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1High Value Opportunities 11 Government Support UK Health Tech Conference Cardiff 11/12/12 John Lownds. UKTI Strategic Trade

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1 1High Value Opportunities 11 Government Support UK Health Tech Conference Cardiff 11/12/12 John Lownds. UKTI Strategic Trade Kevin Wilson. UKTI Sector Specialist. Healthcare and Medical Technology

2 Overall Targets by 2020 Double UK Exports to £1 trillion Get another 100,000 companies to export. Maintain UK’s No1 ranking in Europe for foreign Direct Investment Become No1 destination in Europe for emerging market FDI

3 UKTI Support UKTI was awarded the title of “Best Trade Promotion Organisation in the Developed World” by the International Trade Centre’s Trade Promotion Organisation Network Value for money for the taxpayer; our clients tell us UKTI add £22 in additional profit for every £1 spent UKTI’s estimated total financial benefit to businesses across all trade services was around £6 billion last year, up from £5 billion the previous year Some 23,400 companies were assisted to exploit opportunities in overseas markets over the past 12 months. UKTI achieved 77 per cent quality and 75 per cent customer satisfaction across all UKTI trade services. Companies who export see a 34% increase in productivity in their first year of exporting; they are 11% more likely to survive and they benefit from operating in a more competitive environment; attracting and providing more opportunities for higher skilled workers

4 Autumn Statement build up the capacity and capability of British chambers and other potential delivery partners overseas to deliver a one-stop shop of services to UK companies, increase the number of international trade advisers in the English regions and offer additional funds to high-growth potential SMEs, enabling more companies to successfully export, double the number of companies given financial support towards the cost of exhibiting at their first few overseas trade shows, double support for private-sector-led project teams campaigning for UK success in high-value opportunities, enhance inward investment support in growth markets, such as the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Russia, position the UK as the leading location of choice for European headquarters, elite global entrepreneurs and exceptional talent including a new dedicated visa route for entrepreneurs brought into the UK under the programme, build on the success of Tech City and develop further inward-investment campaigns linked to the key sectors in the Industrial Strategy


6 UKTI Life Science Investment Organisation UK Trade & Investment's Life Science Investment Organisation (LSIO) was formed earlier this year to better support inward investment in the life sciences, spanning early-stage research collaborations to clinical trials all the way through to commercial operations. departments, and the wider community. The LSIO is undertaking three key activities: Unifying messaging on the core UK inward investment offer. The LSIO is developing an updated, standard set of materials for use by UKTI’s overseas networks and by other partners to explain the high-level UK offer for inward investment in life sciences. The offer is drawn from the Life Science Strategy, and covers everything from research excellence to the business environment. Proactive, targeted business development in areas of UK strength and differentiation. Initial themes include Stratified Medicine, Dementia, Experimental Medicine and Clinical Trials, with Medical Technologies and other themes to closely follow. Building a community of advocates within the wider UK life sciences base to support the delivery of overseas investment. This will ensure that industry has the full support of the UK community when setting up and expanding in the UK.

7 Healthcare UK Healthcare UK’ is a small new unit jointly sponsored and resourced by UKTI and DH. The unit is to be hosted within UKTI and is being designed to bring about a step change in the exploitation of UK expertise in healthcare, both the NHS and the commercial sector, through detailed engagement with target countries throughout the world. Substantial work has been carried out, primarily in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, to pilot this approach. The goal of the new unit is to maximise the UK share of the growing healthcare market. It will provide support to NHS institutions and UK industry to help them capitalise on international opportunities.

8 Healthcare UK Clinical skills development Clinical services provision Design, build and operation of facilities Informatics and performance management Primary care and public health Regulatory Structures Social care Strategic planning Telehealth Training and education (clinical and non-clinical)

9 A new online export service for small- and medium-sized businesses, launched in October 2012. The aim of the website is to build a community of companies that can grow and collaborate with each another, providing them with a place where they can access information, advice and guidance on expanding overseas. UKTI is working with hibu (formerly Yell Group) to develop the service. A successful trial showed that companies can: get bespoke answers to meet their business needs in new markets, access practical information on all the important export topics, from getting started to cultural essentials, connect and engage with a range of exporters and service providers – including the UKTI network, and explore the latest international opportunities.

10 UKTI Export Support Passport to Export UKTI’s Passport to Export Service assesses a company’s readiness for international business, and helps it build international trade capacity. Gateway to Global Growth Gateway to Global Growth is a service for experienced exporters which offers a 12 month programme of strategic support tailored to your needs to help grow your company's business overseas. Solutions could be complex, requiring both UK Trade & Investment services and those offered by other public or private sector organisations. Gateway is designed to help you achieve your objectives in a number of ways. OMIS Overseas Market Introduction Service TAPS + SOLO Funding

11 UKTI Supported Events Early 2013 India Health sector mission to Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai 14-19 January Arab Health 28-31 January 2013 Launch of Healthcare UK, Dubai 29 January 2013 Drug Discovery and development mission to Japan, 25 February -1 March NHS Innovation Expo including UK launch of Healthcare UK, ExCeL, London 13-14 March



14 UKTI Main Events 2013/14 tbc. Bio International Convention - Chicago 22-25 April. Africa Health - Johannesburg 9 -11 May Hospitalar, Sao Paulo, 21-24 May Advamed, Washington 23-25 September Medica, Dusseldorf, 20-23 November. Arab Health, Dubai, January 2014




18 This presentation is based upon materials either compiled by us through independent research, or supplied to us by third parties. Property particulars are for information only, and to give a general idea of the property. Whereas every effort has been made to ensure that the information given in this document is accurate, neither UK Trade & Investment nor its parent Departments (the Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform, and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office), accept liability for any errors, omissions or misleading statements, and no warranty is given or responsibility accepted as to the standing of any individual, firm, company or other organisation mentioned.

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