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EKO-POWER Sp. z o.o. – present and future. An insight to our project.

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1 EKO-POWER Sp. z o.o. – present and future. An insight to our project.

2 2 Who we are? EKO-POWER is a young company with a limited liability, established and registered in Olecko, Poland.

3 3 Our team… …coming from the different sectors, such as entrepreneurship, banking and international trading, we have joined our efforts and goodwill in order to lead EKO-POWER to success, while taking utmost care about preserving business ethics and principles.

4 4 Our mission. From renewable energy sources to public services we are mainly concentrated in the development of sustainable projects that have impact on durable progress of the north-east region of Poland in ecological awareness.

5 5 Where we are? Olecko is located in the north-east part of Poland – the region called Mazury, in the vicinity of three borders: Lithuanian, Russian and Bielorussian.

6 6 It is a small town with a county population of 22,000, which has still got its historic urban system, characterized by the central square once being the largest in Eastern Prussia.

7 7 The uniqueness as well as outstanding surroundings consisting of forests, lakes and natural parks make that region the most beautiful in Poland and probably in Europe.

8 8 What’s our project? We believe Bio-Pellet production in this region of Poland is an appropriate project. This eco-friendly business have attracted our attention in many aspects...

9 9 Why Bio-Pellets? The abundance of raw material supply in this part of Poland and the cost-effectiveness of production. The versatility in expansion to various renewable energy means and the flexible nature of a long-term investment having impact on the region’s ecology are foremost added values.

10 10 Therefore today, we are ready to undertake this investment in partnership with an experienced and enthusiast organization, that will lead our endeavour to success, contributing in the transition of Poland’s energy production to renewable sources.

11 11 Our project step by step... (1) 1) Implementation of bio-pellet production line, using the most up-to-date technology in order to obtain highest efficiency and the quantity of output being in accordance with the availability of the initial financial support.

12 12 Our project step by step... (2) 2) Increasing the quantity of bio-pellet production gradually to a level where continuous supply of energy such as electricity and heat becomes possible.

13 13 Our project step by step... (3) 3) Expanding the production facility to a multi- purpose energy plant by adding fuel turbines and boilers, converting bio-pellets to electric energy and heat.

14 14 Our project step by step... (4) 4) Supplying the local market with electric and heat energy, reducing considerably the carbon-dioxide emission in the region.

15 15 In order to achieve the above plan, we require expertise and know-how in both technological and financial backing. On the other hand, we shall provide with our extensive knowledge of the market, contacts and suitable factory for quick implementation of the project.

16 16 W e strongly believe that by joining our efforts with WIP Munich, we will not only reach our target, but become a benchmark for future endeavors of this type in Poland.

17 17 Thank you for your kind attention.

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