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Congratulations! & Welcome to the ACC Board of Governors!

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1 Congratulations! & Welcome to the ACC Board of Governors!

2 What are your Responsibilities as a member of the ACC Board of Governors? David C. May, MD, PhD, FACC Chair-elect ACC Board of Governors

3 Governor and President

4 One job with dual roles President – presents ACC to the state –Represents the College to members –Communicates the information vital to the practice of cardiology –Demonstrates leadership Engages the FIT Maintains high moral and ethical character Thoughtful and sensitive to all positions Contributes to PAC & encourages others to do so

5 One job with dual roles Governor- presents the state to the ACC Communicates member thoughts & perceptions to leadership Engages in the national debate Presents new ideas & paradigms for consideration Attends the BOG meetings, networking and participating, shaping the College direction Leads the state delegation in national lobby efforts

6 Chapters, BOG, Staff, Leaders, Resources Jayne P. Jordan Director, Chapters & BOG January 25, 2013

7 Welcome to the BOG! We look forward to working with you!

8 First and Foremost … You are a Physician!

9 You’re part of a team!

10 Chapters Team Jayne Jordan 202.375.6609 Jessica Irizarry 202.375.6657 Ashton Futral 202.375.6450 Work with all ACC Departments & staff to promote and support Chapters One stop resource for ACC information Keep you informed on ACC national initiatives and information Facilitate issues in Chapter Management Conduct Strategic Planning Sessions for your Chapter leaders Arrange for a national speaker from ACC Leadership for your chapter meeting Work with other ACC Staff to provide you with data and dues reports

11 Cathy Gates Senior Vice President Membership, HR & Operations Marthea Wilson Associate Director Member Leadership Carissa Maguire Senior Specialist Member Leadership Development Jayne Jordan Director Chapters & Board of Governors Ashton Futral Associate Specialist Chapters & Board of Governors Jessica Irizarry Senior Specialist Chapters & Board of Governors

12 WIIFM Know Leaders from Across the Country Be a Recognized leader in your community Help develop new programs and products Help solve problems Improve quality cardiovascular patient care! It’s about the patient!

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