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Welcome to Kingsley Smith Solicitors LLP. What We Do First and foremost, we listen. Only by truly understanding your situation can we advise you on your.

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1 Welcome to Kingsley Smith Solicitors LLP

2 What We Do First and foremost, we listen. Only by truly understanding your situation can we advise you on your legal position and options, and provide sensible, practical and cost effective legal advice.

3 Our Commitment to you as a Client. ● We do things on time ● We agree our fees in advance – no surprises! ● We keep you informed.

4 Although we are solicitors… …our role isn’t just to sort out your urgent needs… We really want to help you achieve your goals!!!

5 Could your family survive without you? If so, when was your Will last updated? If you haven’t got a Will or it’s out of date talk to us now about protecting your family.

6 Probate & Trust Law When you die who’s going to sort out your affairs, have you “planned ahead”? Did you understand the changes in this year’s budget to do with Trusts? We do understand, so please ask!

7 Concerned about retirement? Many of our clients are unhappy with their pension performance…. Have you thought about “equity release”? Ask us and we’ll explain in clear English. Have you made a Lasting Power of Attorney?

8 Thinking of moving house? There are many factors that will affect your choice of solicitor −Cost, Proximity, Trust, Experience Every year many local clients trust us with one of the most important purchases of their lives! Thinking of remortgaging to a lower rate? We can help.

9 In trouble at work? Have you been picked on at work? Is your boss making your life a nightmare for no reason? Have you been made redundant, unfairly dismissed or forced out by your employer? There are many ways that we help employees every week. Please do ask if you want help.

10 In dispute with someone? Perhaps it’s an insurer over a claim. Perhaps it’s a neighbour over a tall hedge? Paid a tradesperson and unhappy with their work? If you need help in a dispute, call us.

11 Commercial property Moving your office? Need a new lease? Wanting to buy a building with your SIPPs pension? Negotiating over some land? We have expert commercial property lawyers who are ready to help.

12 Buy to let. Property renovation? Are you a landlord? Got disputes with your tenants? Thinking of buying property to renovate and sell on? There are many aspects to consider which our solicitors are fully versed in.

13 Planning and Environmental Law Got a problem with a tree? Fighting the local planners? Got a listed oast house that you want to convert? Got the North Downs Way through your garden? Our planning solicitors are experts in their field!

14 People owe you money? Do customers owe you money? Not happy “sending the boys” round? CCJ got you nowhere? Let us help you recover your outstanding debts and advise on prevention in future.

15 BSE, H5N1, farming a speciality There are so many issues affecting farmers today, how can you possibly keep on top of everything? We can help. We’re local, we understand whether it’s planning permission for a barn conversion or an employment issue.

16 Business contracts Is Force Majeure a war film? Are Warranties something you get in Dixons? Business contracts can be very complicated. Let us simplify the language for you.

17 Sold to the highest bidder! If you’ve ever bought or sold a business you know how long it can take and how distracting it can be from your day-to-day work. We can help with negotiations, contracts, valuations and more.

18 In business for yourself…. …but not by yourself! As a sole trader you’re the sales person, the delivery person, customer service and accounting. It’s tough. Ask how we can help.

19 The ying and yang of partnerships The dynamics of running a partnership are very different from that of a small business. We should know!! Ask about LLP status, asset and income protection and settling partnership disputes amicably.

20 Last orders please! Time at the bar! OK, so the Licensing Act 2003 is fully in force now. But what about the smoking ban in 2007? What about licence renewals with the local authority. If this is all too much on top of an 80 hour week then let us help.

21 Mistake been made? Seeking redress? The issue of professional negligence is in the news more and more. And it’s not just in the medical world - accountants, surveyors etc are all exposed to risks. Talk to us about making sure your complaint gets taken seriously!

22 In a fight with someone? Litigation is often a last resort for most business people. The process can be complex, time consuming and possibly fruitless. Let us make an accurate assessment of your situation.

23 Got problematic employees? Is someone taking too much sick time? Is someone persistently late? Too much time spent surfing the Internet? Employee problems take up a lot of a business person’s time. We help solve current problems, and prevent future ones.

24 So... …To find out more contact us now on: 01634 811118 or e-mail: We look forward to hearing from you.

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