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Partnering for the future David MacArthur 31 October 2003 The British Library and FIL.

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1 Partnering for the future David MacArthur 31 October 2003 The British Library and FIL

2 2 Topics covered today Review of BL in last year Impacts of BL modernisation New developments & services Future developments Questions

3 3 Objectives of today To provide updates on progress at the BL To reinforce BL strengths To outline new services Understand the impact of these To understand and answer questions on key issues raised at clinics

4 4 What I said a year ago! – I am new to the BL (am now nearly 40!!) – From commercial sector – Not an advocate of revolution – Recruited to advance the role of DSC – Need time to understand the markets and sectors, particularly ILL and the non- commercial sector – Responsibilities include customer service, sales, strategy and revenue – Committed for at least five years

5 5 What is the British Library? Our mission To help people advance knowledge to enrich lives

6 6 Actions taken to deliver this mission A strong CEO with a new executive team £4 million spend in new technology Continuing focus on the growth of the collection A commitment to being non-commercial The re-organisation of operations The utilisation of 600 experts Modernisation where required New services and support programmes

7 7 Modernisation of the BL The BL is the world’s foremost information supplier – long-established – most comprehensive collection – worldwide scale of operation – international reputation – widest range of information solutions – trusted provider

8 8 So why have we had to modernise? BL needs to respond to the changing information environment – mergers, fragmentation, increasing costs Needs to structure for growth/improve access Make the BL more relevant to the new information marketplace and customers Make the BL first choice for information supply We have been re-active to the needs of our customers

9 9 What is different? New strategy, structure, systems, resources Round-the-clock working Extended rights of access through agreements with publishers Improved integration of services Aggressive and dynamic sales and marketing plans with tailored packages, from Data Licensing to Premium Services Significant targeted investment

10 10 and...... …the British Library provides value by: being an ethical, non-profit making organisation - working for the benefit of customers, not shareholders working with publishers to provide secure access providing the potential for you to make efficiencies

11 11 The Collection Journals – 263,400 titles in stock – subscriptions to 55,772 in all subjects/languages Grey literature – over 6.5 million scientific and technical reports, official publications and other publications Conferences - the world’s largest collection – 433,800 in total with an annual intake of about 14,000 Books – 3,211,000 with an annual intake of 33,606 UK doctoral theses – c150,400 with an annual intake of 10,400 US doctoral theses – c475,000 with an annual intake of about 2,700 Over 44 million patent specifications from all over the world

12 12 Inside, ZETOC, ETOC as Metadata Comprehensive coverage of the world’s most valued research information in all subjects Backfile of c20 million records, growing by 2 million records per annum Provides article level details for 20,000 serial titles - STM, Business, Law, Marketing Paper level details from 14,000 conference proceedings per year on all subjects Includes 6 million articles of ‘Grey Literature’, providing access to cutting-edge research information Just-in-time access to relevant material Alert facility on newly published information within any chosen field or discipline Can be integrated with your own web interface

13 13 The Big News From December 1 st - Secure Electronic Delivery (SED) of over 100 million items from hard-copy and electronic sources 110 high speed scanners now in place Improved quality and speed over photocopy delivery format Desktop delivery now available to any point on the planet within 2 hours

14 14 Additional news Ongoing technical developments – testing of linking technologies to allow seamless search and order – over the next 2-3 years our new Integrated Library System (ILS) will give improved access to BL holdings

15 15 Copyright issues EU Legislation effective from October 31 st 2003 The responsibility of whether or not a copyright fee is applied lies with the recipient of the article. The criteria is simple. – Is the article for commercial use? – Is the article not for commercial use?

16 16 Summary of our services – Electronic delivery of over 100 million items – Data Licensing of our Electronic Table of Contents (ETOC) – New Research Services – Re-launched Patent Service – The most comprehensive newspaper library in the world

17 17 Benefits Current developments are structured to enable the BL to become the integrated solution provider: – building on our already unrivalled collection – data licensing – tailored packages for best value – savings and efficiencies for you – a single source for rapid supply

18 18 Why work with the British Library? Our strong commitment to further the effectiveness of research and innovation throughout the world The British Library is a non-profit body, committed to developing relevant services in partnership with our customers We are not driven by the needs of shareholders, but by the needs of our customers and their researchers

19 Partnering for the future David MacArthur 31 October 2003 The British Library and FIL

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