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2 Modern Art in the Philippines
It has evolved into wide variety of expressions and medium turning the country into a situation of creative upheavals. It is a search for a new. It is doing what no one has done before.

3 Modern Art in the Philippines
The modern Filipino has more freedom to explore on his own. The most interesting works of our contemporary artist show his love for country and evolving culture. His style is from cross-cultural exposures in the Eastern and Western world yet he has not forgotten his Filipino roots.

4 Modern Art in the Philippines
The forms maybe universal but the content is local. Many artist use color for their emotional rather than intellectual values.

5 Some Philippine Artists
Jose T. Joya Vicente Manansala Napoleon Abueva Carlos “Botong” Francisco Mauro Malang Santos Hernando R. Ocampo Prudencio L. Lamarrosa

6 Jose T. Joya National Artist, Visual Arts, 2003
Foremost Filipino Abstract painter He said “ Its useless to try to make out familiar objects in my paintings”. How he paints is, “I squeeze my paint tubes directly throw my paints is calculated gestures, swirl my loaded brushes, slash my paint paste with spatula and hurl it on my canvass in a wild attempt to depict the on-rushing tempo of the present jet-age modernity.

7 Vicente Manansala National Artist, Visual Arts, 1981
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread He invested each human figure with inner fortitude, making each one a stoic figure of human dignity.

8 Napoleon Abueva National Artist, Sculpture, 1976
Foremost modern sculptor today He produced towering abstract in metal , steel and wood. Allegorical Harpoon Its memorable, swivel piece pegged to its rifle-shaped horizontal torso, impresses with its elegant but enigmatic appearance.

9 Carlos “Botong” Francisco
National Artist, Sculpture, 1973 Foremost Filipino Muralist He contributed towards developing a Filipino imagery drawing inspiration from customs and traditions of the people. He used the people of Angono, where he lived, as models for his paintings of heroes and legends and characters of our myths.

10 Mauro Malang Santos He shows highly original approach to figurative paintings. A large plant stands in the midst of the urban landscape.

11 Hernando R. Ocampo National Artist, Visual Arts, 1991
As a neorealist, he aimed to de-emphasize a life-like representation with the natural world. He was interested in how shapes, values, textures and lines interact with the one another in space rather than in capturing a realistic semblance of nature.

12 Prudencio L. Lamarrosa Amburayan Princess is an example of Lamarrosa’s intellectual approach to paintings. He is different from the artist of his generation because of his intellectual detachment amid all the-ill effects of technology on the world environment.

13 Roberto Rodriguez Chabet
Shanghai is only work that does not have a drop of paint on the surface. It is an assemblage. His guiding principles are traceable to cubism and dadaism. From cubism has come the emphasis on art as concept rather than skill. From Dadaism has come the delight in ready-made objects as part of the artistic activity.

14 Ibarra de la Rosa Intramuros creates a symphony of colors.
The subject gives him the basic pattern that allows him to see the effect of different color combinations-how essentially the same scene could bring out a different mood, an ever changing feeling.


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