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Enock Rukundo Project Stretch goal Kigali Health Institute (KHI) Kigali, Rwanda

2 Project Background…short story!
My Dad and 6 transfers.. Purpose driven goal…) My poor Dad received 6 different medical transfers From the HC To the District Hospital Then Provincial Hospital To the Military Hospital The Referral Hospital To the High-level Private Hospital (Rich..) And finally to the Military Hospital again (Mutual de Santé support laboratory exams).

3 Problem Statement... Under Construction….. Referrer data
Rwandan Government Priorities

4 Anticipated Solution Architecture...
Critical steps: Sender submits an sms with patient case details; structured format: ID patient no, content The filter application makes verification actions i.e format rules The intermediary filter application re-shapes text sms’s into readable web based or s formats and sent to the operator/moderator. Moderator reads case details and decides the final decision or which specialist(s) most appropriate to the case in question An automatic sent to the specialist or sender Specialists logs in the server, reads the case history and provides a response to the moderator and the sender Referrer reads response from the operator/moderator The referrer reports action being taken (transfer details)

5 Blue Binder Checklist & Bottlenecks...
Work-in-Progress… Blue Binder Checklist & Bottlenecks... Critical Control Factors: Field workers trained Professional buy-in Efficient moderator/playing a vital role/important factor Organizational set-up Create specific interests for the cause Impact measurements for the patient and health facilities (hospitals) /demonstration of specific community interests

6 Blue Binder Checklist & Bottlenecks...
Work-in-Progress… Blue Binder Checklist & Bottlenecks... Benefits: First and foremost this referral system is a network of people who trust each other and want to collaborate, capacity building and social engineering are thus very important. Improve access to health care; Enhance the quality of service delivery; Improve the effectiveness of public health and primary care interventions; Improve the global shortage of health professionals through collaboration and training


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