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Personality Types Vocabulary

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1 Personality Types Vocabulary

2 DO NOW: Pre-test – Match the words to the definitions.
Egoist Egotist Altruist Introvert Extrovert Ambivert Misanthrope Misogynist Misogamist Ascetic Turns his mind inward Hates marriage Talks about his own accomplishments Hates his fellow mortals Leads an austere life Is interested in the welfare of others. Believes in self advancement Turns his mind both inward and outward Hates women Turns his mind outward

3 ANSWERS TO PRE-TEST G – Egoist, believes in self advancement
C – Egotist, talks about his accomplishments F – Altruist, is interested in the welfare of others A – Introvert, turns his mind inward J – Extrovert, turns him mind outward H – Ambivert, turns his mind both outward and inward D – Misanthrope, believes in self advancement I – Misogynist, hates women B – Misogamist, hates marriage E – Ascetic, leads an austere life

4 DO NOW Is an egoist selfish?
Is modesty one of the characteristics of an egotist? Is an altruist selfish? Does an introvert pay much attention to himself? Does an extrovert prefer solitude over companionship? Are most normal people ambiverts? Does a misanthrope have respect for fellow humans? Does a misogynist enjoy the company of women? Does an ascetic live a life of luxury? Does a misogamist try to avoid marriage? Personality Types Vocabulary Practice #1 Answer yes or no.

5 DO NOW Practice #1 answers
Yes, an egoist is selfish. No, modesty is not characteristic of an egotist. No, an altruist is not selfish. Yes, an introvert pays attention to his own thoughts. No, an extrovert does not prefer solitude over companionship. Yes, most people are ambiverts. No, a misanthrope does not have respect for his fellow humans. No, a misogynist does not enjoy the company of women. No, an ascetic does not lead a life of luxury. Yes, a misogamist tries to avoid marriage. These words are all nouns which means that they may be used as the subject or object of a sentence. How did you do? Check your answers in your DO NOW.

6 DO NOW: Practice #2, Can you recall the following words?
An _________ lives a lonely austere life. An _________ interests are turned outward. An _________ is supremely selfish. An _________ hates humankind. An _________ interests are turned both inward and outward. 6. An _________ is incredible conceited. 7. An _________ is interested in the welfare of others. 8. A _________ hates women. 9. An _________ thinking is turned inward. 10. A _________ hates wedlock.

7 DO NOW Practice #2 Answers
Ascetic Extrovert Egoist Misanthrope Ambivert Egotist Altruist Misogynist Introvert Misogamist Check and see how you did on your DO NOW!

8 DO NOW: #3 Copy the following information
1. The ego 2. others Egoist and egotist are built on the same Latin stem – the pronoun ego, meaning I. I is the greatest concern in the egoist’s mind and overused in the egotist’s vocabulary. An egocentric person considers himself center of the universe. An egomaniac is obsessed with his own needs and interests. Hitler and Mussolini were egomaniacal. In Latin the word for other is alter. Altruism, the philosophy practiced by altruists, comes from a variant spelling of alter. Altruistic actions benefit others. An alteration is a change. When you have an altercation with someone, you have a violent disagreement, stronger than a dispute or quarrel. How does this help you understand the word alter ego?

9 A person insanely convinced of his own importance is an …
DO NOW: Practice # 4 One’s other self is an ... To change is to ... A heated dispute is an … A person insanely convinced of his own importance is an … Another words for unselfish is … One who considers himself to be the center of the universe is … Another word for a choice is … The action of substituting for another is to … Can you figure out what versions of alter and ego can be used for each definition? Hint – look at yesterday’s Do Now to help you!

10 DO NOW: Practice #4 Answers
Alter ego Alter Altercation Egomaniac Altruistic Egocentric Alternative Alternate Check your answers in your Do Now.

11 DO NOW #5: Copy the following information
Depends on how you turn Introvert, extrovert, and ambivert are based on the Latin verb, verto, to turn. If your thoughts are constantly turned inward (intro), you are an introvert; outward (extro), extrovert; both directions (ambi), ambivert. Dexterous means skillful; dexterity means skill. Dexter is the Latin word for right hand. If you are an ambidextrous person, you are skilled with both hands (literally both hands are right). The French word for right is adroit. In English if you say a person displays adroitness, it means they are intelligent. The Latin word for left hand is sinister. In English this means evil or dangerous. The French word for the left hand is gauche. In English if you describe a person as a gaucherie, it means they are awkward and clumsy.

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