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Public Health Unit The Public Health System Day 3.

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1 Public Health Unit The Public Health System Day 3

2 Lesson Objective (Lesson One Day 3) : Content Objectives: TSWBAT identify key people and agencies in the HHS and private health organizations. Language Objectives: TSWBAT compare and contrast the CDC, FDA, and NIH by writing the objectives of each agency with use of a graphic organizer. TSWBAT recognize local and national private health organizations whose goal is to improve Public Health.

3 Let’s Review On today’s note outline: –Match the six agencies and terms with the correct answers –You may use last class’s notes if needed –Put your pen/pencil down when you complete the review

4 Let’s Organize! Acronym T-Chart 1. HHS (@HHSGov) –Health & Human Services –What do they do? 2. WHO (@WHO) –World Health Organization –What do they do?

5 HHS Secretary Primary goal of health prevention and wellness in the USA Appointed by the President of the USA Who is the Secretary of the HHS?

6 HHS - U.S. Surgeon General Director of the U.S. public health services Physician appointed by the U.S. President Who is the U.S. Surgeon General? Twitter = @Surgeon_General

7 The Secretary & The Surgeon General Secretary of the Department of Health & Human Services = Sylvia M. Burwell Surgeon General = Acting – Rear Admiral Dr. Boris Lushniak

8 Agencies Under the HHS There are multiple agencies run under the HHS: CDC – Centers of Disease Control (@CDCGov) FDA – Food & Drug Administration (@US_FDA) NIH – National Institute for Health (@NIH) Did you add these to your acronym t-chart? (you now should have five on your chart)

9 CDC – what do they do? Focuses on prevention of diseases and promotion of health –through research –through investigation of disease clusters and outbreaks. Works to keep America safe from health, safety and security threats, both foreign and domestic. …THE BEST SOURCE FOR DISEASES…

10 FDA – what do they do? FDA focuses on: –that foods are safe, wholesome, sanitary and properly labeled –human and veterinary drugs, and vaccines and other biological products and medical devices intended for human use are safe and effective –Protecting the public from electronic product radiation –Assuring cosmetics and dietary supplements are safe and properly labeled –Regulating tobacco products

11 NIH – What do they do? NIH is one of the world's foremost medical research centers The Federal focal point for medical research in the United States. Can apply for grants and funding for research studies

12 Private Health Organizations Organizations, Foundations, Associations, etc. that are not government regulated: Funded by (some are non-profit): –Donations –Partnerships –Volunteers (Free Labor)

13 Today’s Exit Ticket On the ‘post-it’ note provided, please complete the following sentence frame: One question I still have about public health is __________________________________. Please place this ‘exit ticket’ on the closet door when you exit the classroom.

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