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Accidentally inventions Teacher : Mr.Taebi By : Saeed Torabi.

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2 Accidentally inventions Teacher : Mr.Taebi By : Saeed Torabi

3 In 1853 George Crum, a chef in New York, accidentally invented potato chips When an annoying customer kept sending his french fried potatoes back to the kitchen because they were so thick. He want to teach the customer a Chips lesson, He sliced them extra thin, fried them and drowned them in salt. To his surprise, however, the complaining customer actually like them and then potato chips were born.

4 Although ice cream had been served on dishes for years, it wasn’t until the 1904 World’s Fair that the ice cream cone was born. An ice cream stall at the fair was doing so well that they were quickly running out of plates while the neighboring persian waffle stall was hardly selling anything. The two stall owners then had the idea of rolling up the waffles, plopping the ice cream on top and voila…the ice cream cone is born. Ice crem cone

5 1. Matches Many of us wonder what life was like before electricity or the Internet but imagine life before matches.We can thank a British pharmacist and his dirty mixing stick. In 1826, John Walker noticed a dried lump on the. end of astick while he was stirring a mix of chemicals. When he tried to scrape it off, voila, sparks and flame. Jumping on the discovery, Walker marketed the first friction matches as “Friction Lights” and sold them at his pharmacy. The initial matches were made of cardboard but he soon replaced those with three-inch long hand-cut wooden splints; the matches came in a box equipped with a piece of sandpaper for striking

6 Swiss engineer Georges de Mestral was enjoying a hiking trip in 1941 when he noticed Burdock burr seeds sticking to his clothes and his dog's fur. He decided to investigate what caused the seeds to stick and he found that the burr's hooks stuck to anything that was loop-shaped. He began to work on recreating the loops and ended up inventing Velcro. Velcro

7 Post-it notes Penicillin

8 The Pacemaker Chocolate chip cookies

9 Nitroglycerine, the explosive ingredient of dynamite, is dangerously unstable in its liquid form. Many industrial accidents involving nitroglycerine had happened, including one in which the brother of Alfred Nobel was killed. Many who knew Nobel feel that this accident spurred him on to research safe storage of explosives, but his most famous invention, dynamite, was inspired by an accident. Some nitroglycerin that he was working with spilled over a rock mixture called kieselguhr. Nobel Dynamite noticed that the rock mixture absorbed the liquid perfectly, and thought that it could be a good medium for transporting the liquid explosive. This rock and liquid nitroglycerine mixture became the basis of dynamite. Some of the fortune that Nobel made from his invention now funds the Nobel prizes, so his happy accident has gone on to fund huge amounts of further scientific research.

10 Champagne In the Champagne region of France, the climate was producing difficult conditions for making wine. The cold winter temperatures of the region would halt the fermentation of yeast, and the yeast would awaken in spring and begin fermenting again, resulting in bubbles in the wine. This was initially considered a huge problem, and the wine makers tried to rid the wine of bubbles. Eventually, the inclusion of the "bubbles" in champagne became desirable, and it became what we now know as champagne.

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