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Carissa Skiff HPFM Students * Fitness Coach * Get Rowan * Intellectually & Developmentally Disabled Individuals * Improve: * Flexibility * Strength.

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2 Carissa Skiff HPFM Students

3 * Fitness Coach * Get FIT @ Rowan * Intellectually & Developmentally Disabled Individuals * Improve: * Flexibility * Strength * Balance * Coordination


5 * Autism * Characterized by: * Difficulties in motor coordination Physical Difficulties

6 * Epilepsy * Characterized by: * Seizures * Brain damage * Cause motor problems

7 * Cerebral Palsy * Characterized by: * Stiffness and difficulty moving * Involuntary/uncontrolled movement * Deficits in balance and depth perception

8 * Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease * Decreased fall risk * Increase in endorphins * Increased socialization * Decreased risk of osteoporosis

9 * Fall risk * Cardiovascular issues (if already at risk) * Injury

10 * Pre-Screening & Assessment * Guided exercises * Develop a base point * Create a Plan * Exercise prescription to improve targeted areas of weakness * Delegate to Fitness Trainers (Volunteers) * Post-Assessment * Determine if clients has improved skill in targeted area

11 * Improve motor skills * Coordination * Balance * Trunk Stability * & Flexibility * Increase social interactions * Build confidence * Trust

12 What Is It??

13 * Collaboration with the Family Resource Network of New Jersey * Improve access to wellness programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities * Caregivers. * Focusing on diet and exercise * Seeks to reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes, which are higher among this group

14 * Get FIT provides students with experience working with the IDD population * Increases the future of health and social services to address the fitness and nutrition needs of persons with IDD. * Get FIT meets the wellness program needs for both IDD individuals and caregivers. * First, adults with IDDs and their caregivers receive an intervention specific to their needs. * “The program fosters family support for good health and teaches families to develop positive habits at home.” * Second, Get FIT is introduced to other programs in the area to increase support and effectiveness health!!

15 * Reduce the risk of Metabolic Syndrome, which is the combination of risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes * Get FIT uses a combined dietary and fitness intervention specifically created to reduce these risks in the target population.


17 * What is the Mission of Special Olympics? “In all that we do, Special Olympics strives to awaken the world to the precious abilities and dignity of every human being.”

18 * Rowan Get FIT works with Special Olympics athletes * Improve physical strength and training * Keep athletes conditioned


20 * About Rowan Unified Sports * “Rowan Unified Sports is a competitive sports club where Rowan students (Unified Partners) and Special Olympics Athletes come together to play on the same team for soccer (fall) and basketball (spring). “ * “The goal of the Rowan Unified Sports club is to promote friendship and inclusion through sports while still keeping a competitive atmosphere. But its not just playing! We provide a variety of other ways to participate and share in our cause. “ * “We hope and strive to promote equality and inclusion in all aspects of our club. Unified is a fun way to get involved at Rowan, meet new friends, and find a meaningful experience from participation. We encourage all no matter what walk of life, to join us in our Unified family.”


22 * olympics-gold olympics-gold * fference.htm?autologin=true&s_src=donate&s_subsrc=redcpcg_SO&cr=donate_just35&gclid=CJj 0pqLOhsECFSRp7AodQ2gA4w fference.htm?autologin=true&s_src=donate&s_subsrc=redcpcg_SO&cr=donate_just35&gclid=CJj 0pqLOhsECFSRp7AodQ2gA4w *

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