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ROMANIA A Strategic Choice

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1 ROMANIA A Strategic Choice

2 Romania at a glance Economic & political stability
EU membership: gateway to a 500 million consumers market Second largest country in CEE and the largest in SEE offering significant market potential in terms of size (the 9th in EU28) and population (the 7th in EU28), Geo-strategic location, at the crossroads of three great markets: the European Union, the CIS states and the Middle East

3 Potential For Growth GDP 2013: 3.5% - the highest in EU 2013
GDP Growth Rate Source: Eurostat; National Institute of Statistics

4 Investors' top two demands: safety for their investments and a large domestic market.

5 Source: National Bank of Romania
Inward FDI Flows 2013 Czech Republic 3760 Romania 2712 Hungary 1768 Bulgaria 1092 Serbia 779 Slovakia 445 Croatia 437 Poland¹ 900 Annual Inward FDI Source: National Bank of Romania Source: Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies; PAIIZ Poland, First 8 months of 2014: EUR 1,4 mill. Stock: EUR 60 bill. (1990 – 2013)

6 FDI by Field of Activity
Source: National Bank of Romania

7 Source: National Bank of Romania
FDI in Manufacturing Source: National Bank of Romania

8 Top 10 Investing Countries Source: National Bank of Romania
(mill. euro) 1.Netherlands 24.4% 14,624 2. Austria 19.1% 11,438 3.Germany 11.2% 6,744 4.France 7.6% 4,568 5.Italy 4.7% 2,816 Source: National Bank of Romania 6.Cyprus 4.5% 2,677 7.Switzerland 3.2% 1,942 8.Greece 3.2% 1,935 9.Luxemburg 2.8% 1,694 10.Belgium 2.5% 1,493

9 Investment Opportunities Key sectors
Automotive & car components production Aerospace Wood industry Energy and renewable energy Tourism IT & C Infrastructure Agriculture Food industry Pharmaceuticals Chemicals Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) Natural resources

10 Investment Support Total investment amount: over 3 billion Euro
STATE AID STATE AID Total investment amount: over 3 billion Euro Approved state aid: over 800 million Euro (automotive sector: almost 400 million Euro (around 45%) 1. G.D. 332/2014 – Scheme budget: RON 2,700 mill. (the equivalent of EUR 600 mill.) Project eligibility: Investment that would generate within maximum 3 years from the completion of the investment the creation of minimum 10 new jobs 2. G.D. 807/2014 – Project eligibility: Investment in tangible and intangible assets of minimum 10 mill. EUR

11 Department for Infrastructure Projects, Foreign Investment,
Public Private Partnership and Export Promotion Phone: Fax: Web:

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