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PRIVATE PARTICIPATION… YES OR YES. Who are we? The Spanish Foundation for Sciencie and Technology (FECYT) is a public Institution founded in 2001, whose.

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2 Who are we? The Spanish Foundation for Sciencie and Technology (FECYT) is a public Institution founded in 2001, whose aim is to promote science and innovation, bringing it into closer contact with society and responding to the needs of the Spanish system of sciencie and tecnology (SECTE) To be a leading figure in Spanish science and innovation. To increase social participation in the sciences. To foster the scientific culture. To support research, development and scientific innovation. To create an area for communication between the Spanish Community of scientists living or working abroad. THE AIMS OF THE FOUNDATION ARE:

3 Our main focus of action in 2013 Increase private participation in R&D CITIZENS FOUNDATIONS/INSTITUTIONSCOMPANIES


5 PATRONAGE VERSUS SPONSORSHIP According to RAE patronage is: Protection provided by a person to a writer or artist. According to RAE to sponsor is: Support or fund an activity, often for advertising purposes. According to the law of patronage 49/2002: Patronage is understood to be the private participation in the carrying out of activities deemed to be of general interest. THE ESSENCE OF PATRONAGE IS THE AIM TO BE TOTALLY ALTRUISTIC THE ESSENCE OF SPONSORSHIP IS PROMOTION AND PUBLICITY

6 What motivates a patron? Improving reputation Image Emotional reasons Humanitarian Philanthropy To feel useful Social corporate responsability Identification with a project Trust Fiscal advantage PATRONAGE VERSUS SPONSORSHIP

7 What motivates a sponsor? Generar confianza Capture clients Client Loyalty Increase sales To became Known Maximise a brand Positioning Create trust Market presence PATRONAGE VERSUS SPONSORSHIP

8 Types of patronage Contributions in kind Monetary contributions Volunteering Types of sponsorship Monetary contributions Contributions in kind PATRONAGE VERSUS SPONSORSHIP


10 FUNDRAISING… The capture of funds and resources to finance activities in non-profit bodies or entities. Building relationships. Fostering values. What is this? Essentials Professional conductEthics

11 FUNDRAISING… METHODS Internal Analysis : realistic objectives, portfolio of products and procedures. Segmentation : recipients and products. Marketing and sales strategy : campaigns, actions, messages and channels. Gage : impact of the launched actions

12 FUNDRAISING… CHANNELS Face to face Telemarketing Mailing Member gets other members Sporting, cultural and social events Crowdfunding Internet and media campaigns

13 FUNDRAISING… MAILING 1.It is necessary to use the correct DATA BASE in regard to the campaign in question. 2.It is necessary TO PIQUE CURIOSITY from the word go (packaging, envelope, subject matter) to want to know what is inside. 3.The content should IMPACT, INTEREST and CREATE EMOTION. 4.It is necessary to make a CLEAR REQUEST. 5.It needs to be attractive: REWARDS, incentives, etc. 6.And ALWAYS say

14 FUNDRAISING… TELEMARKETING 1.Train the telemarketer, as they are the COMPANY’S IMAGE. 2.THE GREETING AND START ARE VERY IMPORTANT to capture the interest of the listener. 3.DON’T IMPROVISE, all answers are previously prepared. 4.The telemarketer needs to be FRIENDLY and NATURAL (don’t just read out the spiel as you would seem robotic) 5.The telephone provides very VALUABLE INFORMATION (criticisms, doubts, suggestions, prase, etc.)

15 FUNDRAISING… FACE TO FACE 1.A good salesperson has to be friendly, polite, motivated, a good listener, enthusiastic, doesn’t give up easily, committed to the organization. THEY SHOULD NEVER PRESSURIZE OR BE AGGRESIVE. 2.A good salesperson has to have a GOOD UNDERSTANDING OF THE ORGANIZATION. 3.They have to be in PUBLIC PLACES, busy streets, shopping centres, markets, airports, stations, sports centres, etc. 4.You have TO MOTIVATE THE SALESPERSON through a competitive salary, it is a tough and sometimes frustrating profession. 5.BODY LENGUAGE IS VITAL (facial expression and tone of voice are more important than words).

