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Learning Outcomes All of you will…

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1 Learning Outcomes All of you will…
Discuss the characteristics of the private & voluntary sectors Suggest & list the advantages & disadvantages of the private & voluntary sector Recall the information learnt from this lesson and previous lessons to answer an exam question

2 Private Sector Characteristics…
Foremost objective is to make a profit Provide high quality facilities Membership & admission charges are higher than the public sector Target high value goods & services for better-off members of the community Do not have a public service commitment or remit

3 Private Sector A large & growing sector – offering many employment opportunities & adding to country’s economic activity With your partner can you think of 2 examples of what Private enterprises now often provide? PRIVATE SECTOR – consists of mainly commercial companies who provide leisure and recreation facilities & services as a business venture, and for profit More similar now then 25 years ago to public sector

4 Children’s Play facilities Fitness & Conditioning
Squash & tennis Golf OAA Children’s Play facilities Fitness & Conditioning Health & Spa Facilities

5 Rapid expansion in the private sector
Increased awareness of health & exercise Increasing national wealth Facilities are of high quality which is reflected in their admission/membership charges FEAR Pick all the best recreational opportunities & users leaving the public sector to provide more expensive facilities (large swimming pools) for the less well-off members of society

6 Relationship between Public & Private
Governments have insisted that local councils manage their facilities efficiently & effectively In the early 1990’s the policy of ‘Compulsory Competitive Tendering’ was introduced (now moved on to ‘Best Value’ system) to introduce to the public sector the standards of management & service evident in the private sector Private sector has to treat its users like customers if they don’t like it then they won’t come back

7 Advantages & Disadvantages
Class are divided into two: One half researching advantages & the other disadvantages… You are then going to swap with someone in the other half and discuss and write down their points Squash 1980’s increase in interest – quickly built squash clubs

8 Exam-Style Question ‘It would be beneficial to allow the private sector to provide sport & physical recreation facilities for all, as it would do so more efficiently & with higher quality’. Discuss this statement. (6 marks)

9 Peer Assessment Ensure they have written about both positives & negatives
Can react quickly to demand It has the money to meet individuals needs Would offer more employment & activity opportunities to society Not everyone could afford the membership/cost People may feel that they didn’t fit in as there is a degree of social exclusivity May be long waiting lists to join as there could be a restriction in numbers

10 ** For every paid professional club there are hundreds of amateur ones
Voluntary Sector Biggest sector in terms of the amount & range of provision that is made Think of who in your club/team could be a volunteer & what kinds of PA are provided through the voluntary sector ** For every paid professional club there are hundreds of amateur ones


12 Where do these resources come from?
Grants from local authorities, councils etc. (local councils get their funding from government grants & local taxes) Grants from the National Lottery (Awards for All, Sport England) Annual subscriptions & match fees Fund raising activities Income from social activities e.g. club bar Where do these resources come from?


14 Local Sports Clubs Own facility Hire from local authorities, councils & parish councils All other roles that are required in a club will be filled by volunteers May introduce paid roles if they have ambitions to move All other roles that are required in a club will be filled by volunteers

15 Voluntary Sector Characteristics
It operates on a non-profit basis Players & participants pay to play through match fees/subscriptions Support roles within a team/club are filled by volunteers They receive grant aids & support from the National Lottery Sport England & the National Governing Body Raise funds through social activities, raffles etc. Any income generation will be retained within the club to enhance facilities This sector has the whole range of sporting & physical recreation activities Read from book in pairs . One read & one takes notes. Then swap have you got same notes??

16 Advantages? or Disadvantages?
What do you think? Complete the sheet filling in if they are advantages or disadvantages Can the voluntary sector provide equality for all? No cos if a provision doesn’t exist we cannot make the voluntary sector provide one

17 Exam - Style Question Explain the terms public, private & voluntary sectors (3 marks) Use the definitions in your book to mark your answers (pg )

18 Advantage or Disadvantage? Adv Based on the enthusiasm of individuals, a whole range of activities and at different levels can be available It exists for the people who choose to become involved so there is rarely an economic disincentive Dis It is unplanned & relatively uncontrolled. No one can be demanded to organise activities etc. A lot of financial support from local & national government and even through community & local sponsorship Does not have an equal opportunities remit It can be socially exclusive Continuity cannot be guaranteed If an opportunity is lacking in an area then one or more person with enthusiasm can provide that opportunity Financial support cannot be guaranteed e.g. if there is a change in the economic climate then grants may be reduced

19 Home Learning Research & write notes on the governments system ‘Compulsory Competitive Tendering’ & ‘Best Value’ For next lesson 

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