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Africa Early Civilizations 2

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1 Africa Early Civilizations 2

2 Central African Societies
Hunter-Gatherers Stateless Societies Locations -Near Congo River, Kalahari Desert

3 Hunter-Gatherers What do you remember about hunter-gatherers?

4 Stateless Societies Based on a common ancestor. (Lineage)
Patrilineal- trace their ancestors through their fathers Matrilineal- trace their ancestors through their mothers. Matrilineal and Patrilineal are based on who inheritance is passed from.

5 Power is balanced among the families.
Respected elders from different families settle disputes. Age-Set System- a group of people who are born around the same time period. They move together through life’s stages. (Kalahari story)


7 East African Kingdoms Zimbabwe Location:
Near Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers On the coast of the Indian Ocean. City of “Great Zimbabwe” was the capital.

8 Zimbabwe The city of Great Zimbabwe was an important trading center.
It linked Africa’s interior gold fields to the trading cities on the coast. Great Zimbabwe gained control of the trade routes and taxed all who used them. By 1450 CE Great Zimbabwe was abandoned. No one knows why.

9 Remains of Great Zimbabwe

10 West African Kingdoms Ghana, Mali, & Songhai Location:
Next to or on the Niger River. Near and part of the Sahara Desert

11 West African Kingdoms Ghana, Mali, & Songhai Society
Mainly Islamic, also believed in animal worship. City of Timbuktu is a center of learning and trade. Grew rich taxing the salt & gold trade.

12 Sundiata Ruler of Mali Called “The Lion King” Why?

13 Mansa Musa Mansa Musa A king of Mali.
His pilgrimage to Mecca put so much gold into the economy of Cairo that gold lost most of its value for over 12 years

14 14th century Catalan map showing Mansa Musa, king of Timbuktu, holding a gold nugget which he is offering to a Muslim merchant who is approaching on camel.

15 Who was the better leader? Who had the greatest impact?

16 Site of one of the foremost universities in the 11th-13th centuries, now a mosque.

17 Timbuktu Street Scene (Now)

18 Oven for baking bread (Now)

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