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Mahallu Management Software

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1 Mahallu Management Software
to provide a safe and supportive environment for muslim community by enabling and providing solutions for our families,schools and masjid.

2 What is Mahallu Software.....?
Mahallu Software is completely for a Mahallu Management,Its for creating a framework and better funtioning of our Mahallu.It assures that you will no longer need to maintain a manual database of your datas in paper.This software helps you to manage all your Mahallu important information and needs, thus giving you fast retrieval of datas. Complete Mahallu management Open source software. This is our 1st version Mahallu management Software has been developed by a group of trainees in Cybrosys Technologies, using user’s observation over a period of time in the various situations. Mahallu management Software follows the complete concept of open source

3 The Software enables you to
Save all the Information of Families in Mahallu. Save member and details in Mahallu. Make marriage NOC issuing ,receiving and registration. Setting subscription and Managing its collection. Organize Staff and Payroll system. complete accounting solution. Provide complete Search and reports. Saving committee and assigning committee. Managing Asset and rent collection. printing the Certificates, Subscription receipt, Salary receipt , Payment voucher and payment voucher. Can search and find out any data in a Mahallu.

4 Why To Prefer Mahallu Management Software???
It’s sure that use of Mahallu Management Software will reduce human effort. The user can easily enter the data into this software and also get relevant details. Mahallu Management Software is easy for Searching member and house details Easy to for data handling , finance handling, mahallu property handling. Certificates for marriage NOC, Reports - Income, Expense, Monthly Collection. The data is secured and can be changed only by responsible authorities.

5 AdministrationModules
Mahallu Block Registration Grade Registration Family and Member Registration Committee Registration

6 Registration Modules Marriage NOC Issuing Registration
Marriage NOC Receiving Registration Divorce Registration Qabr Registration Death Registration Masjid Registration Meeting Registration Institution Registration Welfare Registration Wakf Registration Complaint Registration Program / Project Registration Transfer Mahallu or House Banned Registration Inward / Outward Registration

7 Asset Modules Asset Registration Rent/ Lease Registration
Rent Collection Rent Collection Report Rent/ Lease Report Asset Report

8 Account Modules Payment Voucher Ledger Account Ledger Account Book
Receipt Voucher Report Payment Voucher Report Bank Deposit/ Withdrawal Bank Transactions

9 Staff and Payroll Modules
Staff Registration Staff Salary Payroll Staff Resignation Staff Search Staff Salary Report Staff Type Registration

10 Subscription Modules Subscription Amount Settings
Subscription Collection Subscription Collection Report

11 Report Modules Family Search Member Search Blood Search
Marriage NOC Issued Search Marriage NOC Received Search Divorce Search Qabar Search Death Search Blood Search Meeting Search Institution Search Welfare Search Wakf Search Blood Search Meeting Search Institution Search Welfare Search Wakf Search Complaint Search Program / Project Search Transfer Search Banned Search Inward / Outward Search Mahallu Block Search Masjid Search

12 For Support and other Information contact
Neospace, Kinfra Techno Park, Kakkancherry, Chelembra P.O., Kerala, India. Pincode: Phone : +91 (0)

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