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Introduction to the Black Business Council : Presented by Gregory Mofokeng National Executive Committee Member.

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1 Introduction to the Black Business Council : Presented by Gregory Mofokeng National Executive Committee Member

2 Objectives of Presentation Presentation Subject Matter: Positioning Small Business to Benefit from Trade Agreements


4 Introduction Leadership Mr. Ndaba Ntsele: President Ms. Tembakazi Mnyaka: Vice President-Professionals Mr. Lawrence Mavundla: Vice President-Business Ms. Tryphosa Ramano: Chairman Mr. Mxolisi Zwane: Head of Policy Mr. Sandile Zungu: Secretary Ms. Babalwa Ngonyama: Treasurer Mr. Xolani Qubeka: Chief Executive Officer

5 Introduction Vision Statement An inclusive and expanding economy which generates wealth for the majority of its citizens Summary of Our Objectives To be a cohesive and united voice of Black Business and professionals and advance cooperation and collaboration with other progressive organisations To contribute towards a comprehensive enterprise development culture as the Game Changer towards accelerated and sustainable economic growth that leads to alleviation of poverty, new job creation as well as eradication of gross inequalities The creation of Black Industrialists and expanding the middle class that would contribute proportionately to the fiscus


7 South Africa, as a sovereign state, continuously looks for opportunities to enter into trade agreements with its trading partners. The main objective for entering into such agreements is to facilitate trade between the respective countries and regional trade blocks to provide for an appropriate policy framework to support such trade. In South Africa the dti is the custodian of trade agreements.

8 South Africa’s Trade Policy is underpinned by the following key principles. To promote: 1.Economic Growth & Development; 2.Industrial Upgrading & Diversification; and 3.Poverty Reduction through Sustainable Employment & Job Creation. The dti is also responsible for promoting inward and outward investment and preserving the space to implement national development plans. (NDP, IPAP, etc.)

9 Most of the support provided to South African companies to aid them with penetrating foreign markets and to facilitate inward investment resides with the dti. The dti has a plethora of incentives such as the Export Marketing & Investment Assistance Scheme (EMIA). Some of the EMIA objectives are: -To provide marketing assistance to develop new export markets and grow existing export markets. -To assist with facilitation to grow FDI through missions and FDI research.

10 EMIA BENEFITS Individual Exhibition Participation: – Transport of samples; – Rental of exhibition space; – Construction of stands; – Interpretation fees; – Internet connection; – Telephone installation; – Subsistence allowance per day; – Return economy-class airfare; and – Exhibition fees up to a maximum of R45 000.

11 EMIA BENEFITS CONT. Primary Market Research & Foreign Direct Investment: Exporters will be compensated for costs incurred recruiting in new FDI into South Africa through personal contact by visiting potential investors in foreign countries. – Return economy-class airfare; – Subsistence allowance per day; – Transport of samples; and – Marketing material



14 Are you an exporter or looking for FDI? Join the local business chamber with links to provincial and national chamber structures. Organize outbound or inbound trade missions under the banner of the chamber. Obtain the list of Trade Agreements from the dti. Identify the countries you would like to trade with and the areas of business you are interested in.

15 Liaise with the dti or regional/provincial agencies on the type of support available to the chamber and its members to undertake trade missions. Trade & Investment KZN. Seek support from South African Embassies in the countries where you are seeking trade opportunities. Seek assistance from the local embassies of the countries you intent to trade with. Obtain information from the dti about outbound and inbound trade missions. Be a regular visitor on the dti website to see the calendar of events.



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