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TMAC Presents. The Beginning of the Birth of Zircona.

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1 TMAC Presents

2 The Beginning of the Birth of Zircona

3 Ash, Joshua, Allie and Brock make their way through Chetra City to get Ash and Joshua’s 5 th badge and through the way they will see a beautiful site.

4 (boat sound) Ash: Hey, there’s Chetra City, Joshua, then past there, we will get to Green Mogaville to get our 5 th badge. Joshua: That’s exciting! Brock: Hey, look, who is that? Seems to be a Ruin Maniac (boat lands at the dock) Ruin Maniac: Wow, look at this, incredible writings of ancient people Brock: Uhm…excuse me, what are you doing? Ruin Maniac: (hushes)…this is the great tower of the Conqueror of Time. I better concentrate of getting informations about this so I can mark this as the Mythical place of Chetra City. Wanna hear a story about this tower? Joshua: Well, I guess that story must be great, let’s hear it Allie: Yeah! Ruin Maniac: Sit down, folks, and I’m gonna tell you now this wonderful story of the Clock Tower. (the story) Long ago, the people of Chetra City was a peaceful place then the pokemon from the third region or what they call the Weather Trio appear in the sea of Chetra City and they began fighting. The Hyper Beam that came from the fire pokemon was contracted by the water pokemon and there hit the Chetra City, when Chetra City was already hit and almost destroyed a pokemon from the sky appears and thunderbolts came upon into the sky and began to roar, when this is happening a light shone from the sky and began to stop the three pokemon from fighting. And because of that, the people of Chetra City, praise the Conqueror of Time and build this Tower representing that the Conqueror of Time is always with us. Ruin Maniac: And that is how the legend says, and according to the myth of Chetra City also, if the Conqueror of Time is awaken from its deep slumber, it will destroy Chetra City. Allie: Whoa! That was a terrible story! Ruin Maniac may I ask? Ruin Maniac: What is it?

5 Allie: Is it true that if we catch the legendary pokemon in this region, a disaster will happen that will destroy the whole place? Ruin Maniac: Everybody says that is true, but the professor doesn’t know if that is true because the people never prove if it is true. Joshua: Well, can I ask? Ruin Maniac: What is it? Joshua: What was the name of the pokemon that was said to be the Conqueror of Time? Ruin Maniac: Nobody knows who it was, the writings only said that “ the protector of Chetra City is the Conqueror of Time” and they never put a name to that pokemon. Joshua: Oh! Brock: Ruin Maniac, what is your name anyway? Ruin Maniac: Oh, sorry for my manners, I’m Ruin Maniac Feriol or just call me Feriol. How about you? Ash: I’m Ash and this is Pikachu (pika) Allie: I’m Allie, nice to meet you! Joshua: Just call me Joshua, I’m Allie’s youngest brother Brock: And I am Brock Feriol: Hmm…you must be, the gym leader at Pewter City Brock: Yeah! How did you know? Feriol: Well, I traveled so I can search for some legendary places and then I heard some children talking about you and so that is how I know you. Brock: You must be a great Ruin Maniac Feriol: Yeah, well, do you have a place to stay in? Ash: Actually, we haven’t, we are travelling so we do not own any house in here Feriol: So you must be resting at a pokemon center, am I right? Ash: Yeah! Feriol: Well, let’s go to my house in here

6 (at Feriol’s house) Ash: What a good place to live in? Allie: Sure is, its beautiful Brock: What’s this? Feriol: That is scriptures of ancient people. Brock: Oh! Feriol: Do all of you care for a tea? JABA: Sure we will (our heroes drinking) Feriol: You must be tired from all the travel you’ve been through Ash: Not much, why did you ask? Feriol: Because all of you looks hungry like you’ve never eat before JABA: (smiling) (after that they sleep) Ash: Goodnight, guys ABA: Goodnight! (at a lab) Dr. Gore: At last, two orbs needed and I will now awaken the 17 Gods…(laughing) (in the morning) Ash: (yawns) Huh! It’s a good day today! Huh? Where are Brock, Allie and Joshua? (Ash runs downstairs) Brock: Good morning, Ash! Allie: Good morning! Joshua: Good morning, Ash, let’s go eat breakfast, right now! Feriol: Let’s go eat now, Ash Ash: Yeah! Where are you going? Feriol: Seeking for another legend

