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A Historical Perspective, A Look Forward Beginning Our Eighteenth Year of Service to the Configuration Management and Data Management Communities 2010.

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1 A Historical Perspective, A Look Forward Beginning Our Eighteenth Year of Service to the Configuration Management and Data Management Communities 2010 Annual Conference Report

2 General Membership Meeting Agenda ACDM – A Look Back, and A Look Forward Business Items

3 Mission Statement “ To be the premier professional organization that shares and refines the disciplines that accomplish Configuration, Data, and Change Management necessary for the delivery and support of products and services in a competitive and regulated global business environment” ACDM Website

4 What Does That Mean? Guidance Sharing Clarity Readiness Education Support Leadership

5 Founder’s Vision An Organization That Would … Provide guidance Provide a forum Form a close-knit group of experienced professionals Promote CM and DM Develop comraderie Foster recognition of consistencies, similarities, commonalities, and opportunities

6 In the Beginning … The ACM (ACDM) Knowledge Principle: “It’s not what you know... It’s knowing who knows what!” The Team Approach to Configuration Management Presentation by Terry Carrillo, April 1991

7 In the Beginning … Terry Carrillo created the vision statement Charter members chipped in $50 for seed money Incorporation in Salt Lake City –Strong leadership present there, at the time –Mail address and legal entity documented –ACDM continues to be headquartered in Utah

8 Evolving Challenges Association initially was not as broad as the founding vision was –Open to all industries, all possible companies, CM and DM professionals everywhere First Newsletter –Terry Carrillo was the author Fast Growth –Immediate need for accountability, procedural discipline We struggle to keep up with the challenges to our membership –Technically –Organizationally –Educationally Our Journal has become web-based –We get great feedback from you, and we appreciate it

9 Evolving Challenges (2) Limited Electronic Environment/Capability Checks and Balances, Board Member Responsibility Local chapters Volunteer Leadership, Changing Team, Evolving Membership

10 Special Mandates Certification Decision Support –Guidance, criteria, assessment – Understanding of educational, training, and certification objectives Support to, and an organization founded for, the CM and DM Practitioner Community –Networking –Consensus Consistency of Practice –Best practices and standards information –Gathering practices and processes –Cataloguing lessons learned

11 Continuing Challenges ACDM is highly successful –But not as well-known as we’d like to be Our membership has varied up and down with the economy –Example: one year, we lost nearly half the membership High Ground is tough to achieve –Commitment to Supporting the Practitioners, first and foremost ACDM continues to be led by volunteers –Long hours, continuing efforts, strong dedication

12 Continuing Challenges (2) Remaining in the forefront of change Supporting a continually evolving membership base Recruiting more leadership candidates Extending our membership’s influence ACDM is only as good as YOU want it to be!

13 Accomplishments ACDM is a focus for the CM/DM community ACDM participates in standards reviews and provides input to standards bodies –ACDM members contribute both through the organization and individually ACDM’s membership and leadership is recognized in industry and provide worldwide leadership to the fields of CM and DM

14 Accomplishments (2) ACDM is equally responsive and supportive of all sectors of practice of CM and DM ACDM has established a worldwide membership base ACDM has sponsored and executed conferences for the past ten years –We continue to practice local outreach through our regional symposia Our conference is our seminal networking event –Challenge: maintaining the value and ROI while closely watching the cost

15 Conference History 1996 – Dallas, Texas 1997 – Santa Clara, California 1998 – Phoenix, Arizona 1999 – Atlanta, Georgia 2000 – San Diego, California 2001 – San Diego, California 2002 – Orlando, Florida 2003 – San Diego, California 2004 – Orlando, Florida 2005 – San Diego, California 2006 – Sparks, Nevada 2007 – Destin, Florida 2008 – Long Beach, California 2009 – Orlando (Walt Disney World), Florida 2010 – Williamsburg, Virginia 2011 – Sparks, Nevada 2012 – Charleston, South Carolina 2013 – Destin, Florida

16 The First Conference Attended by 20 people –Many of whom got up and briefed each other The First “Night Out” –King Arthur’s Table Became the example for moving forward –Nucleus of individuals, some of whom are here today “I can’t believe that so many people are speaking my language!”

17 ACDM Today 250+ members strong Across a broad spectrum of practice and sectors An organization primarily for practitioner education, networking, and idea exchange

18 Leadership President Vice President for Services Vice President for Education Secretary Treasurer CM Chair DM Chair Board of Governors

19 Current Elected Officers and BoG President – Cynthia Hauer (MDM, Incorporated) Vice President for Services – Joe Roman (Lockheed Martin) Vice President for Education – Bonnie Johnson (MDM, Inc.) Secretary – Mary Croft (DRS Tactical Systems, Inc) Treasurer – Ram White (ISS) CM Chair – Brian Roeder (Harris Corporation) DM Chair – Jan Lundy (Raytheon) Board of Governors –Steve Easterbrook (CMPICS) –Dan McCurry (Boeing) –Pete Nance (CMstat) –Steven Bement (Microsoft) –Vacant

20 ACDM in the Future Proposed changes CM & DM Chair To be worked initially as trial & test Combine the two Chairs into one –With Information Management focuses: Hardware Configuration Management Software Configuration Management Data Management ??

21 ACDM in the Future Continued networking for the practitioner community Committed service for the membership Evolving to support future CM and DM issues and challenges A clearinghouse for information on methods, initiatives, and topics Dedicated and professional leadership team

22 ACDM Executive Team Goals Extending ACDM’s membership and sphere of influence Contributing to the CM and DM communities of practice Providing support and recognition to CM and DM practitioners Providing a networking environment for CM and DM practitioners Executing excellence in conferences and regional symposia

23 New Changes to the Charter Positions changing on odd years are –Vice President, Education –Secretary –CM Chair Positions changing on even years are –President –Vice President, Services –Treasurer –DM Chair

24 Questions? Thank you for your support and membership

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