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CITY OF LAPPEENRANTA 1 Green Lappeenranta Foremost in Energy Research, Sustainable Development & Environment Protection 29.09.2010 Seppo Miettinen, Mayor,

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2 CITY OF LAPPEENRANTA 1 Green Lappeenranta Foremost in Energy Research, Sustainable Development & Environment Protection 29.09.2010 Seppo Miettinen, Mayor, City of Lappeenranta

3 CITY OF LAPPEENRANTA 2 "Зеленая" Лаппеенранта Передовые достижения в исследованиях в сфере энегетики, устойчивого развития и защиты окружающей среды 29.09.2010 Сеппо Миеттинен, Мэр города Лаппеенранта

4 – The most important Meeting between the EU & Russia

5 Lappeenranta – International University City  Environment-friendly Economic Center of Southeastern Finland  Home of the leading energy university Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT)  72 000 residents and 13 000 students  The heart of largest forest industry production, education and R&D centre in Europe  The second most visited city in Finland by the foreign tourists 4

6 The Most Important Meeting Point between the EU and Russia  The closest European city to St. Petersburg  700,000 Russian visitors annually  Continuously the 1 st or 2 nd in Finland’s Tax-Free Sales – 40M€ annually  Foremost in the EU-Russia Innovation Cooperation together with the City of St. Petersburg  the 1 st EU-Russia Innovation Forum with Prime Ministers Putin & Vanhanen in May 2010  5

7 Lappeenranta – Multimodal Logistical Center is easily reached  Distance to St. Petersburg: 215 km  Distance to Helsinki: 220 km  Improved Highway 6  Two border stations:  Nuijamaa - road  Vainikkala - rail 6

8 Lappeenranta – Multimodal Logistical Center is easily reached  Fast train connections:  Helsinki 2.5 h  St. Petersburg via Vainikkala 3 h --) 1.5 h with Allegro from December 2010  Saimaa Canal & Mustola Cargo Port  Lappeenranta Passenger Harbour 7

9 International Air Connections to choose from in Lappeenranta  Fast growing Lappeenranta International Airport with over 200 destinations: -airBaltic’s daily flights to Riga and 70 destinations -Ryanair’s scheduled flights to: Dusseldorf - Weese Bryssels – Charleroi 8

10 Growing Tourism Center at Lake Saimaa  Rauha,Scandinavia’s largest Spa Resort development on 300 ha  Holiday Spa ready in 2011  Utilization of old hospital buildings in sustainable development  Lappeenranta Huhtiniemi Spa Development  Increasing cooperation with St. Petersburg & Leningrad Area in Tourism development 9

11 10 Lappeenranta is becoming The Most Green City in Finland  Visionary in renewable energy research and promoter of sustainable energy  The care for the environment and sustainable development is an integral part of Lappeenranta’s strategy and brand  Green city centre with parks and harbour area is the residents’ living room  City center focused development  Several schools with environmental programs

12 11 Lappeenranta - City of Lindens cares for its Environment  Lappeenranta has taken serious actions towards sustainable community  High degree of separation and utilization of waste  Lappeenranta is turning Green with its: -Sustainability Program -Climate Change Program  Lappeenranta runs environmental projects to ensure the clean environment and waterbodies

13 Safe, Healthy and Cosy Living in Lappeenranta  Lappeenranta ensures safe, healthy and cosy living environment to its residents  Spacious and comfortable living is affordable in Lappeenranta 12

14 13 Progressive & Innovative Lappeenranta Energy Solutions  Kaukaan Voima Power Plant is the largest and most modern bioenergy unit in Finland (owned by UPM Kymmene Oyj & City of Lappeenranta)  Lappeenranta PAROC Plant applies landfillgas (55 % methane) in rockwool production  Finnish Natureprotection society has granted an EKOENERGY prize to Lappeenranta Energy Company 2010  Lappeenranta Energy delivers district heating and electricity produced by biomass and wind energy from Hyötytuuli Oy 13

15 14 Growing Energy Sector in Lappeenranta  Finland’s leading energy university - University of Lappeenranta (LUT) - is a good local partner  The construction of Wind Farm of 4-7 units (3 MW each) is planned to start in 2011  Energyland Science park is under planning  ST1 gasoline company has ran an ethanol production plant in Lappeenranta since 2007  UPM Kymmene Oyj 2nd generation biofuelrefinery is on environmental auditing program 14