7 Ash: Oh, hey Joshua, maybe we can train up our pokemon so we can battle the 5 th gym leader Joshua: Right! Let’s go! (running outside) Allie: What are we going to do, Brock? Brock: Fix the mess and clean the house Feriol: No, no, no, no need to do that! Brock: Its ok, Feriol, besides we will live here for a short while so its better to clean up the house to give you our appreciation in taking us here. Feriol: Its nothing. Better get going, bye. Allie: Take care, Feriol Feriol: I will. (at the park) Ash: Hey, Joshua, how about facing your Drable to my Torterra? Joshua: Let’s try it, let’s go, Drable!!! Ash: Come on out, Torterra!!! You go first Joshua: Ok, Drable use Light Beam (roar) Ash: Torterra, dodge it, use Earthquake (tor, tor…terra) Joshua: Drable, contradict it with your Light Shield (roar, roar…roarrrrrr) Joshua: No, Drable, are you alright? (roar) Joshua: Let’s go with Light Beam again (roar) Ash: Torterra, get out of there now, use your shell (tor)

8 (Torterra’s shell was hit by the Light Beam and an explosion was made when that happened) Ash: Huh? What was that? Joshua: I don’t know, (scared face) Ash: Hey, Joshua, what is going on to you? Joshua: (pointing at Ash’s back) Ash: (looking at the direction where Joshua is pointing into) Waaaah! What is that? Joshua: Those are the God Pokemons, but how? Ash: How what? Joshua: How did they rise? Ash: We better call on Feriol Allie: Hey, you two, what’s…? Waaaah!!! Brock: Allie, what’s with you? Allie: Look Brock, the… Brock: Huh? Waaaah! The God Pokemons are risen. Residents: (shouting) Feriol: Huh? Whatta? I better go to Ash (at the house) Ash: Feriol! Why is this happening? Feriol: I don’t know Joshua: They have been risen, how is that? Feriol: Maybe someone stole the 17 orbs from 17 different cities and town here at Mehna Region (at the lab) Dr. Gore: At last, the prophecy of my own is now being fulfilled and maybe one time, the people of Chetra City will go and praise me…hahahaha(3x) (at Ash’s side) Feriol: I better call on, Prof. Arch Ash: Who is that?

9 Feriol: Better meet soon but let’s call him right away so he can go help (Prof. Arch’s line) Prof. Arch: Huh? Hello? (at the phone) Feriol: Prof. Arch, I need you help! Prof. Arch: Huh? What’s happening? Why are there many voices I’m hearing and also they are shouting? (at the phone) Feriol: Because the God Pokemons…the God Pokemons roam Chetra City Prof. Arch: What? (at the phone) Feriol: Hurry, they are now fighting, please I beg you, I need you right now so we can solve this problem. Prof. Arch: Ok, I’m going there right away (at the phone) Feriol: Ok, but please…(toot(3x) Prof. Arch: Hello? Hello, whatta? I better hurry (at Ash’s side) Feriol: Oh no, my phone was struck by the wind Ash: What did Prof. Arch said? Feriol: He said his going to help us Henna: Ruin Maniac Feriol, what are you doing here? Its dangerous outside, let’s go at the dome Feriol: Ok, Henna, let’s go Ash Ash: Come on, return Torterra Joshua: Return Drable Brock: What’s going on? Allie: We will get answers to our questions when we meet Prof. Arch Brock: Right! ( at the dome) Feriol: Let’s go Ash, here, this is Henna, one of the residents and my respectful student, Henna, this is Ash, Joshua, Allie and Brock

