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1 MANAGING CURRENT RECORDS The activities mail management and file management are carried out in the registry of an agency. REGISTRY A registry is a unit.

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1 1 MANAGING CURRENT RECORDS The activities mail management and file management are carried out in the registry of an agency. REGISTRY A registry is a unit within organization. Basically, it responsible for managing the records of that particular organization. Registry ensures that there is a good flow of recorded information in the organization.

2 2 Function of Registry To house the entire series of records in a particular department and to have intellectual control over these records Officially dispatching and receiving all letters Monitors the movement of records or files Ensures that the action to be taken on a file is brought to the attention of the staff concerned.

3 3 Function of Registry Keep track of all the three (3) phases of records life cycle. Physically segregate the files according to the 3 phases of records life cycle. Prepare an updated list of files to be destroyed.

4 4 Centralized Registry Means the control comes from one location. E.g Main registry. It control the following component: The records system The records staff The allocated space for the registries The records equipment and supplies.

5 5 Advantages There is intellectual control over the records Uniform policy direction Centralized mail operations Centralized messenger services Uniform classification scheme Uniform procedural practices Uniform file descriptions Uniform file operations Uniform scheduling and disposal standards and practices.

6 6 Records creation is accordance with a file design – ensure no duplication records. Standard procedures on records management will be in place. Records manager -easier to justify staff in training. Manpower and equipment savings. Confidentiality of information is more easily safeguarded Information hogging will be difficult. Advantages

7 7 DECENTRALIZED REGISTRY Various units / divisions have their own small registry units. All the registries will have their own records systems, records staff, allocated space for the registries and records equipment and supplies. The classification scheme, use, care, custody and final disposition varies in practice.

8 8 Advantages Easy access to information Faster retrieval Speedier decision making Savings in labor and equipment


10 10 MAIL ROOM MANAGEMENT Objective To provide rapid handling and accurate delivery of mail throughout the agency at a minimum cost. Mail management Receive, sort, open, route, control & distribute of incoming mail. Collect, sort, & distribute of paperwork Collect, prepare, sort, control & dispatch of outgoing mail.

11 11 MAIL ROOM A space/room in an agency allocated for mail management. It provides a vital to department/agency. The flow of mail, documents, files and etc in 3 channels: From outside of office within the department/agency From office to office within the building /area being serviced From offices within the department /agency to outside individuals/organizations.

12 12 OPERATING THE MAIL ROOM PLANNING Conduct survey to determine volume of mail where and when mail must delivered How much time allocated for complete pick up and delivery Workflow pattern Plan proper main processing routine for efficient flow of mail through the unit.

13 13 ORGANIZING Allocation of duties and responsibilities Systematic use of resources (staff, time, budget) COORDINATING Coordinate activities of more than one registry with the mail room services and operations BUDGETING Budget forecast (postage, replacement needs etc)

14 14 MAIL OPERATIONS Is series of tasks performed by mailroom personnel in moving an agency’s written communications. The components of mail operation are: Sort incoming mails Segregate and deliver direct delivery mail Deliver material to registry process incoming mail Process incoming valuable in mails Prepare and dispatch outgoing mail

15 15 DELIVERY OPERATION Sort incoming materials Maintain efficiency check system on sorted material to minimize improper delivery Maintain route delivery schedules to and from offices Obtain signatures for registered items

16 16 DOCUMENT PROCESSING IN THE MAIL ROOM Types of document Correspondence received (inward correspondence) Correspondence dispatched (outward correspondence) METHODS OF RECEIVING/DISPATCHING Postal services Government’s internal mail system Private courier services By hand Etc (Fax, telegram, )

17 17 DOCUMENT PROCESSING IN THE MAIL ROOM Department will have to handle internally generated documents and circulated material such as:- Reports Directives Forms Memoranda Committee minutes Drafts

18 18 Correspondence operations Receiving & opening of inward correspondence Sorting correspondence that requires special handling Registering inward correspondence Associating inward correspondence with the relevant file Circulating the correspondence for information / reply Preparing the reply Dispatching outward correspondence Filing inward (original) & outward (copy) correspondence & other associated documents.

19 19 RECEIPT OF INWARD CORRESPONDENCE Open/receipt – by designated officer stamping with the date receipt Assign serial number 102/2007) Identify security and other confidential correspondence Attaching other closures to the covering correspondence

20 20 REGISTER OF INWARD CORRESPONDENCE Serial number Date of the correspondence Date of receipt Name/agency of the sender Subject of correspondence Number/nature of any enclosures

21 21 Serial No.Date of correspondence Date receipt Name/Agency sender Reference quote SubjectNo. of enclosu re Security classification 01/200828/12/072/1/08Syarikat Percetakan Power SPP: 2/3/1 Quotations02Green 02/200802/1/20084/1/08Syarikat Percetakan Indah SPI: 2/3/1Quotations05Green REGISTER OF INWARD CORRESPONDENCE

22 22 Register Document, usually a volume, in which regular entry of data is made. In-register Document registration involve the entry into an inward correspondence registry.

23 23 RECEIPT FOR INWARD CORRESPONDENCE Opening or receipt by a designated officer in the presence of another officer Stamping with the date of receipt Assigning a serial number in running sequence for the month (102/2/2003) or (2468/2003) as appropriate Identifying & appropriately managing security classified & other confidential correspondence Attaching other enclosures to the covering correspondence

24 24 RECEIPT FOR OUTWARD CORRESPONDENCE The registry staff should register details of outward correspondence, including: Date of correspondence Date of dispatch Any security classification Name & institution of the address Main file reference References of other files Subject of correspondence Number & nature of any enclosures

25 25 CIRCULATION OF CORRECPONDENCE New correspondence placed directly on the appropriate file Circulation may be ‘top down’ correspondence is sent to designated senior officer/Director to decide what action should be taken. While, junior officer take action and draft any reply for approval and signature Bottom up- correspondence sent directly to the appropriate officer who minutes proposal and drafts any reply. Get approval from the senior level and acts on receipt of approval.

26 26 PREPARING OF OUTWARD CORRESPPONDENCE Approval Draft of outward correspondence Sent for typing (with instruction) Checked and signed Sent to registry

27 27 REGISTER OF OUTWARD CORRESPONDENCE Date of the correspondence Date of dispatch Security classification Name / agency of the addressee Main file references Reference of other files on which copies have been placed Subject of the correspondence Number and nature of the closures

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