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Preparing for the dreaded…. First and Foremost: RELAX! You have been studying for this test for the past two years! It's time to shine.

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1 Preparing for the dreaded…

2 First and Foremost: RELAX! You have been studying for this test for the past two years! It's time to shine.

3 It's just another hurdle to becoming a doctor

4 Overview Resources Study Schedule Sanity

5 Resources

6 Comprehensive First Aid for Step I  This book is absolutely a necessity  Some prefer to have it unbound and put into a three ring binder for more note taking space  Excellent for review and focusing on core topics  Errors and corrections in 2012 edition can be found at: Step-1-2012-errata-120222.pdf

7 Subjects Anatomy: High Yield Anatomy, Roadmaps Embryo: High Yield Embryo with First Aid Histology: High Yield Histology if you must Neuroscience: High Yield Neuroscience, Atlas of the Human Brain and Spinal Cord (James D. Fix) Physiology: BRS Physiology Biochemistry: First Aid is enough, High Yield Biochem Human Behavior: High Yield Human Behavior Pathology: Goljan Rapid Review w/ audio, BRS Path Micro: First Aid, Micro Made Simple, MicroCards Immuno: First Aid more than enough, Lange text Pharm: First Aid is excellent, Kaplan Pharm Cards

8 Question Banks USMLE World  If you buy only one, BUY THIS ONE  Nearly perfect simulation of the real thing  Difficult questions, but VERY good teaching points. (READ the explanations!!!) Kaplan Q-Bank  Also a great question source  General opinion: more low-yield questions  Again, READ the explanations

9 Review Courses: To take or not to take… Doctors in Training- very well laid out with great review sessions; good for those that otherwise will not make a schedule and stick to it/those that like to be taught Cram Fighter- $10 app. that allows you to plug in everything you need to make a very good study schedule; for those that like to make their own schedule and know they will stick to it

10 Question Sources - Other BRS Phys/Path questions and Comp Review Goljan Path Comprehensive Review Robbins Review Path Questions Utah WebPath Questions (good for anatomy)

11 Practice Exams NBME Practice Exams  150 questions (3 sections)  Give best predictive score & most similar questions  Expensive  Cannot review USMLE World & Kaplan Practice Exams  150 questions  Give score (which is widely believed to be elevated)  Can be purchased with your World subscription  Allow review of all questions with explanation

12 For the Minimalist First Aid for Step I USMLE World Question Bank (Again, READ the explanations) Goljan Path Review with audio

13 Most Important Thing Possible Practice Questions PRACTICE QUESTIONS PRACTICE QUESTIONS!!!

14 Schedules

15 Study Schedules Start doing Qbank questions now You have just over a month to study for the exam (not including studying for mini-boards) Make a schedule and stick to it! But don't beat yourself up over if you mess up a bit… The average time to study is 28 days....which is perfect for many people

16 Important Dates Last day of school: April 19, 2013 Mini-boards & OSCE’s: April 25 – May 10 Step 1 Sit-by Date: June 15, 2013

17 Different Study Schedules Develop your own study schedule Some people study based on systems, some study based on courses, some both, and some neither. Schedule “catch up” days and extra time at the end to review material Don't be afraid to adapt your schedule, but stick to the plan!

18 Daily Schedule- SAMPLE 8AM-9AM- Breakfast 9AM-1PM- Read 1PM-1:30- Lunch 1:30-6:00- Read some more 6-7 Dinner 7-8 Personal Time 8-12 Questions and review 12-8AM- Sleep

19 Staying Sane

20 Where to Study Some study at their apartment Some study at their parents' house Some at the library Point've figured out what works for you, do it!

21 Balance You need to relax Take personal time every day Work out Catch up with friends Socialize Go to dinner Vent Start a blog Yoga/ meditation Don't make any drastic life changes Don't move Relax This was the best part of 2 nd year

22 Words of Wisdom EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT and to stick to what style has worked for you the past two years (ie- learning from questions, etc). 28 days is enough time to crush it. I didn’t think it would be enough but was sick of studying by the last week Leave days for review the final week before your test. Review your WEAK subjects, don’t try to re-read all of First Aid again Do NOT push back your date unless a catastrophe occurs Watch a movie, hang out, have a beer, but DO NOT study the day before your test

23 Don't worry. You will do great and it will all be over before you know it. Then it's time for VACATION!!!!!!

24 Special thanks to MUSOM faculty and staff and Tim Nywening, Katherine Schnell, and Parin Chheda from the University of Florida

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