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SIP Trunking Greg Rothman Director, SIPconnect Development Cbeyond.

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2 SIP Trunking Greg Rothman Director, SIPconnect Development Cbeyond

3 3 SIP Trunking Evolution of SIP Trunking and SIPconnect Benefits of SIP Trunking Key Challenges in a SIP Trunking Deployment SIPconnect Compliant Certification Program

4 4 SIP Trunking Evolution of SIP Trunking

5 5 IP PBXs - A Disruptive Technology Why this trend? Direct-Inward-Dial #s down market Feature Richness Multi-location Support Geographic Independence Soft-phone Support Desktop/Application Integration Simplified Moves, Adds, Changes Single Wiring Infrastructure Low Cost to Support Sources: Synergy Research, Frost & Sullivan, CompTIA Rapidly evolving IP PBX / hybrid market allows SMBs to take advantage of features typically available only to large enterprises

6 6 “SIP” alone does not insure compatibility. As of January 2008, SIP is comprised of 49 RFCs and 139 Internet Drafts. The specific support required by an IP PBX and service provider was loosely defined as it concerns IP PBX to service provider peering. SIP only defines base primitives A higher-level specification was needed Need for a SIP Trunking “Standard” SIP is the standard for VoIP communications

7 7 2004 - Industry Consensus Needed In 2004, Cbeyond: –Viewed IP PBXs as disruptive technology –Began discussing development of a SIP Trunking “standard” with PBX manufacturers January 2005: –Cbeyond put first BeyondVoice with SIPconnect customer on-net February 2005: –SIPconnect specification announced at VoiceCon by initial sponsors Industry feedback was very positive at VoiceCon, but industry- wide organization was required to get wide spread acceptance.

8 8 SIPconnect Specification New SIP Forum Working Group was formed –IP PBX and service provider interoperability task group –1st meeting was July 20, 2005 with over 40 companies represented – June 2006 - SIPconnect Recommendation declared complete by SIP Forum Working Group chair and authors/editors August 2006 - Cbeyond transfers trademarked “SIPconnect” term to SIP Forum September 2006 - The SIP Forum Formally Announces SIPconnect: New Initiative Designed to Enable Enterprise to Service Provider SIP Connectivity at Fall VON

9 9 SIPconnect reference architecture

10 10 SIP Trunking Benefits of SIP Trunking

11 11 Benefits of SIP Trunking Direct Inward Dial (DID) affordable for smaller companies Upfront and Maintenance Cost Savings Improved Voice Quality Rich Feature Support

12 12 SIP Trunking Key Challenges in a SIP Trunking Deployment

13 13 Biggest Challenges VAR Education – it is critical that VARs understand voice and data on the customer premise or team up together Firewalls – SIP-aware firewalls that properly support ALG need to become commonplace SIPconnect Compliance – PBX developers, SIP Application Server Providers, Service Providers, and other SIP Trunking equipment and software vendors need to embrace this industry level effort

14 14 SIP Trunking SIPconnect Compliant Certification Program

15 15 SIPconnect Compliant Certification The SIPconnect Compliant mark is the official brand of the leading standard for SIP Trunking products and services. Who should get certified? –Service providers, PBX developers or makers of SIPconnect compliant products or services Program launched in September 26, 2007 with following participants:

16 16 Certification Program The steps to apply are as follows: 1. Complete and submit the SIPconnect Compliant ApplicationSIPconnect Compliant Application 2. Complete the SIPconnect Compliance Survey for each product you plan to list as SIPconnect CompliantSIPconnect Compliance Survey 3. Sign and Submit the SIPconnect License AgreementSIPconnect License Agreement Certification Committee members will review applications and provide a response within two weeks of submission. –Approved –Approved Contingent Upon Confirmation of Eligibility –Not Approved

17 17 Conclusions and Next Steps SIPconnect is a viable standard for SIP Trunking with wide PBX support and growing Service Provider support SIPconnect can drive new value for your customers through lower equipment cost, improved quality, and new end-to-end IP capabilities. SIPconnect can be safely deployed by enterprises so long as your partners and PBX vendor is carefully chosen


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