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Kristin Jones Former NCAA Division I Swimmer & Compliance Assistant.

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1 Kristin Jones Former NCAA Division I Swimmer & Compliance Assistant

2 Outline *W*W hat You Can Expect as a Student-Athlete *S*S teps to Eligibility *S*S ocial Media Do’s & Don’ts *C*C ommunicating with College Coaches *P*P robability of Competing After High School *Q*Q uestions

3 * 20 hours/week * Class attendance sheets * 8 hours of study hall/week * Traveling and volunteering * 12-15 Credit hours * Total hours per week = 20+8+15=43

4 * Offer athletic scholarships * Require eligibility status * Maintain high academic standards * Division III does not offer athletic scholarships, and does not require students to go through the NCAA eligibility center


6 * High School Graduation * Core Course Completion * Minimum GPA in Core Courses * Test Scores * Amateurism

7 * Sophomores need to register. * Juniors take the ACT and/or SAT (send to the NCAA using score recipient code 9999). * At the end of junior year, go to to send your high school transcript to the NCAA Eligibility Center. * On/after April 1 of senior year, he/she can request a final amateurism certification.


9 To begin the registration process click on the cell phone.

10 Take the time to explore the website, it has a lot of very useful information!

11 MATH VERBAL TOTAL SAT 1 st attempt 350 470 820 SAT 2 nd attempt 420 440 860 Scores Used 420 470 890 ACT scores – will also combine the highest of each section over multiple dates


13 * DO create your “personal brand”. * DO take a moment to think about what you’re posting. * DO practice moderation. * DON’T post anything you don’t want your parents to see. * DON’T retweet or endorse anything that might be inappropriate. * DON’T post anything related to drugs, alcohol or violence.

14 Coaches WILL check your accounts! Some examples of past “bad tweets”

15 * Remove all references to restaurants, products or services * Check out your friends and their photos * Unfriend or unfollow anyone that does not conform to the image you want to present * Set your privacy settings to fully private


17 *D*D o not hesitate to call or e-mail coaches. *R*R esearch the school and team. *U*U se contact time wisely – by preparing a list of good questions ahead of time. *G*G et to know the coaching staff. *T*T hey want to talk with the student – not the parents!

18 * Reach out to coaches before they can contact you * Update coaches regularly * Arrange a time you can call * Get advice on camps to attend * Communicate with current athletes * Congratulate a coach and players on a win * Schedule an unofficial visit

19 * Keep it simple – use only relevant information! * Leave off the objective * Include: * GPA, SAT, ACT and any academic awards * References * A photo * PROOFREAD!!!


21 FOOTBALL 281,000 16,200 5.8%

22 You are a STUDENT -athlete Choose a school that is a good fit academically first and foremost, THEN focus on finding a good fit athletically.


24 A Guide for the College Bound Athlete The Student-Athletes Guide to Communicating with Coaches NCAA Eligibility PPT NCAA Information for Students 2011 ling/ghsresources/Documents/Presentations/NCAA%20 presentation%20-powerpoint%20-%202013-%202.pdf

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