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UK2India © Export & Competitiveness Development Program With British Chamber of Commerce © Dr Rajesh Khajuria, Director TEAMPro Limited, London

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1 UK2India © Export & Competitiveness Development Program With British Chamber of Commerce © Dr Rajesh Khajuria, Director TEAMPro Limited, London 28 October 2005

2 TEAMPro Limited London2 Presentation Plan 1.SME Priorities………………..What? 2.UK–India Business Potential…Think? 3.Credibility of TEAM………… How? Case Study 1 4.The TEAM…………………… Who? Case Study 2 and 3 5.Moving On…and On………… When? Possibilities of Growth? Sources of Help UK2India

3 TEAMPro Limited London3 1. UK SME Priorities  To Enable UK SMEs – – Raise Exports to India – Offer Technologies to Indian SMEs – Cut Operational Costs in Britain – Invite Inward Investment from India – Boost Profitability – Increase Long Term Viability and Growth of SMEs in this high cost economy marked by falling manufacturing and rising service sectors. UK2India

4 TEAMPro Limited London4 UKTI 2005/06 Focus - India 1.Aerospace (Civil) 2.Automotive 3.Agri-business (incl. Food & Drink) 4.Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals 5.Construction (incl. Sports & Leisure Infrastructure) 6.Creative & Media 7.Education, Skills & Leisure 8.Engineering (incl. Mining, Metals & Metallurgical Process Industries) 9. Environment 10. Financial & Legal Services 11. Healthcare & Medical 12. ICT - Software/Computer Services & Residual Electronics and Communications 13. Oil & Gas (incl. Petro & Non-petrochemicals) 14. Power 15. Transport (incl. Airports, Ports, Railways and Security) 16. Water UK2India

5 TEAMPro Limited London5 India SME Priorities  Offer Quality British Goods and Services to large Indian Market for fast consumption.  Get the Latest Technologies in Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Environment and Services.  Set up Collaborations and JVs (Inward and Outward Investment in India and UK due to 1 million Indian Diaspora living in UK).  Sell in India and Export to UK and Globally (easier through JVs).  Offer BPO and IT Services at Competitive Costs. UK2India

6 TEAMPro Limited London6 2. UK - India Business Potential  19 th Business Outlook Survey of Indian SMEs in August 2005 reveals about 85%+ businesses expecting rise in investment, sales, orders and employment up to 24% this year.  Medium Enterprises will now be separately treated and encouraged. – TEAM approved by State Bank of India for MEs.  115 / 135 sectors registered growth of 0-20% in April- June 2005 over last year.  India’s Import from West Europe grew by 27% (weight 22%), but from UK only by 3.7% (weight 3.2% in total imports) in 2004-05. UK2India

7 TEAMPro Limited London7 India’s Top 5 Trade Sectors and Destinations  India’s top 5 Imports are Gems, Machinery, Petroleum, Electricals and Gold.  Top 5 Import Destinations: USA, UAE, China, UK (5%), Singapore.  India’s top 5 Exports are Transport Equipment, Drugs / Pharma / Chem, Gems / Jewellery, Petroleum Products.  Top 5 Export Destinations: Switzerland, China, USA, Belgium, Germany. – UK (3%). UK2India

8 TEAMPro Limited London8 Challenge to Reach 4m SMEs  Published Reports and Market Research are good to start with, but not enough to conclude successful business, deals, Collaborations or Joint Ventures.  Political and Chambers’ contacts are generally at higher level and limited to Seminars, leaving ‘gaps’ in reaching 4 million I-SMEs by U-SMEs, and Vice Versa. – (I = India, U – UK). UK2India

9 TEAMPro Limited London9 Culture and Insight Boost Business  Cultural, Business and Behavioural differences act perhaps as the most significant barriers.  Insight in Indian Business Psych and Credible Contacts with Indian SMEs / Banks / Consultants / Universities / Markets are not easy to get in Britain. – That’s why India, despite its largest potential and English speaking population, remains 15 th largest Trading Partner of UK. Exports can be boosted. – But UK is 4 th largest Trading Partner of India! UK2India

10 TEAMPro Limited London10 I to U, U to I?  I million Indians live in UK.  436 Indian Co.s in UK, 336 in IT alone!  UK–India two way trade was £ 4.5 billion (50:50) in 2004, and includes 25% Services.  UK is the 3rd biggest inward investor in India (9.5%), ahead of any European nation.  But yearly growth rate in Bilateral Trade is low at 3.7% in Goods and 4.7% in Services. – This growth rate can be doubled to match India’s 7% GDP Growth by focussing on SMEs capacity building in Management, Development & Export. EMD Program of ITC-Geneva is suggested. UK2India

