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Centers and Members Day 05 December 2005 Annual General Meeting 2005 Marrakech, Morocco.

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1 Centers and Members Day 05 December 2005 Annual General Meeting 2005 Marrakech, Morocco

2 The Alliance of Future Harvest Centers Convergence and Collective Action for the CGIAR William D. Dar Chair, Alliance Executive and Director General, ICRISAT

3 This presentation Context of collective action Milestones of the Alliance Alliance members in collective action Continuing challenges

4 Reforms in the CGIAR CGIAR has undergone unprecedented reforms: a re-focused vision and mission streamlined governance strengthened scientific advice coordinated central support elevated program profile Centers are committed to play a proactive and constructive role

5 The Future Harvest Alliance Formal alliance of 15 CGIAR Centers Built on existing governance mechanisms Aims to enhance effectiveness and efficiency without bureaucracy Operates at minimal cost Instrument of reform in the CGIAR

6 Imperative for collective action Focus partners on new priorities Focus on innovative systems and impact One authoritative voice on global issues Support for institutional learning and synergy Cost efficiency in services Reduce tensions

7 Benefits of collective action More focused programs Responsive to more opportunities Streamlined access to the Centers More effective application of global public goods Lower transaction costs

8 Built on existing CGIAR practices Informed by a new vision Principles and Procedures of collaboration established Guided by the Alliance Board and managed by the Alliance Executive Supported by the Future Harvest Alliance Office Collective action framework

9 Milestones of the Alliance

10 Milestones at AGM04 Alliance created by CBC and CDC Guiding principles declaring Alliance’s allegiance is first and foremost to the poor Alliance Executive (AE) transformed from CDC

11 Principles and Procedures (P&P) P&P a roadmap for decision-making, collective action of Centers Draft document discussed by Centers and reviewed by the World Bank Chairs and DGs will approve in principle; Boards will review and approve final draft Ask CG members to include approved version in CGIAR Charter Milestones in 2005

12 Joint Medium Term Plans with partners Developing joint MTPs for sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) ILRI and ASARECA lead in Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) WARDA and CORAF lead in Western and Central Africa (WCA) MTPs will serve as vehicles for CGIAR program alignments in SSA Milestones in 2005

13 Quarterly newsletter and diary for 2006 Input to SC’s research priorities and SC’s comments on Center MTPs Assessment report on SWEPs Workshop on public-private sector agricultural research (jointly with CGIAR’s Private Sector Committee and Secretariat) Milestones in 2005

14 Rapid adoption of common policies on GMOs and Center germplasm collections Orientation program for new Board members Grievance and conflict resolution mechanism for Centers drafted Milestones in 2005

15 Alliance members in collective action

16 New CGIAR Intranet (CGXchange) To be launched during AGM05 Access to information resources of CGIAR and unique tools for seamless global collaboration

17 Gender and diversity Centers’ gender and diversity associates (GDAs) met in Bogor, Indonesia CGIAR Gender and Diversity Program GDAs assessed progress on gender and diversity goals and planned future

18 CIAT: Biofortification for the poor Collaboration to improve human nutrition of the poor Major health and productivity benefits for women and children Centro InternacionaI de Agricultura Tropical (With CIMMYT, CIP and 10 partners from Latin America)

19 Media campaign on floods, deforestation and forest-based livelihoods 50 stories released by leading media and key non-English publications CIFOR: Creating environmental awareness Center for International Forestry Research (With ICRAF, IWMI and FAO)

20 Selection for synchrony in flowering under controlled drought stress 45,000 tons of seed of stress-tolerant maize varieties for Africa Average yield gains of 15- 20% in Eastern and Southern Africa CIMMYT: Stress breeding for maize International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (With CGIAR Centers and national partners)

21 Making sweet potato more edible for pigs Combination of ensilaging and feed supplements;doubles production Great impact on livelihoods in Vietnam Extended to Indonesia, China and India CIP: Sweet potato for pigs Centro Internacional de la Papa (With ILRI and national partners)

22 Rebuilt seed systems and key agricultural stations Germplasm collection Capacity building ICARDA: Rebuilding agriculture in Afghanistan International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (With CIAT, CIMMYT, CIP, ICRISAT, IFPRI, ILRI, IPGRI and IWMI) Consortium to Rebuild Agriculture in Afghanistan:

23 2.5 million hectares of Brazilian forest not converted to pastures Pro-poor policies to avoid conflicts and environmental degradation ICRAF: Alternative to slash and burn Alternative to Slash and Burn World Agroforestry Centre (With CGIAR Centers and national partners)

24 ICRISAT: Promoting ‘Healing Wounds’ Media dialogue on CGIAR’s Healing Wounds Healing Wounds helps rehabilitate livelihoods of tsunami survivors in Asia and countries affected by conflicts International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (With CIMMYT, CIP, ILRI, IRRI and IWMI)

25 IFPRI: Exploring partnerships Research on public-private partnerships for more impact on poverty reduction, food security and agricultural development Launched research and organized workshops* International Food Policy Research Institute (* With ICRISAT in India ) Coordination of GOAFU

26 IITA: Public awareness of mycotoxin Communication campaign with partners on the dangers of mycotoxin Reached about 10 million people in Ghana, Togo and Benin Innovative technologies to manage mycotoxins* International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (*Developed with CIMMYT and ICRISAT )

27 ILRI: Empowering women as household providers Northern Nigerian women provided with cowpea and sorghum varieties for their goats and families during the dry season Women’s goat- rearing groups are growing exponentially International Livestock Research Institute (With IITA and the Systemwide Livestock Program)

28 IPGRI: Higher profile for animal and fish genetic resources System-wide Genetic Resources Program: Meeting to give farm animal and fish genetic resources a higher profile Inputs on Center agreements with the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture and standard Material Transfer Agreement International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (With CGIAR Centers)

29 IRRI: Harnessing ICT to meet people’s needs The Rice Knowledge Bank: 3 million hits in 2005 and 13 country sites Premier source of rice-related training and extension material Proposal for Cereal Knowledge Bank with CIMMYT International Rice Research Institute

30 CGIAR Consortium of Spatial Information: IWMI: Consortium on spatial information International Water Management Institute Data management & coordination, geographic dimension of crop varieties, impact assessment, natural resource degradation, integration & capacity building and poverty mapping.

31 Benin: 6% increase in school enrolment; 2% reduction in child sickness Uganda: New cash crop supports education Guinea: Area planted to NERICA increased by 50% between 2002- 2003 WARDA: From rice to riches New Rice for Africa (NERICA): Africa Rice Center (With CGIAR Centers and national partners)

32 Addresses root causes of vulnerability Ensures that communities attain better situations than before the tsunami WorldFish: Rebuilding better lives after the tsunami WorldFish Center Consortium to Restore Shattered Livelihoods of Communities in Tsunami Affected Nations: (With CGIAR Centers and national partners)

33 Challenges and concerns

34 Continuing challenges 1.Institutional learning 2.Collective versus independent action 3.Recognition and incentives 4.Performance measurement 5.Leadership and executive capacity 6.Conflict resolution

35 1.Costs of the Alliance Office 2.Buy-in of the Alliance by Centers and CG members 3.Governance of the Alliance Board over the Alliance 4.Cost and benefits of the Alliance Other concerns

36 The Alliance is a proactive force to help reform the CGIAR Broad support needed for the Alliance’s success Conclusion

37 ICRISAT is humbled to have served the Alliance! Chair, AB Uzo Mokwunye Board Chair Chair, CDDC Dyno Keatinge DDG-Research Chair, AE William Dar DG

38 Thank you The Alliance’s allegiance is first and foremost to the poor

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