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Touch Nimith Himawari Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia November 12-16 2007 Central Cardamom Protected Forest Ecotourism Development.

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1 Touch Nimith Himawari Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia November 12-16 2007 Central Cardamom Protected Forest Ecotourism Development

2 Location Where?

3 One of the largest wilderness areas remaining in Cambodia

4 Of regional significance to biodiversity conservation

5 Located in a center of regional cultural diversity

6 A diversity of landscapes

7 A compelling history

8 Objectives: 1. Promote ecotourism development in CCPF for conservation and development 2. Develop ecotourism model for replication and adaptation 3. Influence policy makers on significant values of ecotourism development in natural areas.

9 Baseline Study, if need to look in-depth Ecotourism Assessment/Feasibility Study Ecotourism Strategy / Management Plan Annual Plan/Action Plan M & E Delivery/Implementation Conceptual Framework Approach to Successful Ecotourism Development for CCPF Protecte d Areas

10 Ecotourism Product Development Pilot Trekking Program (50%) Community Based Ecotourism (10%) Eco- recreational tour Identification (30%) Other products under identification Trekking Start Nig2 Nig1 Nig3 Nig4 Nig5

11 Ecotourism and Conservation Impacts Ecotourism Program Reduce illegal activities where trails being used by Tourists Reduce overuse of NR from communities, in a replacing of employments and local economic generation Influence decision makers on significant value the effective approach from ecotourism Increase knowledge and skills for relevant stakeholders on NR conservation and livelihood improvement

12 Future Plan 2. Completed trekking program with CAT/Peregrine 3. Develop a ¾ day eco-touring in Thmar Bang 5. Community based ecotourism 4. Explore trekking program and community services in Tatey Lue commune with Interpret 6. Explore more partnership and networking Thmar Bang Waterfall 1.Strategic Plan and Baseline study

13 Outcomes to Date: Feasibility Study in Thmar Bang Peregrine/CAT successfully marketing for the Trekking Program Familiarization Report with Inbound Tours Ecotourism Pricing Policy in Draft Engage with Interpret Tour Company

14 Cardamom Mountains Trek (13 Days) This pioneering adventure takes us into the environmental jewel of Cambodia, the Cardamom Mountains - one of South East Asia’s last immense and largely unexplored rainforest landscapes and a natural area of universal importance. The Cardamoms is also home to vast array of endangered wildlife which are protected by the thick jungles and extensive mountains. On this unique trekking expedition we are privileged to enter this wild domain and be actively involved in learning about and helping international efforts to conserve the area. Our participation will directly contribute to conserving and alleviating poverty in this unique and precious landscape. We also explore the cultural highlights of Cambodia by visiting Siem Reap, home of the amazing Angkor Empire - probably the foremost archaeological site in South East Asia, and the vibrant capital city of Phnom Penh. This is the complete Cambodian experience that encompasses history and culture, as well as nature and wilderness.

15 Challenges 2. How stakeholders fairly benefit and participate in ecotourism development? 1. How do you mange satisfaction and expectation ? 3. How you do ecotourism development contributing for conservation ? 4. How the poor benefit and participate in ecotourism development? 6. How stakeholders able to manage the ecotourism development by themselves for conservation and development? 5. How your work influence decision makers and relevant stakeholders?

16 I. Entrance Fee: 1.Parking fee 2.Entrance fee III. Service Fee: 1.Tradtitonal craft 2.Refreshment 3.Transpotation 4.Acomodation II. Product Sale: Trekking, CBET Specialist Tours, recretional tours and., IV. Concession fee/license and permits.,

17 Mine and un-explosive ordinance After Civil War Hydropower Dame understudy Current Problems

18 Training and Capacity Building Strategy Development Support to CCPF ecotourism development Tourism or Market research Learning and networking

19 hank for ALL

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