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Oil Companies International Marine Forum

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1 Oil Companies International Marine Forum
SIRE System 2011 1

2 How OCIMF / SIRE started
Torrey Canyon – March 1967

3 The OCIMF Mission To be the foremost authority on the safe and environmentally responsible operation of oil tankers and terminals, promoting continuous improvement in standards of design and operation. Provide expertise to policy makers, at IMO, EU and national levels, to enable effective and international solutions ensuring shipping remains the greenest form of transport. OCIMF offers free access to the SIRE database of more than inspection reports relating to 6500 tankers to flag and port States to Governmental agencies. Membership: 68 oil companies worldwide in voluntary association. Executive Committee directs standing committees and a full-time secretariat supporting the work of the Marine Forum.

4 OCIMF Committees

5 SIRE Performance

6 What is SIRE (Ship Inspection Report Programme) And how does it work

7 Inspector Accreditation
Nominated by the OCIMF member Class 1 licence, Senior Officer Training and Experience SIRE Training Course Audited Inspection Minimum 12 Inspections per year Refresher Training Periodic Audit

8 The SIRE Programme Participants
The Inspecting/Submitting Company The Tanker Operator The Master, Officers and Ratings The Inspector The Report Recipients The SIRE System Section 1 – General Information Section 2 – Certification and documentation Section 3 – Crew Management Section 4 – Navigation Section 5 - Safety Management Section 6 – Pollution Prevention Section 7 – Structural Condition Section 8 – Chemical Section 9 – Mooring Section 10 – Communications Section 11 – Engine and steering compartments Section 12 – General appearance and condition Section 13 - Ice 8

9 The SIRE Inspection Process
Vessel Operator requests inspection, or Vetting Co advises inspection required SIRE Member agrees to inspect SIRE member appoints inspector Vessel inspected, report submitted SIRE member reviews report and sends to vessel operator. Vessel Operator has 14 days to comment 9

10 The Inspection Process
Opening Meeting Conduct of the Inspection Recording Observations Guide time Completion and close out meeting 10

11 The SIRE Vessel Inspection Questionnaire (VIQ)
Inspector downloads software to PC for use offline Inspector can download updated VIQ Templates as available Inspector selects vessel variant and features VIQ generated specific to vessel type

12 The SIRE Vessel Inspection Questionnaire (VIQ)
13 Sections covering all aspects of vessel operation

13 SIRE Reports Available

14 Operator Comments Scanned docs and pictures in Operator responses Utilises the internet (private) cloud for file storage 14

15 Online SIRE VPQ 15

16 Online Crew Matrix 16

17 Online Crew Matrix 17

18 Online Crew Matrix 18

19 SIRE does not offer any advice or indication of a vessels suitability
Vessel Assessments SIRE does not offer any advice or indication of a vessels suitability The SIRE Report records factual information as observed at that point in time The user of the SIRE system will review the report, operator comments and all other information that may be available to them before making an assessment re suitability 19

20 Q&A 20 20

21 Email addresses for help:
21 21

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