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DigCCurr Winter Institute January 7-8, 2013 Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA DigCCurr Professional Institute Sibyl Schaefer.

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1 DigCCurr Winter Institute January 7-8, 2013 Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA DigCCurr Professional Institute Sibyl Schaefer

2 2 Re-introduction 2 NameSibyl Schaefer Job TitleAsst. Director, Head of Digital Programs InstitutionRockefeller Archive Center DigCCurr Professional Institute

3 33 What I planned to accomplish Gap analysis of policies Submission agreements Ingest workflows for donors + vendors submitting digitized materials How I saw myself carrying out your plan Researching policy examples, coming up with templates Working with donors regarding ingest What resources I neededTime – Digital preservation is only one of four services my dept. seeks to provide. Plus many on the team, especially me have been tied up working on a Rockefeller Foundation Centennial website. My expected challengesDistractions with other projects Technical support for Linux systems (or lack therof) My six-month plan DigCCurr Professional Institute

4 44 How I carried out the plan (or components of the plan) Worked with a donor to establish transfer mechanics Established draft ingest workflow What changed about my plan Became evident a collection policy was needed first and foremost. Decided to hold off developing additional policies until that was in place. Also, my work is not just digital preservation – it’s systematizing the management of digital materials w/in my organization. A more holistic view is needed. My biggest successesWe have a program with Archive-it in place and are ready to offer managed services to our donors. I started a D- Recs committee with point people from throughout the archives. Archivematica now in-production for digitized materials received from vendor. My biggest challenges Working with the IT group - backups. Lack of time. What I accomplished DigCCurr Professional Institute

5 55 D-Recs Committee DigCCurr Professional Institute Mission: To manage digital records across their archival life cycle, by integrating their management – and knowledge of digital records management and technologies in general – throughout the Rockefeller Archive Center. Goals: To designate specific individuals as responsible for functional areas concerning digital records, and to provide a forum for regular communication among these individuals To identify and develop the policies needed for the responsible care and management of digital records To develop workflows for digital records through the functional stages of accession, preservation, description, and access To educate and engage the RAC staff in the work surrounding digital materials To educate our donors and researchers on digital preservation issues and practices To develop an OAIS compliant system To prepare the RAC for TRAC certification and compliance Courtesy of

6 66

7 77 What I will accomplish by next January Start inventory of legacy accessioned digital materials Ramp up processing hybrid collections Geographically separated & synced backups Smooth ingest workflow for born digital materials Automated DIP access Post-custodial access project w/donor in-process How I will carry this out With lots of help! Inventory: work w/accessioning + collections team Processing: work w/description team Automated DIP access – working w/Artefactual on this Backups: IT team What resources will be most helpful? People – inside my institution, other digital preservation practitioners, contractors What I expect to be the biggest challenges Dealing with grants databases from donors. Rights issues- basically creating PREMIS statement - on legacy materials. IT team. Future goals DigCCurr Professional Institute

8 88 Areas of my plan that require collaboration All of it. Possibilities for collaborating within my institution The D-Recs committee will be undertaking pilot projects that require collaborations across most of the departments in the RAC. These pilot projects will serve as the foundation for systematizing institutional practice. Possibilities for collaborating with other Institute members We’re doing integration work with the Archivists’ Toolkit and Archivematica – other institutions have expressed an interest in this work as well. Also really interested in working with others who preserve and provide access to databases. Opportunities for collaboration DigCCurr Professional Institute

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