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Wrestling with God Sunday, August 20th Grade 4-5.

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1 Wrestling with God Sunday, August 20th Grade 4-5

2 Introduction: When you really want something from your parents, and they say no at first, what do you do? Do you give up right away, or do you keep trying until you get what you want? Typically we all keep trying and asking until we get what we want.

3 Well God is no different and in this lesson we will talk about the importance of persistent requests of prayers to God.

4 Persistent Prayers The importance of persistence is covered in several areas of the Bible, but in this lesson we will convey the message of Jacob wrestling through the night with God to bless him. Genesis 32:22-32

5 Things learned from the Reading The importance of being blessed from God. – Jacob wrestled all night with God to make sure that he would get blessed.

6 When Jacob prevailed, God blessed him and changed his name to Israel. Israel means the one that has struggled and/or persevered.

7 Jacob is also sometimes given the title “The PRINCE OF GOD ”

8 Cont’d The importance of persistent in our requests to God – Jacob wasn’t willing to let go of God until he was blessed. WHAT a GREAT Faith we all need to have! Jacob also asked foremost for unmaterialistic things. That is very important. We should not be overwhelmed with things of this world, but rather of God

9 Another Example The importance of persistent prayer is also captured in the parable of the persistent widow Luke 18:1-8 – In this case, the widow was pleading in front of an unjust judge, and through persistence, the unjust judge avenged her of her enemies.

10 Think about this…. If the unjust judge listens through persistence, then what would our merciful God do when we continue to pray to him with our requests.

11 Christ said in Luke 11:11-13, If parents who are sinful give their children the best, then, how much more would God the most wonderful, give us…..!!

12 Conclusion Christ commanded us to pray to the Father with faith and persistence God will always give us ALL what is best for us when we ask Him through the persistent prayers. We should ask God for spiritual things, not just materialistic things when we pray. Spiritual things like blessings, love, faith and the fruits of the spirit.

13 Things to Try this week Ask God to bless you and come up with a spiritual request Have faith in God that He will always give you what is best, and whenever we need anything, quickly seek God in prayer. – Prayer is one of the essential tools in a Christian’s life!! Ask God to bless others around you.

14 Memory Verse “And I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you “ (Luke 11:9)

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