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KODAK 9000C 3D Extraoral Imaging System

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1 KODAK 9000C 3D Extraoral Imaging System

2 Introducing the new KODAK 9000C Extraoral Imaging System

3 Kodak 9000C Panoramic – 3D and Cephalometric Imaging System
The Best Solution to address the needs of general practitioners and orthodontists One Shot cephalometric imaging Unique range of image formats Automatic Tracing Module Easy and simple to use High-end panoramic unit

4 Kodak 9000C « One Shot » Cephalometric Imaging
First direct digital cephalometric system Exposure in a single shot Capture in a fraction of seconds Reduction of the risk of blurred images Patient comfort improvement

5 Kodak 9000C - Unique range of cephalometric formats
Full Skull CHILD: 24x24 cm (10 x 10 in.) Half Skull ADULT: 24x30 cm (10 x 12 in.) Half Skull CHILD: 18x24 cm (8 x 10 in.) Specific Low Dose: 18x18 cm (8 x 8 in.) Full Skull ADULT: 30x30 cm (12 x 12 in.)

6 Kodak 9000C - Variety of cephalometric programs
Lateral Frontal (AP/PA) Oblique Submento-vertex Carpus

7 Kodak 9000C Extraoral Imaging System
PAN Two built-in CCD digital sensors: Panoramic Cephalometric No worries No additional cost at purchase No handling of the sensor No risk to damage the sensors No loss of time for the operator CEPH

8 Kodak 9000C - Compact « One Shot » Design
New One Shot system with reduced footprints => Fits into a 2.23 m-width-room 2,23 m (86.6 in)

9 Kodak 9000C - Unique Automatic Landmark Recognition
Thanks to the Automatic Landmark Recognition application Allowing… time savings for identification of basic landmarks instant display of “ready for analysis & diagnosis”images.

10 Kodak 9000C - Easy integration
The same imaging software is used for all Kodak digital imaging systems KODAK 8000 / 8000C KODAK 9000C Digital Panoramic and Cephalometric System

11 Kodak 9000C - Face to face positioning
Direct contact with the patient Constant control of the situation Reinforced patient communication The patient is not stressed

12 Kodak 9000C - Wheel chair access
Standard wheel chairs can access the unit Exam can be performed on most disable patients

13 Kodak 9000C - User friendly graphic interface
Fast learning curve for operators Limited risk of making mistakes

14 Kodak 9000C - Easy control panel
Just key functions to easily understand and operate the system Clear representation A display screen provides messages and reminds the current exam settings

15 Kodak 9000 – A True High End Panoramic System

16 Kodak 9000C - Total flexibility
Multiple programs Standard panoramic Segmented panoramic Maxillary sinus TMJ x2 or x4 LA Panoramic (adult and child) TMJ 4 lateral views TMJ 4 lateral views Segmented panoramic Maxillary sinus

17 Kodak 9000C - Total flexibility
Anatomic programs Variable focal trough that allows anatomical selection according to patient morphology ‘U’, ‘V’ or Square shape of the jaw Large, medium or small size of the jaw Incisors tilt standard, inward or outward Small Medium Large

18 Kodak 9000C - Easy patient positioning
Two positioning laser beams: Horizontal for Frankfurt plan Vertical for Sagittal plan

19 Kodak 9000C - Panoramic features – Lateral holders
New lateral holders More ergonomic Keep the head stable Invisible in the image

20 Kodak 9000C –3D 3D benefits

21 The new Kodak 9000C 3D presentation
We initiate a new era for extra- oral systems: An affordable 3D solution 3D exam now for everyone Easy to use everyday A true high-end panoramic unit The best Ceph technology: One-shot

22 Kodak 9000 3D - 3 built-in sensors
Kodak 9000C 3D integrates three modalities: Panoramic Cephalometry 3D (DVT = Digital Volumetric Tomography)

23 Kodak 9000 3D - No sensor handling
The system positions automatically the right sensor There is no risk of dropping the sensor on the floor Sensors are always “stored” in secured conditions

24 Kodak 9000 3D - 3D benefits for ortho
Most important concerns where 3D can be more than useful: Impacted canines Micro-implants Wisdom teeth Other cases where 3D can be used: Complicated root case Suspicion of endodontic pathology Endodontic surgery case Post operating checkup

25 Kodak 9000C 3D – Expanding Care & Expanding Services
Allow you to perform a wider range of diagnoses and treatments in your office. Reduces multiple visits and rescheduling Saving of time and money for you and your patients. Improvement in your care and services.

26 Kodak 9000 3D - 3D features – Acquisition
Capture 50x37 mm FOV For fine details (endodontics) For viewing enough dental structures (single implants) Slice thickness 76 microns

27 Kodak 9000 3D - 3D features – Positioning of the FOV
The positioning is made easy thanks to the 50mm diameter field of view! Positioning of the area of interest Automatic with the virtual arch on the GUI Vertical alignment check Pre shoot mode

28 Kodak 9000 3D - 3D software features
Among hundreds of fancy features directly inherited from medical or industrial scanning applications: Measurements (segments, angles) Multi planar review 3D volume review Curved plane slicing and orthogonal views Thick slices



31 Kodak 9000C 3D – Technical Specifications

32 KODAK 9000 3D – Unit overview Face to face positioning
Direct contact with the patient Constant control of the situation Reinforced patient communication Reduction of the feeling of entrapment. The patient is not stressed

33 KODAK 9000 3D – Unit overview Main features : Full Ethernet connection
Fast Ethernet connection for quick and secured image transfer Easy installation Long distance possible between the unit and the host computer Point to Point protocol for optimum safety

34 KODAK 9000 3D – Unit overview 3D features – Patient positioning
Two positioning laser beams: Vertical for Sagittal plan Sensor height line for vertical centring of the area of interest In manual mode: Laser spot that indicates the centre of the area of interest

35 KODAK 9000 3D – Unit overview 3D volume sides
A = Anterior P = Posterior L = Left R = Right H = Head F = Foot A

36 K9000C 3D -Technical Specifications
Tube voltage kV (max) Tube current mA (max) Frequency 140 kHz (max) Tube focal spot 0.5 mm (IEC 336) Total filtration > 2.5 mm eq. Al Ceph Modality Technology One Shot Sensor technology CCD sensor with optical fiber Gray scale bits Magnification 1.15 Exposure time 0.1 to 3.2 sec. Cephalometric exam options Lateral Oblique Frontal (AP / PA) Submento-vertex Carpus Cephalometric formats 18 X x x x x 30 Panoramic Modality Sensor technology CCD Optical fibre sensor Gray scale 16384 (14 bits) Magnification 1.27 Exposure time Adult pan sec. Pediatric pan sec. Programs 12 anatomical settings Radiological exam options • Panoramic • Segmented panoramic • Maxillary sinus • LA TMJ x2 • LA TMJ x4 Input voltage • V - 50/60 Hz • V - 50/60 Hz Weight 185 kg

37 K9000C 3D - Technical Specifications

38 ©Carestream Health, Inc., 2007.
“Kodak” and the Kodak trade dress are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company used under license.

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