11 TEAMPro Limited London11 3. Credibility of TEAM in India  Set up in Baroda (Vadodara), Gujarat State, India in 1983 as TEAM Projects & Consultants.  1983-1987: Approved on Panel of Consultants of largest Indian Banks and Financial Institutions (IDBI, State Bank of India, Central Bank of India, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Science & Technology etc).  Member of Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) India since 1985, Awarded ‘Fellow’ in 1995. UK2India

12 TEAMPro Limited London12 Experience of TEAM in India  Advised over 200 Projects (80% SMEs) in diverse sectors on Techno-economic Feasibility / Viability, Funding, Collaborations etc in 23 years with 95% success and 99.9% recovery of loans.  Facilitated USD 10 billion total investments, another USD 10 billion in pipeline in India.  Advised several Banks and Government organisations on Business and Funding.  Advised Businesses in Western, Northern, Central, Eastern and Southern India’s 15 States including 20 major cities of India. UK2India

13 TEAMPro Limited London13 Case Study 1: Jayant Agro- Organics Ltd  2003 & 2005: Advised a consortium of four banks led by Central Bank of India and State Bank of India through Techno-economic Viability studies for takeover, expansion and innovation of Jayant Agro-Organics Ltd (ISO: 9001) and subsidiary Ihsedu Agro-Chem Pvt Ltd, and raised total £ 5 million loans for this Caster Oil and Derivatives manufacturer with 20% Global market share.  Now advising the company to set up a UK Office and raise cheaper funding, as it already exports to 50 countries including UK and Europe. UK2India

14 TEAMPro Limited London14 Expertise of TEAM  Concept to Commissioning and Operational Management Advice: – Vision, Mission and Motivation to Grow – Strategic Planning to Project Execution – Facilitating Business: Partner Selection to Coaching / Training to entering into Deals – Fund-raising for Working Capital, Term Loans and Equities from Indian and UK Banks – Team building, Identifying key managerial staff – E-Trade for SMEs and Export-Import UK2India

15 TEAMPro Limited London15 Case Study 2: ITC-WTO-UNCTAD, Geneva  2002-2003: Set up two B2B Exchanges, recognised by Swedish Trade Promotion Council and 11 European Nations.  2002: International Trade Centre, Geneva with India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) and Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), Chennai invited me to conduct first ‘E-Trade for SMEs’ program.  2005: Working with ITC, Geneva to conduct Enterprise Management Development (EMD) program for SMEs, and Service Sector Exports. UK2India

16 TEAMPro Limited London16 Case Study 3: Marvel Water World  1997: Constructed India’s first Waterpark on a 60 feet high hillock at Udaipur (Rajasthan) from concept to commissioning and operational management on a turnkey basis to WWA-USA’s safety standards. – Saved 30% in Project Cost for clients. – Facilitated Technical cooperation with Design and Equipment companies from USA, Singapore, Australia etc  1998: Sponsored by Trade Development Board, Singapore Government to address a Conference of Amusement Industry. The event was attended by professionals and businesspersons from 40 countries.  2002: Invited by IAAPI, India to act as a Judge for Safety Standards of Water/Amusement Parks. UK2India

17 TEAMPro Limited London17 4. Why TEAM?  25 years Insight into Indian SMEs, Mid-Corporates and Infrastructure in diverse sectors from Amusement to Auto Parts, Banking & Finance, Chemicals, Construction Materials, Creative Crafts, Dams, Diamonds, eBusiness/eTrade for SMEs, Electricals, Energy, Environment, Engineering, Equipment, Food, ICT, Industrial Machinery & Spares, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Solar, Textiles, Tourism/Hotel, University Education, Water Management, Wind Power, etc… – Almost covering majority of vital Sectors. UK2India

18 TEAMPro Limited London18 Why TEAM?  Access to 500 highly credible Consultant Members of IMCI, and 2,500 Technical Consultants of CDC, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India: – Institute of Management Consultants of India, 1985. – Consultancy Development Centre, 1986.  Can help bring and deliver EMD Program of ITC-Geneva to develop SMEs and Advisors’ eTrade capabilities in UK. UK2India

19 TEAMPro Limited London19 Why TEAM?  Approved by largest Banks and Financial Institutions in India, and some in UK.  We understand Indian Business and Culture.  Contacts at Micro to Macro level in India: – Private SMEs Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Banks, State and Central Governments to facilitate Business Deals, Collaborations and JVs in interest areas.  Highly Qualified and experienced Team of Consultants and Advisors in India and London.. UK2India

