tariff preferences on cross- strait trade  Opening of direct cross-straits postal, communications, and transportation links facilities flow of goods and personnel. Taiwan competitive Advantages  Increased intellectual property rights protection for Taiwan.  Government subsidy incentives for establishment of corporate R&D centers in Taiwan Cross-strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) Signed on June 29, 2010 Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA)

11 11 Source: General Administration of Customs, P.R.O.C. China‘s Top 10 Exporters in 2012 Why Choose Taiwan Strong Presence in China TOPCompany NameLocationCountryExport Value 1Dagong ComputerShanghaiTaiwan (Quanta )28,267 2Futaihua IndustrialShenzhenTaiwan (Hon Hai)27,567 3Hua Wei TechnologiesShenzhenChina9,874 4Changshuo TechnologyShanghaiTaiwan (ASUS)8,899 5Compal Information TechnologyKunshanTaiwan (Compal)8,862 6Hongfujin Precision IndustryShenzhenTaiwan (Hon Hai)7,576 7Hongfujin Precision ElectronicsChengduTaiwan (Hon Hai)7,499 8Dongguan City ProcessingDongguanChina6,921 9NokiaBeijingFinland6,760 10Hongfujin Precision ElectronicsYantaiTaiwan (Hon Hai)6,019 Unit: US$ million

12 38 th largest trade partner with Florida Total Trade with Taiwan USD$ 594.9 millionUSD$ 594.9 million 12 Taiwan + Florida

13 Founded in 1970 Globally recognized as Taiwan’s foremost non- profit trade promotion organization. Organize various governmental and private trade promotion initiatives International exhibitions and conventions Strong marketing network with 58 overseas offices around the world. TAITRA 13

14 14 The U.S. National Export Initiative Taiwan Pacific Bridge Initiative Statement of Intent by the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service (USFCS) and The Taiwan External trade Development Council (TAITRA) Target Sectors: Renewable energy Water resource Travel and Tourism Services Information and Communication Technologies Publishing Services Education and Training Services Healthcare Medical Biotechnology. Statement of Intent Exchange of information and cooperation regarding potential cases and inquiries

15 Organize meetings with suppliers Efficient and effective vendor/partner selection process Assist foreign businesses in establishing a wider presence in Taiwan Sponsor air ticket and hotel accommodations for foreign companies 15 Business Matchmaking Services

16 16 Explore business opportunities, insights, investment trade and counseling services to fast track your business with Taiwan. Benefit from a sound legal framework and comprehensive IP protection. Benefit from a well-established logistics and communications infrastructure. Benefit from the language, cultural, and geographical similarities Taiwan shares with China. Business Alliance Services

17 17 Attend and Exhibit in Multiple Taiwan International Trade Shows Preferential pricing available to exhibit as part of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) coordinated USA pavilions

18 18 US-SOURCING TAIWAN The tentative schedule August 7 th : Opening Ceremonies (09:00-10:00 am) Procurement Presentations (10:00-12:00 pm) One-on-One procurement meetings (03:00-05:00 pm) Having made great strides in developing its economy over the years, Taiwan has now become one of the leading suppliers of technologically advanced products in the global market. It is home to key suppliers of products such as machinery, auto parts, fasteners, garments and accessories, computers, electronics, photovoltaic applications, green energy products, and biotechnology.

19 TAIWAN(ROC) AND ST. KITTS & NEVIS TRADE SHOW 2013 19 Event: Taiwan(ROC) and St. Kitts & Nevis Trade Show 2013 Date: June 26-27, 2013 Trade Delegation: June 25-28, 2013 Location: Royal St. Kitts Hotel

20 WHAT CAN TAITRA DO FOR YOU? 20 Contact Us: Taiwan Trade Center Miami 5301 Blue Lagoon Drive, Ste. 150 Miami, FL, 33126 Tel: 305.266.9191 Fax: 305.266.8787 Questions? We have answers!

21 21 THANK YOU!

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