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The Inward Voice The Voice of the Human Spirit

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1 The Inward Voice The Voice of the Human Spirit
The natural man, The carnal man. The spiritual man. Two Experiences There is a difference. The analogy of water. The living person. God Abiding Within Go where He goes. The inner voice will direct. You to stay in the light. Confidence in your Spirit What the Spirit knows. The Spirit leads to faith. Tenderhearted Your Spirit, not the Holy Spirit. Calloused again? Learn to keep a tender conscience. , The Voice of the Body Feeling is the voice of the body. Reason is the voice of the mind. Conscience is the voice of the Spirit. Help from Within The Spirit guides, speaks, reveals, teaches, reminds

2 The Inward Voice As we have seen, the inward witness is God's primary way of guiding us. This inward witness could also be said to be intuition. It is more passive than the inward voice of your spirit. Your spirit has a voice. This is the conscience or the small still voice of the inner man. It is more assertive and insistent than the inward witness.

3 The Inward Voice Disobeying the inward Witness
The Holy Spirit will direct the believer either by an inner conviction or agreement. The inward voice of the conscience will be heard when we either disobey or ignore this inward witness. The Voice of (the Human Spirit) Keeping the conscience is the act of obeying the inward voice. Paul always followed what his conscience said. But the question is "Can you trust your conscience?".

4 The Inward Voice The Natural Man
The natural man is not born again - he is still in the natural state. These people are spiritually dead in their trespasses and sins; that is, they are dead to God and cannot hear or perceive the Holy Spirit.‘ As such, they have an insensitive, dull and calloused conscience, which allows and permits anything. The only guide here is: The course of this world The prince of the power of the air The lusts of our flesh

5 The Inward Voice Often, if it is to the benefit of the flesh, the person will disobey the conscience for the sake of self-gratification. How can a conscience be trusted if it has not been made active through the new birth? It will either be under the influence of the flesh or logical intellect, otherwise known as the course of the world. The Carnal Man This is the Christian who is born of the Spirit and has received new life, but is still immature in spiritual things.

6 The Inward Voice Discerning both Good and Evil The carnal man cannot discern between what is good or evil - there is some confusion and they get their lines crossed. The Weak Conscience A weak conscience and lack of knowledge of the Word of God go together.

7 The Inward Voice Bear the Scruples of the Weak
A weak conscience will not allow the immature believer to enjoy the liberty which the Word allows. Those who have a strong conscience should bear the weak. The Spiritual Man This is the born-again believer who has come to maturity and is able to responsibly and honestly discern between good and evil. He is one walking freely in the boundaries that the perfect law of liberty provides. He knows what goes against the Word and he knows what lines up with the Word, and his inward voice bears witness accurately and correctly.

8 The Inward Voice One thing the new birth produces is a sensitive, alive and active conscience. That inward voice lets you know when you are right or wrong. The old life is seen in its true light. Full of the Life of Light When you have the life of the light you are no longer in darkness. Your conscience will not just permit anything! You have the life of God. You are alive to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You are quickened! Allow God's Life to rule! Light to rule! Love to rule!

9 The Inward Voice Two Experiences
There is a Difference at the new birth, the believer receives a measure of the Spirit, but at the infilling there is an overflow of the Holy Spirit which is seen in the utterance of different kinds of tongues. The Analogy of Wafer At the New Birth John 4:14 “... But whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him WILL NEVER THIRST. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life”.

10 At the infilling of the Spirit
The Inward Voice At the infilling of the Spirit John 7:37-39 “out of his heart will flow rivers of living water. But this He spoke concerning the Spirit”. The two experiences are different. There is one well of water which has to be drawn out; the other is a well spring of water from which gushes effervescent, living water!

11 The Inward Voice The Living Person
The only thing is that the Holy Spirit is not a river, but a living Person Who flows "like a river". His purpose is to provide sustenance and life to the world around. God Abiding Within This thought is so mind boggling and difficult to understand that it is called a mystery. That is that our Body is God's home, God's vehicle and God's possession.

12 The Inward Voice Go where He goes
Where will He go? What is the law of liberty? We are talking about knowing which way to go and not being in the dark - about being led by the Holy Spirit from the position of God abiding within in our spirit man of the heart.

13 The Inward Voice Follow after Love The still small voice of the spirit (the conscience) will assert itself every time we break the law of love. Every time we live to gratify self at the expense of others, be sure that the inward voice will be heard! Why? Because the conscience is filled with the Light of life and not the darkness of death.

14 The Inward Voice Confidence in Your Spirit
There is something deep down that speaks to man, demanding that he have faith in God. When all around us crumbles, when there is nothing to stand on in the physical, when the mind has no more arguments and when the heart finally takes over, the cry is God-ward! Deep calls to deep! What the Spirit knows The spirit knows things that the head has not perceived; it sees things the mind has no knowledge of. Therefore depend on your spirit. When there is

15 The Inward Voice Sickness Poverty Calamity
That is when your spirit will automatically lead you to health, wealth and victory, do not listen to your head! Let God speak to your heart and listen to the inner voice. It is here that you will be led to the answers. The Spirit Leads to Faith When Kenneth Hagin was lying paralyzed for sixteen months in bed waiting to die, he finally believed the Scripture, and the inward voice said:

16 The Inward Voice Now you believe that you are well - get up then. Well people ought to be up at in the morning". So he made the effort, he struggled, he pushed himself with unfeeling legs to stand. Then he felt something - the healing power of god began to flow until strength filled his entire body and he stood up. He listened to his spirit - the inward voice of God speaking to the conscience! He chose to believe God!

17 The Inward Voice Tenderhearted
Whatever we cannot do with confidence, and without condemnation is sin. Your Spirit nor the Holy Spirit Your spirit convicts - it wants to school you back into the light. When you use profanity, criticism or negative talk, the new man says, "No!". Follow your conscience.

18 The Inward Voice Calloused Again?
If the Christian continually disobeys and disregards this inward voice, he is cauterizing his heart. He renders that new born, sensitive heart senseless, unfeeling and calloused. He deadens the nerve ends. Learn to keep a tender consciences, especially if you want to-be led by the Holy Spirit break up the fallow ground rend your heart until it is sensitive again wait and listen before you act be a full time worshipper keep a thankful heart before the Lord.

19 The Inward Voice The Voice of the Body Help from Within
Feeling is the voice of the body Reason is the voice of the mind Conscience is the voice of the spirit Help from Within John 16: “However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will tell you things to come”.

20 The Inward Voice The Spirit Guides
It is in the nature of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide God's children. He takes us into unknown and unexplored territory. The Spirit Speaks He will communicate to your spirit the things He hears from God the Father in heaven by the inward witness or the inward voice.

21 The Inward Voice The Spirit Reveals
He will show you personally and individually what direction you must take and where your life will lead you to. The Spirit Teaches He is a natural teacher living inside every believer. He takes hidden things and not only reveals them, but He also explains. Flow with the rivers of Living Water coming from within them. He adds wisdom to the knowledge.

22 The Inward Voice The Spirit Reminds He pushes the recall button inside your heart and mind so that the truth of the Lord Jesus is burnt into you!

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