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Poem Reflection of “Poem’s Title”

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1 Poem Reflection of “Poem’s Title”
Summary Poem Reaction Message Poem Reflection of “Poem’s Title” By Steele Click on the highlighted words to go to different slides. Click on the smile in the bottom right hand corner to come back here. Poetry Techniques Which Ghost?

2 Poem: “In Waukesha Wisconsin.” Book: Don’t Bump the Glump
In Waukesha Wisconsin. You take quite a risk. Whenever you go to the movies, For there in the dark lurks the double toed Vark And the man-eating Scale-Faced Scoovies. There are gobbled eye ghorks And slimy tailed Borks And Hunchlings, and Broggy-Beaked Byzes And Gumboons and grobs and globamabobs And Creelzies of various sizes. There are bony-backed Bleakes And razor toothed kleeks And wailes and glumpaching gorkle, And the shivery shrieks from the gaitering geeks Are worse than the snort of the Snorkle. There are Glumgurds and Speem, And the Grizimy’s scream May awaken the foul-tempered Fisk And the scale faced Scoovies that dwell in the movies Right here in Waukesha Wisconsin.

3 Summary of the Poem The poem “In Waukesha Wisconsin” is about the movies. Or rather what is in the movies. There are a whole bunch monster in the movies like the doubled toed Vaark and the scale faced Scoovies.

4 My Reaction to the Poem This poem was really weird. I picked it partly because it was about Wisconsin but also because all of the pictures around it were interesting. I do have a question why did he call it In Waukesha, Wisconsin. It might have been because he grew up in Wisconsin. That was really weird.

5 Which ghost represents my poem?
I think this poem would be represented ghost #20 because it is really fun loving because of all of the made up words. Also because he might be just trying to be really funny. That’s why this poem is represented by ghost #20. #20 likes having fun because he is swinging on a rope.

6 Author’s Emotion I think the author’s emotion is happy because of all of the silly words. Also because of all of the kid things like the rhyme, repetition, and imagery. “And the man eating Scale Faced Scoovies.” That’s why I think the author’s emotion is happy. Click to add notes

7 Poetry Techniques The first poetry technique is rhyming. Kleeks/Geeks.
The second poetry technique is Repetition. And, And, And, And…… The third poetry technique is imagery. The names of all of the monsters

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