20 TEAMPro Limited London20 The TEAM  Dr Rajesh Khajuria, Director, TEAMPro Limited, London – BBA, MBA (Finance), PhD (Management), CMC, FIMC, MIoD (London). – 25 years experience in Manufacturing, Consulting and Higher Education (Head to Vice Chancellor). CMC recognised in 37 countries including UK. – CEO, TEAM Projects & Consultants, India, 1983. – Expert on ‘E-Trade for SMEs’ Program of ITC- WTO-UNCTAD, Geneva. – Available in London. UK2India

21 TEAMPro Limited London21 The TEAM  Mr Sunilkumar Vaghani – Secretary, UK2India in UK and TEAMPro Limited – MD, Mega Trading & Services Ltd, London – B Com, CA (II), based in London. – Consultant for Exports, Logistics and Mega Projects & Machinery in various sectors. – 25 years experience in UK, Europe and Africa, various countries. – Arabic speaking. UK2India

22 TEAMPro Limited London22 TEAM Advisors  Prof Prem Sharda, Director – UK2India in India – Former Vice Chancellor (March 2005), VN South Gujarat University, Surat, Gujarat State, India. – MBA (Marketing), SME owner, Chamber President, Current Chairman of Industry Taskforce for SME diversification and growth. – Standing (Managing) Committee Member, Association of Indian Universities (AIU), New Delhi (300 Universities as members of AIU). UK2India

23 TEAMPro Limited London23 TEAM Consultants  Ram Patwardhan, former Technical Consultant, State Bank of India, Head Office, Mumbai, and Gujarat – B Tech (IIT Mumbai), 30 Years experience in advising 500 companies, 80% SMEs.  About 30 Highly Qualified and experienced Associate Consultants in India drawn on Project / Assignment basis. UK2India

24 TEAMPro Limited London24 5. Moving On…  How shall we begin to work together?  At Chamber Level: – Defining the Current Needs of UK SMEs. – Research to identify Firm-specific Needs. – Giving Insights and Contacts in Indian SMEs. – Advising on building a dynamic Website on UK-India SME level Partnerships, at low cost, part-sponsored by Technocraft Group of India, UK, Germany and USA. – Training UK – India SMEs on Business Culture. – Hand-holding Program for UK-India SMEs. UK2India

25 TEAMPro Limited London25 5. Moving On…  At SME Level: – Partnership facilitation on One-to-One basis. – Consulting: Strategic, Funding and Operational Management assistance. – Banking and Loans facilitation in India and UK. – All these through British Chamber of Commerce.  Starting with a Pilot Program... UK2India

26 TEAMPro Limited London26 Moving On…and On…  How shall we evaluate results? – Program Evaluation in UK and India – Periodic Evaluation in UK  How shall we move beyond ‘business’? – Addressing Needs of UK SMEs – Doing Business with Indian SMEs – Forming Friendship with Indian SMEs – Getting further Business and Investment – Strengthening Relationships for better Business. UK2India

27 TEAMPro Limited London27 Possibilities?  UK Export to India: £ 5b in 2010, £ 10b in 2015 – Doubling past 50 years performance in next 5 years. – Mainly Industrial: Technology, Machinery, Biotech/Pharma, Energy Equipment, Environmental, Financial, Services…High value added.  India Export to UK: – Equal amount. – Mainly Business, Ancillary and Consumer: IT, BPO, Spare Parts, Processed-Food, Clothing, Automotive, Jewellery, Medical, Health, R & D, Highly Skilled Manpower…  Bilateral Trade: £ 10b in 2010, £ 20 b in 2015. UK2India

28 TEAMPro Limited London28 Sources of Help  British Chamber of Commerce  Institute of Directors (IoD), London  UKTI / DTI, UK  WPUK, Home Office  British High Commission in India  Indian High Commission in UK  Companies House, London  Think London Initiative, London  London Development Agency (LDA) and other RDAs  ITC-WTO-UNCTAD, Geneva  India Trade Promotion Organisation, New Delhi  STPI, Chennai and all over India UK2India

29 TEAMPro Limited London29 Sources of Help  State Bank of India, London and India  Central Bank of India, Union Bank of India  ICICI BANK, London and India  HDFC BANK, India  CII and FIICI, India  Indo-British Partnership, India  Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce, Surat, India  VN South Gujarat University, Surat, India  1,000 further sources available… UK2India

30 Thank You! We are here to assist UK Business do business with fast growing India Your Participation is Invited! UK2India

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