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Managing CQP 2013 The premier state QSO Party and International contest!

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1 Managing CQP 2013 The premier state QSO Party and International contest!

2 Thank you for your support! First and foremost, thanks to you all for your service to CQP. It would not be what it is without you!

3 Agenda State of CQP, where are we right now/our process flow County registration status Key players check –who is doing what and where are the gaps Marketing and public relations status and strategy Log submission capture system status Log checking system status update/checkpoint Log checking team status/plan Results generation and publication Awards plan, plaque sponsorship, wine distribution How to make all this work and have fun doing it!

4 State of CQP Very successful run last year Results completed in record time Generally very positive feedback Some key volunteer players changing Software upgrades not viable this run Timeline requires a “git-er-done” strategy

5 CQP process flow Rules update finalized for 2013 run County registration Contest occurs Log submittal via website Pre processing of logs and correction opportunity Run through log checking software (green) Exception judging (log check team) Final results tabulation Final results format and publishing Awards determined – awards processed, wine/plaques/t-shirts procured and distributed.

6 County registration Program will continue under the leadership of Bob, N6TV as it has for many years Bob has green lighted county registration immediately This process will start this week! Needs to be done in conjunction with PR campaign to drive county activation

7 Key Players – so far this is the roster Key Players – so far this is the roster Contest manager – Chris N6WM Webmaster – John K6MM Marketing/promotion – Ian W6TCP County registration –Bob N6TV Log submission technology volunteer –Steve W1SRD Log check software technology volunteer Matt WX5S Log formatting software technology volunteer Tom NS6T Awards and T-Shirts – Joanna K6YL, Chris N6WM, Al AD6E Log check team: K6XX K6UFO K6DGW KE1B AD6E K6SRZ W6OAT W4UAT N6RNO K6OK K6EU N6NUL K6MM N6DZR N6DE AA6XV W1RH and more

8 Marketing and PR status ARRL unwilling to run cqp add for free, despite attempt from W6RGG and K6MM Efforts to get cqp ad in NCJ appear unsuccessful THANK YOU W6TCP for taking on some of the marketing responsibilities, hope to get you hooked up with K6MM and get our add in as many places as possible, Thanks K6MM for providing last years material for editing. We will do Amateur club campaign, as well as reflectors, etc. bottom line we will get the word out world wide.

9 Log submission status W1SRD has agreed to take care of this Was managed by K6TU last year may be able to get passdown Source code is available Needs to connect with K6MM to pull process together

10 Log checking process Thanks to Matt WX5S for carrying the torch this year We will need to use the Green program again this year May have additional programs to enhance output or fix input Awesome team of 14-15 log checkers, training will be planned for those who have not done it before or need a refresher.

11 Results formatting Tom NS6T gets result csv and formats it appropriately for web submission and more As far as I know Tom is still on board for this Also keeps source code available.

12 Awards, Plaques, Sponsors, Wine Need to know status of award sponsorship drive – NCCC Tres? Wine provided by Jeff WK6I Will work out any Canadian Wine transport issues Plaques and mailing Tshirt color for 2013 - ORANGE

13 Managing CQP 2013 Lets Have fun and gettir Done!

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