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The first EBS Bonanza Service Clinic in Europe 01. - 03. May 2009 – Koblenz-Winningen, Germany (EDRK) 1/13.

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1 The first EBS Bonanza Service Clinic in Europe 01. - 03. May 2009 – Koblenz-Winningen, Germany (EDRK) 1/13

2 2/13 The Beech Field Service Clinic Program was established by Norm Colvin in 1977 to provide members of ABS an opportunity to have their airplanes inspected personally by Norm who is one of the foremost experts in the Beechcraft aviation community. These Field Service Clinics were eventually replaced by the American Bonanza Society’s own Service Clinics to meet the growing demand among ABS members to identify and address maintenance issues specific to the Beechcraft Bonanza and Baron without fear of any administrative action being taken, and to expand the aircraft owner’s personal knowledge and awareness.

3 3/13 Many of the inspectors were former Beechcraft engineers, FBO operators and mechanics intimately familiar with the Bonanza and Baron product lines.

4 4/13 Edward (Ed) Beers was trained by Norm Colvin to continue the high standards of excellence that were recognized by everyone attending the Service Clinics. Norm retired and left the service clinic duties in the capable hands of Ed. For many years Ed conducted the clinics with the exact same principals and expertise that has become the hallmark of the ABS Beechcraft Service Clinics.

5 5/13 Many pilots and operators were glad to have had Ed look over their airplane after it had just come out of its annual, as the Clinics provided an additional level of validation for the owners that they were (or on occasions were not) getting everything that should have been completed during the annual inspection.

6 6/13 The Australian Bonanza Society also saw the advantage of Ed’s special knowledge and convinced him and his son Curtis (also highly trained and specializing in the care and maintenance of Beechcraft) to conduct similar Service Clinics in Australia. We now have the opportunity to share Ed’s and Curtis’ vast knowledge here in Europe at our first EBS Service Clinic in Koblenz. Ed and Curtis Beers are both F.A.A. licensed Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics with Inspection Authorization. Together they share even more than 40 years of experience, concentrating specifically on Bonanzas, Debonairs and Barons.

7 7/13 The objective of the Service Clinic is to detect any service problems that may be left over after a periodic inspection in a service shop, or to validate that the inspection report that the airplane received from the shop was accurate and complete. The basic concept is to offer a comprehensive, highly structured, visual inspection of each individual airplane, with each inspection taking about 90 minutes to complete, with safety for the airplane being the foremost concern. The Service Clinic program is in effect, a "second opinion" conducted by recognized Beechcraft experts.

8 8/13 The cost for the EBS Service Clinic will be €295 per airplane for Bonanzas and Debonairs. For Barons and Travel Airs please inquire as these will be at different rates, but in either case you must be a member of EBS to register for the Service Clinic. You are also welcome to bring your Mechanic along to the Service Clinic. No legal action is taken during these inspections, and any discrepancies found are brought to the attention of the owner only. It is then up to the owner’s own discretion what they want to have corrected by their own or any other maintenance facility.

9 9/13 Additionally, Teledyne Continental Motors have welcomed the opportunity to participate in our first European Service Clinic. Subject to TCM's schedule and staffing, their own factory engine expert, Riad Kasim, will be on hand to conduct cylinder bore-scoping and compression checks, as well as advice and general engine checking, whilst the Beech experts are looking at the airframe. This extra service is free within the price of the Service Clinic. Riad will also be giving a presentation on Engine Management and Operating Techniques, including how to maximize the life of your engine, with many do’s and don’ts, and how to correctly run your engine ‘Lean of Peak’. In case Riad is unable to attend, Ed and Curtis Beers will do the engine checks in his place.

10 10/13 Beechcraft Turbine-conversion airplanes may be accepted for inspection at the EBS Service Clinic, with Ed or Curtis only inspecting unmodified parts of the airframe. The engine compartment(s) of turbine- modified airplanes will not be inspected. Owners should note that the modification and the additional power of turbine conversions may create stresses and potential issues for those airframes that our inspectors are not aware of and may not detect. The Service Clinic inspector has the final say whether a specific turbine- conversion airplane will, or will not be accepted for inspection.

11 11/13 It is requested that everybody who wants to have his airplane inspected arrives Friday 01.May 2009 at Koblenz-Winningen (EDRK). On Friday evening Riad will give his presentation which should be a fascinating insight into the TCM engines fitted to our Beechcraft and give us much to think about and consider. On Saturday the actual inspections will be carried out. Each owner will get a "slot time" for inspection after booking in. Depending on the demand, inspections may need to be continued on Sunday. This is a great opportunity to have your airframes and engines checked by experts and should not be missed by EBS members.

12 12/13 EBS member Wolfgang Fehlhaber provides the hangar at Koblenz, where the inspections take place. He takes care of all the administration for this event. To register please e-mail to or

13 EBS 1. Service Clinic / Notes and Links from A-Z * Airfield Koblenz-Winningen City of Customs & ImmigrationAvailable at EDRK, 1 h PPR FuelAVGAS, Mogas and JetA1 available at EDRK HotelPlease check with Wolfgang Fehlhaber, Hotlines MobileWolfgang Fehlhaber +49 171 3615211 Initial meeting point at KoblenzHangar Wolfgang Fehlhaber Membership ConditionsEBS membership is mandatory, if you are not a member yet, please go to Prices 1. Participation fee for Bonanza/Debonair 298 € * 2. Landing fee for initial landing and parking fees during the event included 3. Hotel / Accomodation, transportationIndividual 4. Others, Lunch, Dinner, fuel etc.Individual ReservationReservation with and payment to Wolfgang Fehlhaber 13/13

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