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Bob Ekman, Advisor September 2013 Explorer Post 1010 Lockheed Martin Rockville Maryland.

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2 Bob Ekman, Advisor September 2013 Explorer Post 1010 Lockheed Martin Rockville Maryland

3 Who We Are  Enthusiastic students from local high schools interested in engineering  Sponsored by Lockheed Martin in Rockville  Organized under national Learning-for-Life Exploring Program 5/6/20152

4 What We Do  Compete in international robotics and rocketry programs  Everyone on a team  Teen leadership responsibilities  Local field trips and presentations  Community service opportunities  Adult support  And we have a lot of fun! 5/6/20153

5 We Fly Them High!  Team America Rocketry Challenge  Design and build model rockets to meet a specific altitude, flight duration, and recovery  Carry eggs and an altimeter  Launch sites in Maryland and Virginia  Three teams completed challenge in 2013  Several past teams invited to national finals 5/6/20154

6 We Kick Bots!  FIRST Tech Challenge  First year, one team in 2012  Won local tournament, advanced to state championship  Botball Educational Robotics Program  Twelve years participation, multiple teams  Three teams in local tournaments in Maryland and Virginia in 2013  Two teams participated in global competition in Oklahoma  Regional and global awards 5/6/20155

7 Operations  Membership 2013  44 high school girls and boys  From 20 different schools  90% graduate to science/engineering higher education degree programs  Meetings  Wednesday, 6:30pm  Saturday, all day - workshops, launches, competitions  All night laser tag, annual picnic  Festival exhibits, school visits  Holiday field trips, summer big trips 5/6/20156

8 Annual Schedule Our overall scheduled is based on two semesters of activities. 5/6/20157 AugSepOctNovDecJan Everyone Election Recruitment Registration Laser Tag Trip Robotics FIRST Tech Challenge Training FTC Tournaments Rocketry Experiments Design Build Test TARC Qualification FebMarAprMayJunJul EveryoneElection Science Day Science Festival Picnic Robotics Botball Botball Regional Botball Internationals RocketryTARC Qualification TARC Nationals

9 Lockheed Martin Sponsorship  Explorer Post 1010 in sixteenth year  Initiated by Norm Augustine in 1997  Sponsorship includes  Facility use and storage  Safe and secure location  Volunteers and mentors  Resources ( computers, mail, Internet access)  Executive sponsor  Funding  Dues ($40/semester)  Grants, contributions  Fund raising 5/6/20158

10 Learning for Life  National organization  Strives to be the foremost co-educational youth program for character and career development   Exploring is work site career program  Provides high school teens with environment, resources, and relationships they need to learn and grow  Aviation, Business, Communications, Engineering, Fire Service, Health, Law Enforcement, Law &Government, Science  300 national offices through local Boy Scout Councils  60 Posts in DC council, 1200 students 5/6/20159

11 Contact  Advisor: Bob Ekman  at Lockheed Martin  9221 Corporate Blvd, Rockville, MD  (office)  (mobile)   Web Page:  Facebook: Explorer Post 1010  Google Calendar: 5/6/201510

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