10 Henna: Nice to meet you guys! Ash: She is one of your student in history? Feriol: Yeah, that’s right Henna: I’m studying more and more about the history of pokemon and by that Spedker is helping me, Spedker is my inspiration in learning more about history. When you look at her, you will seem look like this pokemon is just lousy and lazy but this one is not, she is cheerful and kind to other people especially if Feriol and my friends Feriol: Spedker is a one trusty pokemon, look at her, she looks like a Cyborg but she’s not, Spedker’s looks like Cyborg because of there type Steel. Ash: Feriol, is Prof. Arch coming right now? Feriol: Maybe he will be a little late because of the God Pokemons fighting, there will be balls of fire and tsunamis outside there. Prof. Arch: Whew…finally I’m here, Feriol, I’m here Feriol: Prof. Arch, are you okay? Prof. Arch: Hey, who is this? Feriol: There are my friends, Ash, Joshua, Allie and Brock Prof. Arch: Brock, huh? You must be the gym leader at Pewter City Brock: Yeah, I am Prof. Arch: You are famous because of your extremely good combination of Rock-type moves. Brock: Wow, I’m not that famous Feriol: Well, Prof. Arch, here’s the real thing! How can we stop the God Pokemons? Prof. Arch: Its simple, just put the orbs in wrong places in the God Temple in Leafticot Town Feriol: That’s it, then we better get the orbs before the Conqueror of Time rises Henna: Wait, there are no orbs been use when they are rise Prof. Arch: Huh? What do you mean? Henna: I contacted every Pokemon Ranger in every city and dungeons but they didn’t see someone that passes over where the orbs where place and I said if they can check it and they say, the orbs are all fine in the altars of every dungeons and cities, it means that the used orbs to awaken the God Pokemons has the ability to awaken them but it was a fake.

11 Prof. Arch: How come it was fake? Henna: Prof. Arch, didn’t you realize, the God Pokemons? Look at them, there colors are change and also their types Feriol: Henna’s right, the God Pokemons are different colored Brock: Yeah! Prof. Arch: Henna, good job because of you I plan of an idea Henna: What? Feriol: Please hurry, what is your idea? Prof. Arch: We’ll have to…(thunder claps) Feriol: Huh? (a light shone from the sky) (squawk) Feriol: Oh no, here it comes. Ash: What was that? Feriol: No Henna: The Conqueror of Time (squawk) Ash: Prof. Arch, hurry, what’s your plan before the Conqueror of Time wrecks the whole place? Prof. Arch: Its like this, we have to destroy the fake orbs so the God Pokemons will disappear but where did the fake orbs can be kept (at the lab) Dr. Gore: At last, you came, Conqueror of Time, now your mine, God Pokemons, go capture the Conqueror of Time (roar) (squawk) (Figtus use Fire Blast) (Conqueror of Time uses Time-Span)

12 (Waltus uses Heavy Wave) (Conqueror of Time uses Aurora Beam) (Fleetus uses Flee Spore) (Conqueror of Time uses Destruction of the World) Feriol: Whatta? No! Conqueror of Time (Hurricanetus shielded the attack of the Conqueror of Time in getting hit at Chetra City) Feriol: Ash, you and your friends better look for the fake orbs Ash: Right. (Ash seeks for the fake orbs) (at a one part of Chetra City, that part was not attacked by the God Pokemons so Ash and his friends seek there maybe they can find the mastermind of this) Ash: Hey, you! Dr. Gore: No! What are you up to me? Ash: Stop it at once! Dr. Gore: I won’t stop this until I didn’t capture the Conqueror of Time and conquer the whole city of Chetra Allie: Please stop it or Chetra City will disappear Dr. Gore: No, I won’t Brock: Hey, Ash, look the fake orbs Ash: Huh? Dr. Gore: Huh? No, don’t take that (running through the fake orbs) Ash: (running through the fake orbs) (grabs the fake orbs) Dr. Gore: No, don’t do that or Ash: Or what (throws the fake orbs at window) (fake orbs crack and has been broken) Dr. Gore: No, you will be in great trouble Joshua: What does he mean by that? Ash: Don’t know, better… Henna: Ash, Allie, Joshua, Brock (panting) you have to hurry back at the dome, the Conqueror of Time is… Ash: Is what? Henna: Is now destroying the whole city Allie: Oh no.

