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Development of the Music Industry in Senegal A World Bank-Supported Initiative A Case Study in Music Development from Senegal World Forum on Music October.

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1 Development of the Music Industry in Senegal A World Bank-Supported Initiative A Case Study in Music Development from Senegal World Forum on Music October 12, 2007 Ismael Ouedraogo

2 Why the World Bank? The cultural dimension can enhances the World Bank’s prospects of fulfilling its mission: help people help themselves, by –contributing human and capital resources, –sharing knowledge, –building capacities, and –promoting public-private partnerships

3 Why Me? An economist with a passion for music, A commitment to building strong public- private partnerships to promote sustainable economic development, A conviction of the need to make use of the varied dimensions of music and other cultural products, beyond enjoyment and entertainment, to advance World Bank’s work.

4 Dimensions of Culture Source of diversified income and employment: –The promotion of art and cultural production for local consumption and export directly contributes to increase income and employment, and thus participate to economic growth and poverty reduction.

5 Dimensions of Culture (2) Mean to Enhance Decentralized Service Delivery. –Music and other cultural products can be embedded in information and extension messages to train and teach population in good environmental practices and health awareness (hygiene, HIV/AIDS, etc.)

6 Dimensions of culture (3) Trade-related dimension: –intellectual property rights (IPR) increasingly takes center stage in international trade- related arenas, with developing countries lacking in all aspects –The World Bank has set its mission to help poor countries in particular in these negotiations.

7 Why Senegal? A pilot country to put paradigm into practice and that other countries look up to A country with a vibrant music production for domestic, regional and worldwide consumption, Chance “harmonic convergence:” both then Bank’s and Senegal’s presidents had been musicians and were supportive of initiative

8 Key Constraints Facing Senegal Open, widespread piracy: –Some estimates for West Africa--and Senegal by extension--suggest that the piracy level in music is at least 50%, and as much as 85% to 90%. Little awareness of property rights: –Creators, by ignorance, sign their rights away –Public officials are not better informed –Collected royalties comparatively low

9 Key Constraints (2) Lack of promoters: –lack of trustworthy, professional and competent artist managers to promote artists Lack of training: –in popular art forms (e.g., the sole musical school teaches classical music) –in technical maintenance of equipment –in management

10 Key Constraints (3) Poor knowledge of the music sector: –regarding its contribution to income and employment, its level of sales and piracy Foremost, an obsolete legislative and regulatory framework: –Outdated legislation (N° 73-52, 12/4/1973) –No enforcement of existing regulation –A collection society (BSDA) supported by private- sector royalties, yet managed by public bureaucrats

11 Major Thrusts of Bank Initiative Modernization of Senegal’s legislation and regulatory framework: –Help Senegal draft, for parliament’s approval, a modern legislation for copyrights and related rights –Help Senegal institute a transparent collection society, to be managed by right-holders, under public supervision, and not by public bureaucrats nominated by decree.

12 Major Thrusts (2) Build awareness and strengthen capacities –Of musicians and other artists, as well as public officials at the Ministry of Culture –Through awareness campaigns addressed to musicians in Dakar and the provinces –Through study tours of developed and developing countries –Through technical training

13 Major Thrusts (3) Broaden knowledge of the sector –Better understand and appraise the contribution of the music sector to income and employment –Study and suggest a statute for professional artists –Assess the social conditions of artists to suggest a social safety net (pension scheme)

14 Implementation Issues Political sensitivity –Senegal lacks the expertise to draft a modern legislation, but wouldn’t accept foreign experts to draft its legislation Bureaucratic resistance –Bureaucrats cling to the public nature of Senegal’s collection society, yet exercise no oversight –The public confuses rights paid by public radio/TV with public subsidies to a public agency Power of words –Any reference to the private nature of the collection society is used to bolster bureaucratic resistance

15 Key Activities Awareness seminars –Conducted by a highly-qualified copyrights expert –Supplemented by a grant provided by the Youssou Ndour Foundation obtained by musicians Revision of the copyrights legislation –Highly-qualified copyrights expert hired to consult with Senegal to revise the law Drafting of the legislation –A copyrights and related rights expert hired to assist a Senegalese working group to draft the legislation

16 Achievements Copyrights and related rights legislation jointly drafted with artists and submitted for review and adoption Legislation addresses all art forms, not just music, to account for Senegal’s situation Restructuring of the public collection society now accepted Public-private partnership fostered Increased awareness of musicians, now with real expertise in copyrights issues

17 Lessons Learned Gestation can be long –Background study in 2000, project approved in 2003, legislation drafted 2004-2006 Start with right-holders –Raise awareness of ultimate beneficiaries and make them allies in negotiations with public officials Bring public officials on board –The Bank makes loans/grants to gov. not individuals –Pay attention to political sensitivity Persevere…

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