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TEACHING CASTING. Signposts going in different directions.

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3 Signposts going in different directions



6 Qualities? Tom Cruise

7 ‘Casting is the best bit!’ Jo Ward, BBC Executive Producer “I think it’s fundamental, absolutely - there’s an intelligence involved, which means knowing about the piece, having a real knowledge about it and the characters.” John Griffin, Company Pictures “…every role’s important, even with the size, if the role looks fairly small but yet it’s very important….” Hannah Miller, RSC Head of Casting “Casting is a vital part of the creative process and it should be seen as such and taught in a structured manner and practiced by all students who intend to involve actors in their projects.” Damien Goodwin, Director “…it’s really refreshing to see somebody playing something that you wouldn’t have thought in a million years - it’s really exciting.” Megan Wheldon, agent Lou Coulson Associates


9 “ A break down of the plot - be it theatre, film, television whatever it is and then very clear breakdowns for each role and then we look at our client list and first and foremost see who is FREE for the dates - we’re very keen on dates ” Jeremy Brook - agent

10 Is Casting Creative?



13 “Steven casts really well. He likes actors, and he doesn’t say much, if he doesn’t have to. He’s smart.” Michael Douglas – Behind the Candlebra



16 · Exposures Competition 2010 - Won 2 awards including Post Production and ‘BBC Best of the North’ · NAHEMI Eat Our Shorts 2010 – Screened at BFI · Beijing International Student Film Competition 2010 – Won Audience Award · Plus Camerimage Poland 2011 – Screened in Student Competition · Fresh Wave Hong Kong 2011 – Screened in Student Competition · Tbilisi International Student Festival 2012 – Best Editing Award Case Study: “EDITH” Successful collaboration between Students & Casting Director/Lecturer

17 “You’ve got to have your lynchpin, there’s always one person that you’ve got to build around” – Kate Rhodes James.

18 Planning……

19 What do actors get out of it?


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