16 FUNDRAISING… MEDIA AND INTERNET CAMPAIGNS 1.Awareness campaigns: VERY NECESSARY! 2.It is important to choose the correct tool, taking into account the campaign, audience and budget. 3.The message has to get the attention of the listener, viewer and reader. Either through its emotion, importance or necessity.

17 FUNDRAISING… SPORTING, CULTURAL AND SOCIAL EVENTS 1.Take part in already existing events or organise on “ad-hoc” 2.These kind of activities are an important and potent means of communication: VERY IMPORTANT the image you are going to give. VERY IMPORTANT the material you are going to distribute. VERY IMPORTANT the message you are going to send.

18 FUNDRAISING… MEMBER GETS MEMBER Potencial donors that come through existing donors According to the Agency AMMO 8% of consumers trust what a famous person may tell them, 27% follow the expert’s advice, whilst more than 65% will be guided by their friends. 1. A cheap and effective means is to convert existing donors in prescribers and hence gain new clients through their contacts. 2. It is important to establish possible incentives : discounts, gifts, invitations, etc. 3.Social networking is a very useful tool for both the individual and organization, it allows the users to share instantaneously, and without cost, information amongst their friends.

19 FUNDRAISING… CROWDFUNDING This is a direct way to fund projects using the sum of individual contributions. This is also known as mass funding, collective financing and “micromecenazgo”. The key is to provide a pleasant experience for the donor, from the point of view of interest, reward and the donation process itself.

20 FUNDRAISING… CROWDFUNDING What should a crowdfunding platform be like? Atractive: gets the interest of the user Transparent: show results and be accountable Variety of products: have one stand out each week Include succesful examples Driving forces The process of donation should be simple Send an inmediate and personal thank you Simple structure Intuitive Dynamic News, events, continious information Suggestion box

21 FUNDRAISING… CROWDFUNDING What should the projects be like? Awaken interest, emotion and need Simple language Close to home Preferable projects between 1000-10000 Euros Indicate precisely where the contribuition is going Specific and descriptive texts Emotional testimonials Images and videos that cause an impact Reward, Implicate and trust

22 FUNDRAISING… CROWDFUNDING Examples of platforms


24 OUR EXPERIENCE… THE FOUNDATIONS A scarcely exploited group 9.000 actives foundations Only 0.6% is spent on R&D 8000 millions Euros spent on activities financed by foundations Segmentation Offer and strategy by segment Pilot or trial by segment

25 OUR EXPERIENCE… Profile of the individual donor A qualitative study carried out on citizens between 35 and 64 years old with a university education. The analysis is based on 156 completed surveys (65,8% of the total number of surveys carried out). SENT SURVEYS 1.900 aprox. SURVEYS CARRIED OUT 237 (12%) COMPLETED SURVEYS 156 (65,8%)

26 Results INDIVIDUAL DONOR PROFILE… 66% of those surveyed would make a donation to scientific research and technology. More support would be given to a specific CAUSE OR PROJECT. HEALTH, DIET, ENVIRONMENT and ENERGY SOURCES are the areas of most interest. The main reasons to donate are to fight against DISEASE AND ILLNESS and to improve the QUALITY OF LIFE. It would be an OCCASIONAL DONATION and an ECONOMIC CONTRIBUTION is the favoured method. What the donor values most highly with regard to science are TRANSPARENCY, EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE.

27 Comments With regard to donations, there are areas that already exist that are more urgent and important than those of technological research. For example the church’s work with the poor, CARITAS, campaigns against hunger within Spain and the rest of the world, charitable missions…. I really believe that it is necessary to show specific examples, to speak of specific projects, and to show what is achieved through these donations. The area of Technology is, above all, the responsibility of the State. Instead of so much corruption, if politicians spent money on this we would be singing another tune. A very good idea, citizens would probably be encouraged to donate to technology if they had the possibility to do so, knowing the importance of scientific and technological development to the prosperity of Spain. INDIVIDUAL DONOR PROFILE…


29 Muchas gracias

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