16 15 Energy efficiency and the energy market Strategic management of business and technology Scientific computing and modelling of industrial processes Strategic areas of expertise

17 Energy Efficiency and the Energy Market  LUT Energy is the leading Finnish academic research and education unit in the energy industry: Energy Technology, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering  Expertise ranges from energy sources to end-use: fuels, production technologies, electrical power networks and markets, and energy consumption  Education and research in nuclear engineering  Scientific Energy Research Ltd. SER: LUT and Tampere University of Technology, interest groups Cleen Ltd, EIT, EERA  Special focus on electric cars, wind power, nuclear engineering and the utilisation of biofuels 6/2010

18 LUT’s Societal Interaction  Patents, spin-off companies, commercialised innovations around the world, e.g. The Switch in Lappeenranta, ABB, Vacon  20 spin-off companies during 2001–2009  Master’s theses commissioned by businesses and communities  Graduates find employment easily  Open university education and continuing professional education  Active alumni association 6/2010 200920082007 Project ideas614333 Inventions27148

19  In December 2006, three innovative companies – Rotatek Finland (Lappeenranta), Verteco (Vaasa) and Youtility (Hudson, US) – joined forces to become The Switch  Roots of Rotatek are at LUT where research of high- speed machines took place already in late 80’s. In 1996 Rotatek was established.  The Switch’s R&D and model factory for generators & electrical machines is located in Lappeenranta 18 The Switch’s Wind Turbine Innovations from Lappeenranta

20 The Switch  The Switch is a leading supplier of megawatt-class permanent magnet generator and full-power converter packages.  Our technology ensures reliability, grid compatibility and maximized energy yields.  Nearly 3 GW of installed capacity.  Model factory concept -Serial deliveries are planned already in prototype phase -Rapid ramp-up from prototype to serial production -Location selected based on market, logistics and volumes -Production sites both in Europe and China  The Switch has now reached annual net sales EUR 96 million in 2009 after starting operations in July 2006. Currently +200 employees. 195/6/2015

21 20 5/6/2015 High Power Converters Electrical Machines Deyang, Sichuan, China Hangzhou China Hudson, USA Lu’an, Anhui, China Partners in Finland EM and HPC PartnersOwn facility Operations in Finland: Lappeenranta – R&D and model factory for generators/electrical machines Vaasa – R&D and model facotory for high power converters Vantaa- Headquarters

22 21 Lappeenrata protects Lake Saimaa & other Waterbodies  Lake Saimaa is an unique inland waterway up to 400 km north from Lappeenranta  Clean waters  Endemic Saimaa Seal protection is important for the whole Finland

23 22  City of Lappeenranta will decrease emissions of carbon dioxide by 30 % by year 2020 form the level of year 1990  Climate Program’s 10 Targets are under execution Lappeenranta Climate Program

24 23 Lappeenranta Climate Program’s 10 Actions 1.More efficient land use decreased household and service structure 2.Carbon Freedom through increased mass transport & cycling: 15 % reduction from the level of year 1990 by 2020 3.Decreased power and heat production emissions of fossil carbon dioxide 4.Reduction of the city’s own energy consumption by 9 % from the level of year 2005 by year 2016 5.Improved energy efficiency of buildings

25 Lappeenranta Climate Program’s 10 Actions 6.Climate aspects into consideration in production and service 7.Sustainable development –programs for the kindergartens and schools 8.City officials and employees climate change training 9.Residents climate change training 10.The need for adaptation to the climate change is recognised in every sector and actions to prevent harmful effects are taken 24

26 25 Environment is Our Shared Concern  Lappeenranta has made significant progress in climate, energy & environmental issues  Lappeenranta has gained experience in polluted soil removal  Lappeenranta will be happy to cooperate on environment protection with its neighbors 25

27 26 Let’s stay in touch Seppo Miettinen Mayor City of Lappeenranta e-mail:

28 27 Welcome to Green Lappeenranta! Добро пожаловать в "зеленую" Лаппеенранту!

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