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Case Study – Gamification in Referral Sourcing

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1 Case Study – Gamification in Referral Sourcing
Puneet Kumra, Capgemini

2 Our Aim Transparency - Build faith in the employee referral program
Create a buzz in the system and kill the monotony of ER program Better Employee Engagement Increase in ER Program Awareness Cost Effectiveness – Referral cost of hiring is much lower as compared to vendor channel Better offer to Joinee conversion Increased utilization of referral channel

3 Gamification GAMIFICATION:
On the lines of major football and cricket leagues Referring competition between Individuals/Teams basis a point based system This was 3 month pilot program in Capgemini’s Financial Services Business Unit GROWTH ENABLER: Sharing of fulfillment responsibility with employees A sense of healthy competition between individuals lead to an increased motivation to participate in such program Rewards over and above the entitled referral bonus

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5 Framework

6 Events and Promotions

7 Dashboard

8 Inward Gamification All the referrals coming in would have been of no use if the recruiters and sourcers were not processing them fast There were schemes launched within recruitment & sourcing teams at Weekly / Monthly / League Level Top Sourcers Top Recruiters Sourcing Leads Recruiting Leads

9 Improvement Category RPL 1.0 RPL 2.0 (vs. RPL 1.0) (vs. Pre RPL)
Total Referrals 145% 130% 460% Avg. Referrals Per Day 146% 128% 465% Offers 117% 298% 767% Joinees 161% 138% 524% Employee Participation 81% 48% 169% Referral Usage 67% 40% 133%


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