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REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY HR Community Workday Project Update November 29, 2012.

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1 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY HR Community Workday Project Update November 29, 2012

2 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY Agenda Introductions of New Staff Announcements –Division Winter Gathering: 12/14/2012 Moakley House –Winter Employee Celebration: 1/19/2013 Ramin Room, Bartels Workday Vision and Workday Project Overview –What Changing the Date Means Campus Readiness Training and End User Support Reporting Communication Policy Changes Demo (if tenant available) Questions and Wrap-up

3 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY Why Workday? Why Now? Three factors drive change to HR/Payroll Systems: Workforce 2020 Rethinking talent management Massive shift to the cloud

4 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY Massive shift to the Cloud People-centric consumer-grade systems—that also do core HR and payroll—are rapidly replacing inward-facing back-office payroll systems.

5 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY Rethinking Talent Management To be strategic about how (and from where) they attract, build, and develop their talent, organizations are striving to understand their peoples’ talents and aspirations.

6 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY Workforce 2020 The workforce of the future is more social, collaborative, and mobile: employees expect to access real-time, relevant information, and connect with people around the globe with a consumer grade experience - a major challenge for HR.

7 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY Changing the Way People Work PEOPLE must interact with PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY different from ever before, and organizations must begin to change the way people work.

8 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY Driving Forces/Project Goals  Community members have real time information at their desktops (access to data);  Effort is shifted from administrative/data entry to enhanced support (less transaction time);  Policies and procedures are standardized, yet flexible (aligned processes);  One common system that integrates w/other systems (aligned systems).

9 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY Go-live Readiness Questions Is Workday Ready?Is CU Technology Ready?Is Campus Ready?

10 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY Plan Project Timeline Initial Prototype Project Decisions Campus Reviews Deploy Core Functionality Build Test Campus Improvements System Enhancements Post Go-Live Design We Are Here Campus Testing Project Team Testing Testing Prototype Checkpoints

11 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY Workday Go-live Options On a payroll quarter end –End of March, June, October, December –Quarterly tax reporting to government agencies Issues considered –Impact on other Cornell processes, i.e. budget –Additional scope required –Transaction volumes –Project costs and momentum –Cornell’s relationship with Workday Inc. –Others…

12 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY What Changing the Date Means 1.Campus Readiness 2.Training and End User Support 3.Reporting 4.Communications 5.Policy Changes

13 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY Campus Readiness Staged approach for initiator role The Impact on your college/unit Mapping the business processes

14 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY Training: what is happening? Training pilot: December 2012 Hands-on training for assigned roles: January until after go-live Training for functional areas

15 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY End-User Support View access Rolls out at go-live Employees Managers Assigned roles 4-tiered support Website: FAQs, tutorials, CIT help desk Campus training liaisons Central command center 2 nd -level Workday tech support Open-lab sessions and Workday Work-through your questions with support from project team and colleagues Use help text, quick links, warnings, and TO-DOs

16 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY Reporting Supervisors & Admin Managers will have more access to data Robust reports / analytics that are actionable Real-time data Shared reporting responsibility between Workday and Cornell

17 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY Data Delivery Toolsets


19 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY Channels / Vehicles Audiences Project Updates (using e-mail and other news channels such as Cornell Chronicle) Training Liaisons (who maintain direct contact with their units) Individual Unit and Group Meetings Open Forums and other Meetings Website (project information repository) HR Community Managers Campus Leadership IT Groups General Population Communications


21 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY Vacation –Vacation policy will be updated to shift the re-set date of maximum accrual from June 30 to October 15. This change will be effective in 2013. –Vacation policy will contain a new option for management to “pay out” vacation accruals that are in excess of the maximum when a staff member has been specifically asked to forgo taking vacation due to pressing and unusual business needs. –Roll-over option will remain; Combination of roll-over and pay-out can be used –Upon a change in standard hours that results in an overage, the maximum will be re-set and the overage will be paid out by the department effective the first pay period following the change in standard hours. Roll-over option will remain; combination of roll-over and pay-out can be used. Policy Updates

22 REIMAGINING OUR WORKDAY Health and Personal Leave –Sick leave, personal leave and health care leave will be merged into one leave accrual balance; “caps” will be eliminated –No changes to rate of accrual or eligibility requirements –Managers expected to proactively work with staff to manage attendance –Staff expected to exhibit good stewardship over their balances Policy Updates


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