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Innovative Technical Solutions, LLC Tomorrow’s Innovations Today.

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2 Innovative Technical Solutions, LLC Tomorrow’s Innovations Today

3 U.S. Department Of Energy ITS / USEC Litigation Support With Automation Technology & Knowledge Management

4 Foremost Deployment Automation of Image Capture –Integrated Indexing –High Speed Scanning –Multiple Scanning Solutions Automation of Data Capture –Optical Character Recognition –Production of Tiff, PDF, and DOC Search, Retrieve, Publish Integration with Knowledge Management Auto-categorization Agenda

5 Base Process: Paper Based Review –Find –Pull –Appropriate Reviews ADC, TIO –Release Copy for Litigant Re-file Repeat for next case Litigation Support

6 85-90% search accuracy on first attempt Security (administrative controls) Increase overall efficiency Cost effective Paper Reduction Real Time Retrieval Ease of Search and Retrieval Disaster Recovery “The real treasure is in your data…The only truly safe way to back up your computer data is to keep a copy in a distant location.” The Mossberg Report Smart Money Magazine December 2001 Automation Technology

7 Process

8 Records Processing Flow Chart Litigation Support

9 Automation Technology

10 Automation Technology

11 Automation Technology

12 DoD 5015.2a Certified NRC 2000-18 Compliant DOE STD-4001-2000 Compliant ISO 15489 Compliant Automation Technology

13 Capture Multiple Sources of Records Secure Repository ForeMost Enterprise/TrueArc for Exchange Records Management Business Rules & Standards Paper EDMS Video, Microfilm, CD ROM, Etc… Web Content Mail & E-Mail ITS/Smartlogik Technology Portal Technology Outlook/Exchange Outlook/Exchange Lotus Notes Lotus Notes GroupWise GroupWise Intranet Solutions – Xpedio iManage iManage Video Tapes Video Tapes Fisch Fisch Microfilm Microfilm PhotosPhotos X-raysX-rays DrawingsDrawings MS Office FilesMS Office Files Any Object… Any Object… Documentum Documentum FileNET Panagon FileNET Panagon MS Office MS Office DOCS Open DOCS Open iManage iManage Others….Others…. Paper Paper Folders Folders Boxes Boxes Pallets Pallets

14 Domain Authentication –NT Integrated Security User IDs and Passwords Access Control List (ACL) –Collection, File, Folder, Document, Accession –Grant of Privileges Security Levels –Unclassified to Top Secret (5 levels) –Configurable to 32,000 levels Architectural Security –System Services –Storage Access Advanced Security

15 File Plan Management –Alpha/Block Numeric –Hierarchical Structure –Prefix, Section, File –Case/Subject Files –Folder/Doc Location –File Number Validation –File Restrictions Foremost Enterprise Version 2

16 Systems Management AutoRecords Server Configuration Custom Fields/Labels Global Update Crystal Reports Audit Trails Full Text Indexing Systems Administration Features

17 Paper File Control Manual, Automatic Folder Numbering Control Unlimited Folder Series File/Folder Charge-out and Reports Configurable Folder Label Printing Charge-out Returns, Pass-Along Foremost Enterprise Version 2

18 Web Based Indexing –Location Independence – Internet Explorer –Rapid Development & Deployment –Staged Processing Indexing, Scanning, Filing to EDMS –Database Connectivity Automation Technology

19 Automation Technology

20 Automation Technology

21 X-ray Scanning –Records use –Diagnostic quality capability Automation Technology

22 Multiple Scanner Styles Multiple Interface types Color & Monochrome Color Filtering Automation Technology

23 Customized Migration to Foremost –Pick the data fields necessary –Migrate PDF –OCR multiple font styles –Insert “Hidden” Text to PDF Automation Technology

24 Automation Technology

25 Automation Technology

26 Automation Technology

27 Automation Technology

28 Automation Technology

29 Automation Technology

30 Automation Technology

31 The Publishing Lifecycle Create Transform Assemble Consume Distribute Title Page footer Published Output

32 Automation Technology

33 Automation Technology

34 Automation Technology

35 Automation Technology

36 Publishing Asset Organization

37 Creating a New Publication

38 Publication Outline

39 Assigning Source Documents

40 Transformation

41 Automatic Table of Contents Generation

42 Navigational Aides: Cross References

43 Cross Reference Dialog Box

44 PDF Cross Reference

45 Automatic Cross Reference

46 Navigational Aides: Data Attach

47 Finishing Options: Special Sheets

48 Tab Insertion

49 Multiple Output Mediums

50 Volumization

51 Smartlogik—Infrastructure software that automates the processing of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured information regardless of data source or format and delivers it to users when it is most needed. Smartlogik delivers the right information to the right person at the right time Knowledge Management

52 3 rd Party Content & Web Services Network Storefronts Integration into Shopping and Auctions Procurement Corporate Travel Essential Portal Content Business News & Research Vertical Industry Packages HotJobs Integration Industry Buzz Tracking Instant Messaging eGroups Virtual Conferences E-Learning Webinars Webcasting Tools Strategy Deployment & Integration Adoption & Usability Taxonomy Custom Solutions Commerce Content Communications Consulting Your Solution Portal Software Content & Apps Portal Technology

53 The Problem 80% of business is conducted on unstructured information. Unstructured data doubles every three months. In the American workplace, the average worker spends more than half their day processing documents.

54 The Problem 38% of managers surveyed waste substantial time finding information. 43% of managers think important decisions are delayed from having too much information. 44% of managers believe the cost of collecting information exceeds its value to business.

55 Smartlogik Information Architects The Smartlogik Solution Discovery intranet www email newsfeeds databases video audio Smartlogik Solution Toolbox muscatdiscovery Powerful natural language, probabilistic search engine Highly scalable Dynamic word weighting Concept-based Automatic indexing Includes muscatalert personalised profiling system

56 The Smartlogik Solution muscatdiscovery

57 The Smartlogik Solution Structure intranet www email newsfeeds databases video audio Smartlogik Solution muscatstructure Flexible information categorization solution designed to leverage human insight and expertise Enables intelligent structuring of information tailored to meet unique needs of each organization Automatic categorization of new content Thesauri Enhances user’s ability to find the precise information needed Smartlogik Information Architects

58 The Smartlogik Solution muscatstructure Rule-based architecture combines best of technology and human expertise

59 The Smartlogik Solution Discovery intranet www email newsfeeds databases video audio Smartlogik Solution Toolbox muscattoolbox Smartlogik’s suite of connectivity tools enabling: integration of Smartlogik technologies with other applications, incorporation of non-English languages interfacing with multiple data sources. Smartlogik Information Architects

60 The Smartlogik Solution StructureDiscovery intranet www email newsfeeds databases video audio Smartlogik Solution Smartlogik’s Information Architects Information Architects Provide the crucial ingredient – human insight and expertise Help customers design their entire information retrieval needs Build the customised taxonomies that create real competitive advantage.

61 StructureDiscovery intranet www email newsfeeds databases video audio Knowledge Management Toolbox Smartlogik Information Architects Solutions

62 What makes us different? Flexible/Open Architecture- Can be easily integrated into the existing corporate infrastructure and is highly scalable Automated, Rule-based Categorization- Allows for more accurate, precise categorization of pertinent information with less maintenance. Guided Information Retrieval- Real Time/On screen help, to assist users in the location and retrieval of required information. Advantages The ITS/ Smartlogik Solution

63 Thanks You For Pursuing Excellence

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