13 Joshua: The Conqueror of Time must be out of control after the fight to the God Pokemons. We must stop it. Ash: Let’s go (the Conqueror of Time shining eyes and let the light come in the clouds) (the light strikes like a thunder) (the waves of the water in Chetra City is forming a tsunami) Ash: No, how can we stop it? Feriol: The only way is a trainer, a trusted trainer, like you Ash Ash: Me? Feriol: Yes, you, you must capture the Conqueror of Time with this and conceal it at the Conqueror of Time Temple Ash: What is this? Feriol: That is an E-ball, it is more powerful than Master Balls, now go, you must capture right away and put that ball at its head, did you see it? Then when you put it there, the Conqueror of Time will now be captured and then hurry and get the E-ball until it ends in being captured or the Triclock will come out in there and Chetra City will never be see in the Mehna Region Map, now go Ash: Ok Joshua: You can do it Ash Allie: Do it for Chetra City, we have rust in you Ash: Ok, let’s go Pikachu (pika) (Ash at the top of a building) Ash: Hey, Conqueror of Time, look over here, I mean no harm so please come down (squawk) (Conqueror of Time attacks Ash) Ash: AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Mysterious Man: Go Extroid, go get that boy Ash: AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! (catches by Extroid) Huh? Mysterious Man: Get back, Extroid Allie: Hey who are you? Ace: The name’s Ace Gokato or Ace Allie: Hey, I recognized your voice (flashback)

14 Mysterious Man: It is forbidden to catch that legendary pokemon or you’ll be dead (flashback ends) Allie: Are you the one that talk about the legendary pokemons? Ace: Yes, that is me! Ash: Thanks for saving me! Ace: Its nothing, what are you doing? Are you risking your own life? Ash: No, I just wanted to calm it down and take this ball onto its head so I can seal the Conqueror of Time in the Conqueror of Time Temple Ace: Is that it? Well, why not using your Pikachu to weaken it up and put that E-ball on its head Ash: Great idea, can you get me onto Conqueror of Time’s head Ace: Sure, Extroid, do as what he says. (ex) Ash: Pikachu, now Thunder (pika…..chu………………………………..) (squawk…………………………..) Ash: Now Extroid at its head (Ash puts the E-ball at Conqueror of Time’s head) (Ash catches the E-ball hurriedly go to the Conqueror of Time Temple and seal it there) Ash: (panting) (tensing sound arises) Ash: There, I put it now (the E-ball stops and the Temple lightens) Ash: Huh! ( a light of Conqueror of Time has shown) Conqueror of Time: Thank you Ash, you have prove that you are worthy as a pokemon master of all, you have calm me down and capture me in a different way, Thank you for that fantastic battle. From now on, everyone shall call me Triclock, The Conqueror of Time Allie: So that pokemon is Triclock Triclock: Goodbye to Chetra City, I will now sleep again, until we meet again Ash Joshua: Whoa! Incredible Ace: Triclock, huh? Allie: Huh, hey, Ace

15 Ace: Huh? Allie: Thanks Ace: (waving goodbye) (another day) Officer Gyle: We are arresting you Dr. Gore, take Dr. Gore away boys. Thank you Ash, for protecting Chetra City, until we meet again Brock: Until we meet again, Officer Gyle (waving while his eyes are in heart shape) Feriol: Thank you very much for protecting our city Ash, now, we will keep Chetra City safe again Ash: Ok, Ruin Maniac, bye Feriol: Bye ABA: Bye Henna: Goodbye to all of you Ash: Good luck in your studies, Henna Henna: I will Ash

16 And so Ash and the troop began to their journey after that hard day in facing the God Pokemons and also the Conqueror of Time that was named Triclock. Another adventure awaits out heroes and a light thing is shining through the sky, what might that be? Stay tune in the next movie

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